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Happy Holidays!


And a huge thank you to all the filmmakers, screen writers, cinemas and everyone else who has made this year special. We hope you have a wonderful rest of the year and a great start to 2023!

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Here at the The Film Festival Guild we represent four events which strive to present the best of the best in film from around the world.



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The Fence

Motorbikes, cars, punch-ups and 80s music! This retro flick follows a council estate kid out to settle the score with local thieves.

The Fence is a feature length adaptation of a hugely popular, award-winning short film that we released in 2018 with over 4.3 million views online! It was also the British Lion Award winner of the 2018 BIFF Official Selection!

Thanks to the continued support from our audience and an incredible cast and crew, The Fence Feature Film was successfully shot this summer (2021) over a 5-week period. We’re asking for your help to complete post-production and get the film finished.

Kickstarter / Indigogo / Crowdfunder



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