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The Dragon List

Offered a return to health for her husband, will it be all Eve imagined?

10,080 Moments

Bobby Moloney


When Rowan loses his father, he finds comfort in a music box that magically transports him to a mysterious field each night. Soon, however, the trips begin to upend the relationships in his real life.

A Field in the Country

Patrick Alexander Humphreys


Donna, a mother of two, wins big on a scratch ticket and becomes romantically pursued by a local philanthropist who seems to have something to hide.

Beehive, Earth

Loren David Howard


After getting fired from his job at McDonald's, a struggling young man from London unwittingly disturbs the restless spirit of the infamous Tudor Queen... Bloody Mary. The unlikely duo must find a way to coexist and find closure.

Bloody Mary

Aeon Solo


Facing eviction from their beloved home, a chaotic bookseller, a sassy hairdresser, and an eccentric retiree start illegally selling Ritalin to pay their rent. However, things get complicated when a detective moves in to uncover a grandparent scam, but luckily for the quirky neighbours their eldest resident is always one step ahead.

Bookshop Bootleg

Alana Gerdes


Fang Girls

Kevin Ryan


A paraplegic shut-in with only his model railroad meets a mysterious teen who helps him conquer his fears and battle for the love of an abused woman and her child next door.

Flat Pennies

Robert Ward


A quest to restore her reputation leads a private investigator to become embroiled in a dark rivalry between two fashion houses.

Harper's Private Eyes

Jasper Shah


Lancelot and Onion should be a match made in heaven. One wants to cook, the other wants to be eaten. But when the two of them meet in person for the first time, they realise they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

Lancelot and Onion

Rhys Llewelyn Lloyd-Jones


Amid a hostile home life and finding out his business is about to collapse, Jack Weiland begins to hear voices making him question his sanity.


Matthew L Brutsche


Martin calls the police to tell them he’s about to jump off a building. The officer sent over is not one of his usuals, and within moments of meeting her, he regrets ever making the call.

On The Edge

Silva Chege


A printer’s son, who dreams of becoming a scientist, fans the flames of the French Revolution when his hero and mentor marries the woman he loves.


Bernhard Pucher


As she prepares for her parents' 50th anniversary party, Emily struggles with the daily wildness of her three young children and the often funny yet simultaneously infuriating relationship with her husband, as both her family and a hurricane descend on her beachside home. In the middle of her frantic party preparations, she's hit with a loss so deep yet so secret she struggles to function. It's a look into a woman's life that makes you question stereotypes, family roles, and what love truly means. Comedic yet poignant, Panhandle takes you through the build-up, landfall, and aftermath of powerful storm.


A.M. Chester


A mockumentary depicting the challenges facing a team of London-based dog-walkers as they confront thieves, psychopaths, hooligans, the general public, and each other.

Rolling In It

Matthew Holborow


After creating a device that can see into the future, a scientist is framed for murder and hunted by the company she built it for. In a race against time, she attempts to evade capture while trying to prevent a future where she appears to trigger the apocalypse.


Brad Brookes


A woman takes a family hostage and subjects them to trial by social media, encouraging all her followers to become judge, jury and executioner.


Andrew Goth


A notorious highwayman’s ill-fated love affair, navigates sacrifice, betrayal, and thundering hooves on the lonely roads of Wales.

The Highwayman

Patrick Norman


A man tired of living in his father’s shadow builds a flying machine out of weather balloons and a lawn chair. But as the dogged pursuit of his dream consumes his life, his relationship with his fiancé is in increasing jeopardy.

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair

Ryan Mekenian


Brigg, an aging pickleball sensation, with supernatural speed, and dark mysterious origin, becomes the target of the Cartel after he inadvertently rescues a young trafficked girl from their clutches. In an attempt to give Amy a better life, he becomes her father figure and she his daughter. The two develop a touching relationship that turns dangerous when they rescue her sister and other enslaved girls. The cops are closing in, but the cartel beats them and reclaims the girls. Brigg must use his special abilities and all his resources in a suicidal mission to free the girls.

The Pickleball Killer

Jim Carroll


He’s killed the wedding planner, lost £2m cash, his girlfriend’s left him, and his client’s been arrested, but a Clouseau-esque bachelor has a solution: simultaneous weddings for two loveless couples - with neither finding out!

What Pollock Dropped

Edward Field & Emery Gare


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