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Thank you for coming!


The British Animation Film Festival and the British Independent Film Festival were both a great success thanks to all the filmmakers who create incredible work and film fans who come to support them.

See you all in the fall!

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Here at the The Film Festival Guild we represent four events which strive to present the best of the best in film from around the world.



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The Moon and Me

Once a star-maker, unforeseen circumstances forces Maureen to take on the unglamorous task of a “star-catcher”. Aided only with her magical net, her new job requires her to collect all of the fallen stars and put them back in the sky. But it seems to be quite an impossible task, as hungry star-fish and elemental phenomena get in her way! What feels to be like a perpetual cycle of making and catching, the catching part seems to be taking a little too long this time around. With her help of her net and some grit, Maureen will face her challenges headstrong! 

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