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The Lottie List

A boy longs to be a television horror host when he grows up. But that dream gets derailed as adulthood pressures him into work with his father at a parcel service. Fate steps in connecting him with a hero from childhood in a supernatural way, proving that even dreams need a little help.


A Package of Dreams

Bradley M. Look

When a pirate crew survives a storm, they come upon a pair of women needing rescue and quickly learn that their new passengers have a valuable secret and deadly enemies.


A Pirate and a Princess

Mark Kelly

Special Commendations

It must be painful for a Ball to discover that it exists to be kicked, but its existence also has another value: to make those who aren't happy. Palla will have to know and accept her true nature in order to make the sick child happy who rescued her from the tree she was stuck on. A sweet way to try to give meaning to Palla's life, but also to the life of each of us.


A soccer ball life

Raffaele Grasso

A young man discovers a pizza that transports him to his childhood when he takes a bite. However, his time within that reality comes to a close sooner than expected. Can Andrew reconnect with his Dad before he finishes his slice?


Andrew's Magic Slice

Mark Taudevin

Special Commendations

In the fantastical world of Aria, there are ten floating islands in the sky connected by giant bridges of water. On one of the lower islands, a young man called Andre Praxidike is on a mission of vengeance and he's not going to let anyone stand in his way.


Aria: Episode 1 - Andre Praxidike

James Lewis Alexander

Eight year old Cole, and his dog, Sam, are pulled into a real life Battle Royale computer game where he encounters his late father who helps them fight their way to freedom.



Christopher Pennington

A young pig escapes doing his math homework by wishing his parents away and now must find them before they disappear into the Nowhere Place forever.


Hunter's Wish

Steven Keith Bogart

In a small town, somewhere in the north of England, a row of old terraced cottages is home to a whole community of bugs, including the Tangleweb spider family. When big brother Pete is captured and imprisoned by a human boy, Tom and his best friend Penny set out on a quest through the attics of Millers Row to set him free.


Millers Row

Matt MacBride

Otis is a three-strikes cat who gets lucky break when Bob, an 80 year-old widower, rescues him from a scheduled animal shelter death; but in the end, it's Otis who saves Bob from an untimely death.



Christopher Boyce

When a talented orphan mutt poses as a purebred to pursue her dream of dancing in the New Bark City Ballet Theater, anything seems pawsible. But her double-life could end up changing things furever.



Maya Adam & Etan Muskat

A Pineapple Pen Pot longs for the day his best friend, a fancy pen, gets to write for the first time.


Pineapple Pen Pot

Dan Costello

Special Commendations

Unwittingly transported to London from a remote rainforest in a crate of bananas, Saltito, a naive young tree frog, risks life and limb returning home.



Patrick McClelland

When a hyperactive 12-year-old boy moves to a town where everyone’s always sleepy, he and his new talking AI appliances must save the town from evil masterminds trying to put the boy’s parents out of business while also taking over the town.



Janet Kravetz

Best Screenplay Winner

A young boy gains the ability to see spirits in the world around him. He uses his new found power to try and find the spirit of his dead Dad.


The Other Side

Erik Maxwell Phillip

In a mash-up of Oscar Wilde's short children's stories comes the Star Child. A curse has befallen the kingdom. A young baby falls from the stars found by a woodcutter. In a nearby castle a young princess's mother dies and she is brought up in a lonely castle where her evil uncle Don Pedro rules the land. Both the young boy and the young princess must fulfil their destinies to one day become rulers of the land.

The Star Child

Kate Barratt

The story centers around Tom, a chimney sweep, who dreams of a better life as he toils day and night in his miserable job. Employed by the cruel Mr. Grimes, Tom an orphan, experiences hardship on a daily basis. One day, while working at a grand Estate, he is mistaken for a thief, and pursued by staff.

The Water Babies

Maria Panagiotidis

Down on his luck and socially awkward, Tootersen finds himself alone, jobless, and depressed, living in his mother’s house with no purpose in life. However, one day, his mother complains about skyscrapers casting shadows over their home, preventing any sunlight from coming in. Immediately getting an idea, Tootersen grabs his TV screen, calls a taxi, and goes to the tallest building in town. Tricking his way into a conference meeting, he manages to persuade the biggest investor to forget skyscrapers and begin building earth scrapers, with the floors going down under the ground and screens used instead of windows.


Tootersen from Middlesbrough

Yaroslav Vladimirovich Akhromov

A misfit tufted puffin living on an isolated island strives to save his climate change-denying brethren from warming water temperatures. A dyslexic human boy being raised by an overprotective father yearns for adventure on the sea. When both of their ambitions collide, they discover that the Pacific contains both unexpected perils and surprises.

Tuft Enough

Randy Gross

Dumped on the side of the road. Mama and her puppies, must learn to trust humans as they begin an unimaginable journey to find their own furever home.


Who Rescued Who?

Sean Henning

An old School Desk purchased from an Estate sale finds herself in a fenced-in front yard among an eclectic mix of Yard Art items, all of which come to life when humans are not around. But when the School Desk gets stolen in the night, the Yard Art embark on a heroic adventure to save their new friend.


Yard Story

Margina Sisson

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