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    IFFW | 2018    

Cineworld, Cardiff | Saturday, November 17th


We LOVE independent films! From the shoe-string budget, to the crowd funded, to the indie moguls. This is our 11th year and we are excited to share even more incredible movies with passionate audiences in the heart of Wales, the capital city Cardiff.

Our venue is the superb Cineworld, situated in the city centre, with excellent access to the railway station (5 minutes away), the airport (25 minutes) and the motorway (ten minutes).

To date we have screened over 450 independent movies and awarded over 75 awards to more than 50 different film-makers, from a variety of countries around the world, to audiences in the thousands.

We do not require the films be UK premieres, we simply want great films, that will be enjoyed by our supportive local audience and we top the Screenings off with an Awards Ceremony and our infamous After Party!

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Saturday, November 17th | 12:00pm


Judge Me

(Ashleigh Harley, 3m)


Big, heart thundering taiko drums charging the beat of a toe-tapping melody, ‘Judge Me’ tells the story of a young women as she runs away from the repressive clutches of the state.



(Silvia Schmidt, 12m)


Magne was born with severe brain damage 40 years ago. For 27 years he was locked inside his body – unable to speak, write or otherwise communicate with his environment. He was locked inside his body. His world – and the world of his family – was turned upside down when he learned how to write and to finally start expressing his thoughts and feelings.


Being Keegan

(Stephanie Zari, 22m)


Growing up in Liverpool Football Club’s 1970’s heyday, 10-year-old Jay and his best friend Sean spend their days playing football in the backstreets of marginalised Liverpool, gripped by the rise of celebrity footballer Kevin Keegan. When tragedy strikes, it changes their lives forever. We follow Jay’s journey as he returns home after 25 years and explore the ramifications of childhood trauma into adulthood.


Stiff Punch

(Sion Thomas, 16m)


Stiff Punch is a drama about a wrestling obsessed fan chasing his doomed dream. Living in the post-industrial landscape of the Rhondda valleys in South Wales, Clayton Flowers is an unemployed man in his thirties who no matter how hard he tries can't get a job. As the difficulties of his life pile on top of him, Clayton copes by escaping further and further into his fantasy of becoming a pro-wrestler.



(Sam Tomlinson &

Thomas Savoury, 37m)


After a widower relocates to a new house in an attempt to move on with his life, strange things begin to happen causing him to question his sanity.

Screening 2

Saturday, November 17th | 2:00pm



(Mark Sanger, 11m)


Jodie as been inflicted with mild hallucinations and seizures. A woman with no history of mental illness. Her mania has only just begun. She fears she's losing the past and is daunted by an uncertain future. 



(David Amanor-Wilks, 10m)


A young couple struggle to come to terms with a painful reality. Ben wants to talk but Grace just wants to get the vomit out of her hair and go to the party; some truths are just too difficult to accept.


Winter Ridge


Director: Dom Lenoir

Writer: Ross Owen Williams

Producers: Matt Hookings, Dom Lenoir, Nancy Bressolles & Chris Hardman

Cast: Matt Hookings, Michael McKell, Hannah Waddingham, Justin McDonald, Olwen Kelly, Ian Pirie & Noeleen Comisky

Suspicious deaths in a remote town force a detective to solve a tangled case while his wife is in coma. Would you die to save the one you love...


Screening 3

Saturday, November 17th | 4:00pm



(Alexander Denysenko, 7m)


A musical story follows a young man whose heart has been broken due to the lost of a loved one, and he is trying to escape reality. But his surreal experience while in the Chernobyl exclusion zone gives him a chance to discover himself.



(Catherine Prowse &

Hannah Quinn, 5m)


The story of a gardener in a Middle Eastern war zone, fighting the destruction around her with life-giving plants



(Will Darbyshire, 13m)


On the journey to the airport,

a young couple lock horns over the differing views of their tumultuous relationship. What transpires is a conversation about distance, commitment and the uncertain future ahead. 


Ar Gefn Y Ddraig (Riding The Dragon)


Director and Producer: Huw Erddyn

Cast: Huw Jack Brassington

This film follows Huw Jack Brassington’s attempt to complete the hardest five day mountain race in the world, The Berghaus Dragons Back Race. We’ll follow his inspirational journey and experience his highs and lows, as he attempts to run 315km down the mountainous spine of Wales. Will he manage to run five ultra marathons in five days having never before attempted one?


Screening 4

Saturday, November 17th | 5:50pm


The Running Herd

(Arthur Fanget, 4m)


Marcel, a young french WW1 soldier, has an urgent letter for his Lieutenant.


Say My Name


Director: Jay Stern

Writer: Deborah Frances-White

Producer: Lisa Brenner

Cast: Lisa Brenner, Nick Blood, Celyn Jones, Mark Bonnar & Peter Davison

When a one-night stand gets interrupted by a robbery, two complete strangers are forced to navigate the seedy underbelly of a sleepy Welsh isle in order to get back their stolen property. Along the way, their opposite personalities and differing outlooks on life bring them to a boiling point. This indie romantic comedy written by British comedienne Deborah Frances-White, invites viewers along on the duo’s night of unwanted self-discovery, that will have the couple either hating or loving each other by the morning.


Screening 5

Saturday, November 17th | 7:35pm



(Ioan Holland, 9m)


An adventurous young girl named Penwyn, running away from her worrisome dad on the coast of South Wales, stumbles across a Yank of a talking Blue Footed Booby bird, going by the name Mister Booby, distraught his chicks are flying the nest. On the hunt for adventure, Penwyn follows him as he rushes off in search of his chicks to the mysterious and wonderful world of the clouds in this charming and heartfelt watercolour-animated story.


The Price for Silence


Director & Writer: Tony Germinario

Producers: Tony Germinario, George Stohr, Andy O'Connell & Lynn Mancinelli

Cast: Lynn Mancinelli, Richard Thomas, Ethan Phillips, Martha Madison, Armin Amiri & Dorothy Lyman

After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confront the family who paid for her silence. 


    The Nominations    

and Winners

Best Feature Film

*Winter Ridge*

Riding The Dragon

Say My Name

The Price for Silence

Best Short Film

Judge Me


*Being Keegan*

Stiff Punch







Best Director

Dom Lenoir - Winter Ridge

Tony Germinario - The Price for Silence

*Will Darbyshire - Us*

Ashleigh Harley - Judge Me

Best Actor

Matt Hookings - Winter Ridge

Laurence Ubong Williams - Us

Arnold Pollock - Grace

*Stephen Graham - Being Keegan*

Best Actress

*Lynn Mancinelli - The Price for Silence*

Lucinda Dryzek - Us

Lisa Brenner - Say My Name

Kristin Carey - The Price for Silence

Best Supporting Actor

Mark Bonnar - Say My Name

Ian Pirie - Winter Ridge

Kieron Bimpson - Being Keegan

*Emrhys Cooper - The Price for Silence*

Best Supporting Actress

*Hannah Waddingham - Winter Ridge*

Melaine Stevens - Billy

Noeleen Comiskey - Winter Ridge

Martha Madison - The Price for Silence

Best Music

Judge Me


Winter Ridge


Best Animation



Welsh Dragon Award

(best achievement on a low budget)

Riding The Dragon

*Winter Ridge*

The Price for Silence

Say My Name

Best Unproduced Screenplay

*Saira by John "Zeus" Kontoyannis*

In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a sinister alien race called the Vaar, two sisters fight for their survival and the life of their dying mother, when they encounter a new entity that brings a ray of hope into their lives.



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