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    IFFW | 2010    

Riverfront Cinema, Newport

IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema
IFFW Venue | Riverfront Cinema

    The Official Selection    

Short Films

IFFW Short | 40 Years

40 Years

(Russell Appleford, 14m)


A haunting tale of loss and regret, blending live action and stunning visual effects that culminate in a dramatic finale.

IFFW Short | Blind Eye

Blind Eye

(Laura Degnan, 6m)


A mother is torn between being a good citizen and protecting her child leading to drastic consequences.

IFFW Short | Siren


IFFW Short | The Escort

The Escort

(Clare Holman, 18m)


A young amateur boxer struggles to keep focus before an upcoming bout. Through a small number of flashbacks we begin to see what has led him to be so distracted.

IFFW Short | Mozambique


(Alcides Soares, 17m)


 ​Alcides Soares is a sixteen-year-old AIDS orphan, one of half a million living in Mozambique today.

IFFW Short | Astronauts, Vikings and Ghosts

Astronauts, Vikings

and Ghosts

IFFW Short | On The Edge

On the Edge

IFFW Short | One Dark Night

One Dark Night

(Jonathan Moxness, 22m)


IFFW Short | No More Milk

No More Milk

(Dan Heaver & Dan Saunders, 7m)


An elderly lady is hoarding milk. She makes a cup of tea for somebody who isn't there. Just another mad old bird... But this isn't madness. This is control.

Feature Films

IFFW Feature | Risen



Director: Neil Jones

Writers: Stuart Brennan & Neil Jones

Producers: Stuart Brennan & Neil Jones

Cast: Stuart Brennan, John Noble & Erik Morales

What makes Howard's story quite remarkable is that as a young man he lost the tips of three fingers in an industrial accident of his home town of Merthyr Tydfil. The accident was so severe that he was unable to make a fist with his right hand, a devastating blow for anyone, but a blow made all the worse for one who's entire career demands the use of both hands.

IFFW Feature | The Drummond Will

The Drummond Will


Director: Alan Butterworth

Writers: Alan Butterworth & Sam Forster

Producer: Tobias Tobbell

Cast: Mark Oosterveen, Phillip James & Jeremy Drakes

Estranged brothers Marcus and Danny find themselves on a surprisingly dangerous quest to unravel the mystery surrounding their father's very unlikely wealth.

IFFW Feature | End of the Road

End of the Road


Director: Richard Nicholls

Producer: Richard Nicholls

Cast: Alexis Dubus & Sy Thomas

A documentary following two elderly athletes, Mary Stroebe, a 90-year-old triathlete, and Bill Wambach, an 83-year-old high jumper. Mary has just broken her leg while down hill skiing and Bill, who smoked for 45 years, is recovering from a heart attack. Despite doctors’ orders, both decide to train and compete in their respective events.

IFFW Feature | Risen
IFFW Feature | The Drummond Will
IFFW Feature | End of the Road

    The Awards    

Audience Awards

Best Feature

Risen (Dir. by Neil Jones)

Best Short

On The Edge

Best Documentary

Astronauts, Vikings & Ghosts

Best Actor

Stuart Brennan (Risen)

Best Actress

Grainne Joughin (Risen)

Best Cinematography

The Escort (Dir. by Graham Smith)

Best Special Effects

40 Years (Dir. by Russell Appleford)

Best Supporting Actor

Boyd Clack (Risen)

Best Supporting Actress

La Charne Jolly (The Escort)

Best Director

Neil Jones (Risen)

Welsh Dragon Award

No More Milk (Dir. by Dan Heaver

& Dan Saunders)

Best New Screenplay

Double Top (Written by Christopher Bolton)


Audience Awards Note

The Awards this year were voted on by the audience. In the event of the audience not being full to capacity for a screening the voting was weighted to represent a full screening (e.g. if the venue was half full, each vote counted for two votes). The voting was overseen by Festival Manager Jacquelin Cockerill. The Welsh Dragon Award was decided by the Festival Manager.

The decision to have audience voting was due to the lack of feature films in this years line up and narrative short films, as well as the inclusion of a film from one of the organizers of the festival in previous years. It was considered the fairest way at the time, to judge the films.

At the AGM it was decided that any future festivals screening films from any film-maker involved in the organization of the festival, either past or present, will require their own screening slot, outside of the regular festival line up AND will not be eligible for any awards.

The festival guild was set up by film-makers for film-makers, however even though the festivals have been managed independently and all awards are judged independently it makes sense for the festivals to avoid any claims of nepotism.


Audience Awards seemed like a fair way of doing things and the organizers went to great lengths to have a fair and transparent process. The evidence of the success of the award winning films this year in other festivals and at other award ceremonies, pays tribute to the accuracy of the audiences opinions, however it was a unanimous vote at the AGM (annual general meeting) to make all future films ineligible for awards from anyone involved in the organization of any of the Film Festival Guilds events.



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