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    IFFW | 2007    

Meze Lounge, Newport

IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge
IFFW Venue | Meze Lounge

Unfortunately we didn't keep archives from the first year of the International Film Festival of Wales (then known as the Newport International Film Festival) so if your film screened this year, let us know and we would be happy to feature it here!

    The Official Selection    

A Selection of Short Films including

Tomorrow Never Dais

(Anthony James, 10m)


Dai does trains. Dai does books. Dai even does Special Laser Tactical Attack Squad. But Dai has never done love... until now.


(Till Nowak, 9m)

An old man lives a lonely life under the dark shadows of industrial smog. One day he receives a mysterious package which gives him the ability to change his environment.

On All Your Walls

(Alan D. Pughe)

Music Video

The Strange Case of Marie France

(Till Neumann, 15m)

Robert Berger wants order and beauty in his museum-like home and will do anything to maintain it. When his precious world is disrupted by his family, a mysterious savior mysteriously appears to save him. Or does she?

Feature Film

The Lost


Director: Neil Jones

Writer: Stuart Brennan

Producers: Stuart Brennan & Yuen-Wai Liu

Cast: Peter Cushing, Stuart Brennan & Joe Daniels

Three soldiers find themselves lost in a seemingly endless forest on enemy soil as World War Two rages around them. Slowly the men run out of food and water, and then slowly lose their senses, turning on one another and fighting for their lives. Private Scott struggles to understand the will of the forest and escape the madness.

    The Awards    

Audience Awards

Best Short

Tomorrow Never Dais (Dir. by Anthony James)

Best Music Video

On All Your Walls (Dir. by Alan D. Pughe)

Best Actor

Magnus Hinde (Tomorrow Never Dais)

Best Feature

The Lost (Dir. by Neil Jones)

Best of Fest

The Strange Case of Marie France

(Dir. by Till Neumann)

Audience Awards Note

We had over a hundred submissions for the first festival, all of which were shorts and the only feature film was The Lost.

It was free to enter a film and free to attend, all of the costs were born by the organizer. 

Awards were given out in the form of certificates, with awards voted on by the audience, or given by default if no other films were in a category. 

This was done to encourage other people to submit films in all categories the following year - which worked, with over 200 films submitted and a variety

in each category. 



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