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    IFFW | 2008    

Meze Lounge, Newport | Sunday, December 7th

IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1a

Sunday, December 7th | 1:30pm

IFFW Short | Electreecity


(Sarah Duffield-Harding & Sarah Davidson, 3m)

IFFW Short | Let Sleeping Dogs Li

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

(Shauna Osborne-Dowle, 29m)

IFFW Short | Julie


(David Cave, 5m)

IFFW Short | My Dad Made a Seagul

My Dad Made a Seagull

(Mark Withers, 4m)

IFFW Short | Dance for Eternity

Dance for Eternity

(Michael Gilroy, 12m)

IFFW Short | Dictee Magique

Dictee Magique

(Aaron Fuks, 3m)

Screening 1b

Sunday, December 7th | 1:30pm

IFFW Feature | Half L

Half Life


Director: Mark Brindle

Producers: Mark Brindle

During 2004, 2005 and 2006, Mark Brindle has been filming the story of Tim, Matt and Dave, three 40-something buddies, partly around their homes in Devon and Cornwall but mostly in the cold and windy surf spots of far North Scotland. With a mix of archive footage from 1993, 1994 and 1998 and new surfing footage and interviews, the story of their surf trips to Scotland is told - the surfing, the injuries, the locations and the fun!

IFFW Feature | Half Life

Screening 2a

Sunday, December 7th | 2:45pm

IFFW Short | Mother, Mine

Mother, Mine

(Susan Everett, 17m)

IFFW Short | Colourful EU

Colourful EU

(Peter Vadocz, 2m)

IFFW Short | Check Mate

Check Mate

(Mitja Mlakar, Mojca Pernat, Robert Ribic & Miha Subic, 16m)

IFFW Short | Paintbrush


(Alex Barrett, 8m)

IFFW Short | The Gynaecologist

The Gynaecologist

(Alfonso Camarero, 10m)

IFFW Short | Flushed


(Martin Stirling, 4m)

IFFW Short | Brother Psyche

Brother Psyche

(Ben Reed, 5m)

IFFW Short | Eva


(David Trumble 16m)

Screening 2b

Sunday, December 7th | 2:45pm

IFFW Feature | Jack Says

Jack Says


Director: Bob Phillips

Producers: Mark Davey, Eva Hamilton, Toby Meredith, Simon Phillips, Aaron Sayers & Rick Themistocli

Writers: Paul Tanter & Paula Baker

Cast: Simon Phillips, Eric Cantona, Mike Reid & Rula Lenska

The film opens with Jack tied to a chair in a warehouse, guarded by heavies. He seems to have evoked the wrath of the Guv'nor, who lectures him about 'losing respect'. A girl called Natalie is present, and is clearly not in the Guvnor's good books. As one of the heavies removes Jacks gag, the Guvnor points a gun at his head. The scene fades to black, followed by two gunshots.

IFFW Feature | Jack Says

Screening 3a

Sunday, December 7th | 4:35pm

IFFW Short | Mike Cotton

Mike Cotton

(Mark Brindle, 3m)

IFFW Short | Red Letter

Red Letter

(Edilberto Restino, 11m)

IFFW Short | Ruin


(Mark Maguire & Richard Shelton, 7m)

IFFW Short | Jody Coyote

Jody Coyote

(Ben Reed, 2m)

IFFW Short | Echoes


(Rob Brown, 14m)

IFFW Short |


(David Christopher & Tyler Keevil, 10m)

IFFW Short | My Best Friend

My Best Friend

(Daniele Santonicola, 15m)

IFFW Short | The Ballad of The Roman Road

The Ballad of the Roman Road

(Mark Brindle, 5m)

Screening 3b

Sunday, December 7th | 4:35pm

IFFW Feature | 9mm



Director: Taylan Barman

Producers: Jean-Jacques Neira & Hubert Toint

Writers: Taylan Barman & Kenan Gorgun

Cast: Morgan Marinne, Serge Riaboukine & Anne Coesens

A gunshot tears to shred the outward appearance of a modest family: father, mother and son connected by love, faith, hate, anger and resentment. Who shot who and why?

IFFW Feature | 9mm

    The Awards    

Judge's Awards

Best Feature

Jack Says (Dir. by Bob Phillips)

Best Short

My Best Friend (Dir. by Daniele Santonicola)

Best Music Video

Brother Psyche (Dir. by Ben Reed)

Best Actor

Simon Phillips (Jack Says)

Best Actress

Anne Coesens (Jack Says)

Best Student Film

Eva (Dir. by David Trumble)

Best Cinematography

9MM (Renaat Lambeets)

Best Up & Coming Director

Susan Everett (Mother Mine)

Welsh Dragon Award

Pitch (Dir. by David Christopher & Tyler Keevil)

Audience Award

Ruin (Dir. by Mark Maguire & Richard Shelton)

Best Script

My Best Friend (Written by Daniele S. Antonicola)



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