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    IFFW | 2015    

Gwyn Hall, Neath Port Talbot | Sunday, November 8th

IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall
IFFW Venue | Gwyn Hall

The Newport International Film Festival is in its ninth year and what an incredible line up it has! With work from around the globe, including Wales, America, Canada, and Brazil it truly is an international celebration.


The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at a great red carpet-style venue, to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking on every level.


The festival prides itself on showing works that might not otherwise get seen. IFFW has a fiercely independent and exciting atmosphere, so come along and experience something new!!

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Sunday, November 8th | 2:00pm

IFFW Feature | The Man With Four Legs

The Man With Four Legs


Director: Ed Christmas

Writer: Ed Christmas

Producers: Stuart Hall & Ed Christmas

Cast: Terry Sweeny, Danny Ormerod, Simon Dobson, Richard Southgate & Charlotte Asprey

A young team of documentary filmmakers explore the life of an amnesiac fantasist called James. After receiving a mysterious and severe blow to the head, James endures a fractured existence, plagued by both his ambiguous past and a bizarre present. As a consequence, he suffers the apparent delusion that he is the husband to a woman who, in turn, claims to have never met him.

IFFW Feature | The Man With Four Legs

Screening 2

Sunday, November 8th | 4:00pm

IFFW Feature | Leave to Remain

Leave to Remain


Director: Bruce Goodison

Writers: Bruce Goodison & Charlotte Colbert

Producers: Kate Cook & James Levison

Cast: Toby Jones, Noof Ousellam, Yasmin Mwanza & Masieh Zarrien 

Omar, a charismatic Afghan teenager, is at the precarious juncture of having his refugee status decided. The arrival of a boy from back home threatens to change everything. Forced into a position where the outcome may be the difference between life and death, his only options are to tell the unbelievable truth or to tell a good story. For Omar, and thousands like him, who arrive alone and scared on our shores each year, the asylum system is a cruel game of chance.

IFFW Feature | Leave to Remain

Screening 3

Sunday, November 8th | 6:00pm

IFFW Feature | Solitary



Director: Sasha Krane

Writer: Katharine McEwan

Producers: Katharine McEwan & Sarina Taylor

Cast: Katharine McEwan, Sarina Taylor & Kevin McGowan

A troubled woman struggles to confront her past and reconnect with her estranged family.

IFFW Feature | Solitary

Screening 4

Sunday, November 8th | 8:00pm

IFFW Short | Burnt


(Robert Vassie, 13m)


A surveillance team get inadvertently caught up in a hostage situation when the man they are following, a charismatic sociopath, takes his own lawyer captive and threatens to kill him.

IFFW Short | Ponty Party

Ponty Party

(Nathaniel Collins, 23m)


A Welsh amateur club take on a giant of European football, supported by a group of fans from all over the UK who have never seen them play.

IFFW Short | Passing Orion

Passing Orion

(Sean Thonson, 8m)


A touching portrait of Boyd Stevens, one of the last remaining inhabitants of Orion Alberta - a town with a present day population

of seven.

IFFW Short | Virtuoso


(Steven Owen, 13m)


Rhys' curiosity gets the better of him when he is encountered with an old-fashioned electric organ in the other room of his grandparent's house.

IFFW Short | Tiny Bible

Tiny Bible

(Zu Quirke, 15m)


A deluded lifestyle blogger confronts some harsh realities.

IFFW Short | In Closure

In Closure

(Lewis Williams & Luke Williams, 12m)


Julie tries to set her self free but her past is still standing in her way.

IFFW Short | Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor

Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor

(Paul Tillery, 3m)


Half mortal. Half god. All natural chicken.

IFFW Short | Mother's Heart

Mother's Heart

(Diego Barrio, 12m)


A young boy feels a strong chest pain during football practice and, taken by his step-mother, he undergoes an echo-cardiogram to find why does his heart hurts so much.

IFFW Short | Job


(Alex Horsfall, 10m)


A dark comedy regarding the horrors of 9-5 office-based employment.

    The Awards    

Category Judging

Best Feature

Solitary (Dir. by Sasha Krane)

Best Short

Ponty Party (Dir. by Nathaniel Collins)

Best Cinematography

Passing Orion (Dir. by Sean Thonson)

Best Sound

The Man With Four Legs (Dir. by Ed Christmas)

Best Music

The Man With Four Legs (Dir. by Ed Christmas)

Welsh Dragon Award

Virtuoso (Dir. by Steven Owen)

Best New Screenplay

Have A Great Day (Written by Nic Penrake)



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