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The Gold List

Troubled youth Jack and his shipyard working father must learn how to support one another as they battle the tightening noose on the working class and the loss of a wife and mother, all whilst Jack discovers how he fits in the modern world, hopefully to him, in the shape of a broken down Porsche rally car.


A Canny Lad

Kieran Houston

A family has been through its ups and downs. It’s time for a new chapter.


A Fresh Start

Peter Eyre

A mute photographer infiltrates a London gang to take revenge after his girlfriend is disfigured in an acid attack.



Luke Hunter

The story begins when a young man LEFTERIS is hired as a driver in a private courier company. The owner -KONSTANTINOU- under the cover of this company, he orders drugs, gold, diamonds, alcohol, guns, cigarettes, women and more. He works -among others- for the four biggest mafia heads in Greece.



Eleftheria Stefanouri

Special Commendations

When 21-year-old uni dropout Tommy, burdened by a haunting secret, learns his spirited Nana Kath is venturing back into the dating world after Grandad Frank's death, he embarks on a misguided mission to protect her heart and preserve his grandad’s memory, only to confront his own fears and secrets in the process.


Don't Steal Grandma

Sam Rose

A young woman is drawn back to her old abbey and is forced to face the monsters that were created in her absence.


Forgive Me Father

Brooke Assels

Special Commendations

A coming of age drama between two estranged sisters. When their Mum goes missing, elder sister Alice returns to their coastal home to her younger sister Lo. But Lo sees things that aren't there. Things like fridges. And she likes living inside theirs. As the two try to rebuild their relationship in the shadow of social services, can the sisters really be a family?



Emma Zadow

Special Commendations

Two young men, a hearing pan college student and a gay Deafblind shop clerk, fall in love and together they brave mental illness, well-meaning but ignorant families and underrated Kevin Smith movies in this romance for queer geeks.


Hey Jude

Sam Jones Caulfield

Special Commendations

After learning Sebastian has a long-lost brother who lives in Italy, a group of friends embark on a journey to find him. Just an escapade at first, the journey becomes a pivotal moment in their lives, as they encounter obstacles and learn truths about themselves and one another.

I'll Get Along

Raphael King

A failed robbery leaves Ethan Holt with a dead partner, a bullet wound and an unusual hostage: Abi Clarke, a criminal psychologist who hides her expertise from Ethan.
The duo is hunted down by a violent detective, who is also Abi’s secret girlfriend and Ethan’s old schoolmate – Sophia Barnes. To find them, she tears apart her run-down hometown and uncovers her abusive past.

All the while, Abi’s analysis breaks down Ethan’s hard exterior, but is she playing him, or has she finally found someone to bring excitement to her dull life?


It Will Happen Again

Luke Hunter

A musician and an aspiring actress who work in rival takeaway restaurants fall in love in their small English town. In the background political tensions are rising and a revolution led by the locals threatens to tear the two star-crossed lovers apart.

Major and the Rebels

Oliver Batchelor

A teenager takes her twin’s place to exact revenge on the bullies who drove her sister to suicide before they can graduate, only for her to realize that all that glitters is not gold.


Mirror Effect

Eden Kannistan

Catherine and Edith are life long friends. When Edith visits Catherine for a drink and a gossip, Catherine becomes weary and begins to rant internally with an inner monologue. Once Catherine has finally hit breaking point, she drugs Edith to sew her mouth shut, keeping her quiet permanently.


She Will Never Learn

Shannon Ama Phelan

ELLA mindlessly scrolls through dating apps trying to find the love of her life. However, the kindergarten teacher isn’t sure of what she's looking for. That’s because Ella has never had a single boyfriend in her life. She wasn’t your typical pretty girl in high school, so guys considered her undesirable and called her a grenade. Ella turned that into a term of empowerment and formed the Bomb Squad with her friends BHUPESH, KYLA, and BARBARA ‘BIG B’. Every night, the girls would go to their favorite club to score a hot guy for the evening. But suddenly, Ella’s sister, JILL, is tying the knot and their mother BEA requests Ella to find a date for the wedding.



Diane Thomassin & Michael Miceli

Best Screenplay Winner

Tom, a young psychopathic delinquent, is determined to save his Polish mother's English tea shop from imminent bankruptcy. When a rising populist embraces the tea shop as a symbol of his political campaign, Tom discovers an unknown morality that causes his life to go awry.

Tea Leaves

Jan Malcolm Janurberg

A couple of government administration workers are challenged with holding the front-line defense of extraterrestrial beings migrating into 1970's Manchester, but do they actually want to stop them?


The Indoctrin-ation Of Those Whom Are New To Earth

Caitlin Laurel

Monica Coghlan has survived everything thrown at her, abuse, prison, her partner’s death, a single mum and her dangerous life as a sex worker. But Monica’s life falls apart forever on meeting her latest client, Jeffrey Archer. Inspired by a true story.


The Survival Of Monica Coghlan

Gregory David Vines

Tangled in the double life, a vengeful teen sues an attractive high-school counselor for rape causing her alter ego secrets to surface.



Maria Shamkalian

When the money for the final payment of a life saving operation for his mother is taken, drug-dealer Bloodsport goes to drastic lengths to collect from a debtor, hanging both families lives in the balance.

Violent Rhythm

Andrew Laurence Barnes

Masquerading as a mortal detective, one of the Greek goddesses of punishment, Zecyra has to keep her identity secret as she uncovers a criminal dynasty using magical ancient godly artifacts. Juggling her relationships, work-life, and reconnection with her siblings, Zecyra strives to return home and reclaim her mother's approval.



Gueniver Warren

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