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    IFFW | 2016    

Cineworld Cinema, Cardiff | Saturday, November 26th

IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema
IFFW Venue | Cineworld Cinema

Join us in Cardiff for our 10th annual International Film Festival of Wales! We will be showing a selection of amazing shorts as well as a few excellent feature films.

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Saturday, November 26th | 12:00pm

IFFW Short | Boudewijn


(Vincent Fitz-Jim, 14m)


Boudewijn, a 55-year-old man, is about to meet Robin. Robin is 25, that’s all Boudewijn knows of him. The excitement of not knowing what’s coming turns him on. But nothing is what is seems.



(Paul Cooke & Dominic Rees-Roberts, 16m)


In a near future where all antibiotics have failed, Tom and his young daughter, Amy, are quarantined in their home during a lethal pandemic. CATCH is about the love between a father and his daughter, and the lengths he will go to, to try to protect her.

IFFW Short | How Are You

How Are You

(Munzir Quraishy, 10m)


The stigma of mental health can make the struggles of mental illness even worse. Three sufferers talk about their stories of illness, how stigma affected them and how we can beat stigma.

IFFW Short | Victoria
IFFW Short | Dark Waves


(Jonathan Kemp, 8m)


On a routine ferry crossing from Ireland to North Wales, a young girl notices an odd situation with another passenger. A human trafficking story told from a child's perspective.

Dark Waves

(Sven D., 4m)


Dark Waves is a surrealist and surf-themed music video for producer Robot Koch and singer Delhia de France's song Dark Waves from Robot Koch's dark and mysterious 2016 album Hypermoment. In it we are following a lonesome rider roaming the dark waves of Central California and explore the insignificance of man against the wonder of nature.

IFFW Short | 5476 Miles

5476 Miles

(Terry Thomas, 4m)


A handmade paper stop motion music video that tells the story of a lonely starling waiting for love.

IFFW Short | Rabbit Blood

Rabbit Blood

(Yagmur Altan, 4m)


Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.

IFFW Short | Albert


(Miranda Howard-Williams, 12m)


A heartwarming story about the innocence of childhood and a fear of the unknown.

IFFW Short | Graduation Afternoon

Graduation Afternoon

(Calum Chalmers, 9m)


On the afternoon of her high school graduation, Jane meets up with her boyfriend Bruce to discuss the future of their relationship. But what neither of them realize, is that they're just hours away from being swept up in a

terrorist attack.

IFFW Short | Love Somehow

Love Somehow

(Kate Cheeseman, 4m)


Loving and living with Dylan Thomas. Caitlin Thomas's story about her relationship with the poet.Told in verse by actress Sally George and Grif Rhys Jones as the voice of Dylan. Filmed in the beautiful town of Laugharne Wales, where the couple lived.



(Aviv Kosloff, 4m)


Black is a twisted story of vengeance and betrayal that starts with two Santas running to their vintage getaway car after robbing a gas station. As the driver steps on the gas paddle, the very bad Santa, played by Ottokar Lehrner, lets the loot go to his head.

Screening 2

Saturday, November 26th | 3:00pm

IFFW Feature | Shadow of the Missing

Shadow of The Missing


Director: Jamie Lee Smith

Writer: Jamie Lee Smith

Producer: Jamie Lee Smith

Cast: Jamie Lee Smith, Doc Benson, Gary Slaymaker, Dan Thomas & Ceri Evans

Based on Actual Events. A group of comedians and young filmmakers go missing while exploring an abandoned church in Wales. With only the footage left behind to tell the tale, local residents and experts attempt to piece together what happened.

IFFW Feature | Shadow of the Missing

Screening 3

Saturday, November 26th | 5:00pm

IFFW Feature | Halcyon Heights

Halcyon Heights


Director: Isla Ure

Writer: Isla Ure

Producers: Victoria Brittain & Kristin McIlquham

Cast: Reuben Johnson, Isla Ure, Mark Jordon, Sheila Reid, Diana Weston, Greg Patmore & Daisy May

In a home where there are a thousand unspoken words, Lucy detaches herself from those closest to her and consequently forms an unlikely attachment to a mere stranger. She’ll soon find out that this boy is trapped in an endless search to find where he belongs. HALCYON HEIGHTS follows the lives of these two misfits as they try to break the void that keeps them in solitude. They’ll see that one of the hardest things in life is to let go of the things that stop you from letting people in.

IFFW Feature | Halcyon Heights

    The Awards    

Audience Awards - As voted for by you!

Best Feature Film

Halcyon Heights (Dir. by Isla Ure)

Best Short Film

How Are You (Dir. by Munzir Quraishy)

Best Cinematography

Halcyon Heights (Dir. by Isla Ure)

Best Sound

Halcyon Heights (Dir. by Isla Ure)

Best Music

Halcyon Heights (Dir. by Isla Ure)

Welsh Dragon Award

(best achievement on a low budget)

Shadow of The Missing (Dir. by Jamie Lee Smith)

    The After-Party    

Buffalo Bar | 11 Windsor Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BY

IFFW Afterparty | Buffalo Bar

Join us at the vibrant Buffalo Bar after the festival for famous cocktails and the opportunity for some networking.

IFFW Afterparty | Buffalo Bar



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