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The Blood List

A burned out psychic is convinced by a small town police force to come out of retirement and help them convict a serial killer who may have supernatural powers of his own.

A Nice Place to Visit

John Munn

A farmer, suffering from PTSD over the tragic loss of his son, succumbs to his illness and brings nationwide attention to himself, and his small town, through a series of horrific events.

Bitter Harvest

John Munn

With a vampire cult leader wielding sinister powers over her hometown, a religious studies student discovers her ancestral destiny in terminating the evil forces preying upon the once bucolic town of Hillville.

Blood and Water III: Welcome to Hellville

Chris Mears & 

Roger Winstead

In a post-human world where only the rich can buy out the worst excesses of inequality, a group of strangers are drawn into a conspiracy that will change the world forever.

Covert Firmament Episodes 1&2

Daniel Brian Horrigan

DEA, a lovestruck artificial intelligence, is devastated when her creator dumps her for his high school crush. Now she's determined to win him back by any means necessary, even if she must assimilate every girl in town to do it.

Dea Ex Machina

Jed Keith Woods

An insomniac overdoses on a trial sleeping medication and thus finds themselves in a never-ending nightmare.


Thomas Elliott Griffiths

In the dying Southern town of Gruesome, a sheriff seeking redemption and his disabled deputy clash with a prejudiced Judge over a series of grisly murders.


James Helsing

A bullied school girl accidentally becomes a living voodoo doll and discovers that she now has the power to exact revenge against those who torment her.


Her Voodoo Tattoo

Justin Stanley Ball

Special Commendations

In a small Scottish town, renowned as a U.F.O. hot spot, an old, art-deco cinema celebrates its grand re-opening night with a horror film festival. The fans and invited celebrities enjoy several tales of screen terror, blissfully unaware of the real, supernatural horror lurking, trapped in its basement.



Martin Richmond

After a house fire leaves an over-achieving college student with terrifying visions, she agrees to let her sister perform an exorcism. But the girls soon realize some forces are darker than the demonic.



Abby Selden

What should have been a pleasant road trip for a group of friends quickly turns into a nightmare as they get into a small wreck on the back roads of Ohio, they do not know the hell and torture they will face after encountering Baby Boy and his family.

Rise of Baby Boy

Richard Plummer

Special Commendations

A rookie documentary crew roll into the small semi-rural town of ‘Iron Falls’ in Michigan’s upper peninsula to make a film about Stan who claims he is a werewolf. They are sceptical until a series of grisly discoveries suggest Stan could be telling the truth, all will be revealed at the next full moon…


Stan the (Wolf)Man

Justin Scott

Two women on the fringes of 1950's American society collide in an inconspicuous Avon home visit where everything but the purchasing of lipstick occurs.

The Avon Lady

Guillermo Ortiz &

Geena Karsama

Special Commendations

When drug dealers con their way into the home of an odd young man, Robin, things become increasingly sinister and horrific as one by one the men pay for what they’ve done.


The Cuckooo

Donovan Swart

When four friends reunite to film content about a local Devil myth, they camp overnight in the so-called Devil’s Circle on the thirtieth anniversary of an unsolved murder, but when they stray outside the Circle during the evil hours, only blood can settle old scores.

The Devil's Circle

Mark Giacomin

***Best Screenplay Winner***

Horror/Comedy. In 1970, four actors come to an English manor house to rehearse a Hammer Horror-esque movie about devil worship, only to get caught up in the dark rituals of some genuine Satanists.

The Horrors of Hell House

Tim Connery

After waiting for his daughter to return from a job interview, an anxious father searches a sinister office block for her but becomes terrorised by the night staff who may know where she is.

The Night Staff

Andrew George Ionides

Special Commendations

A grieving mother’s heart and mind are tormented by a supernatural curse as she investigates the suspicious suicide of her son.

The Suicide Pond

Daniel Noy

A wealthy man with a terminal illness, seeks an answer to ‘What’s Next?". Based on the public domain short story, "There is a Reaper" by Charles V. DeVet.


The System

Joe Territo

When two American soldiers go off on a mission to an abandoned house in the Iraqi desert, what they find there makes them question reality itself.

The Uninvited

Matthew Domingos

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