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    THE DRAGON LIST | IFFW 2022    
Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

A Shot For Freedom

(Giuseppe De Vuono)

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João Mendes, a Cape Verdean black guy, is the rebellious son of a fishing family. His father (Gabriel) wants him to take care of the family business, but João dreams to become a great fencer. He falls in love with a creole girl (Cesária) and will have to contend with a cruel man (Tyago), obsessed with her. João creates his masked alter ego by risking his life every night, fighting to defend the freedom and human rights of people in danger. One night Gabriel is murdered. João, destroyed by grief, is determined to find his father's killer who, before dying, gives him a scarf that hides an incredible secret.

Amy and Angel

(Julia Verdin & Deedee Benkovich)


Shy 16-year old Amy just wants to dance, but her deafness causes her dreams to be shattered when she is bullied out of dance class. Finding the most unbelievable new dance partner, her neighbors neglected dog, they perform a spectacular routine that lands them on a national TV talent show where they compete against her former dance crew.

Bite Back

(Perry Wyatt)

After the brutal murder of her sister, Daisy decides the only way forward for women is a bloody revolution.

Call Me Thor

(Jamie Campbell)

All twelve year-old Julian Bianco wants out of life is to be in a heavy metal band with his best friend. But, life has other plans. When his wealthy criminal of a father starts a custody battle and his mother gets pregnant by her abusive live-in boyfriend, Julian and his mom go on the run and into hiding from the men who refuse to let them go.


(John Fraser &

Dmitry Torgovitsky)

When a psycho starts killing members a group in a remote forest in the aftermath of Woodstock, a sensitive Black woman must take the lead and outsmart the deranged maniac.

Feast Day

(Melissa Zeigler) 

In ancient France, a Druid priestess turns to forbidden magic to enact revenge against the Gaulish king who has forced her into a sham marriage.

Isaac Newton

(Randall Palmer)


England, 1666. An outbreak of plague forces a young Isaac Newton into mandatory quarantine. This year of isolated study results in some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made. It also tests the fragile genius's sanity...


(Benjamin Keir)

Two Irish brothers escape their dying homeland during the famine, they head to New York and go down two very different paths only to meet again 15 years later on the battlefield of the American Civil War.

Jackson and Danita

(Jaclyn Whitt)


A washed-up musician must get his act together before the only woman he’s ever loved falls for his roommate.


(Phil Hamer)


Pantserth, a forlorn South Wales ex-mining community. Michaels first day at his new Comprehensive in 1987 seems to coincide with the appearance of a restless spirit at the school.
As the paranormal events gain in power, Michael suspects that his own mother, a local councillor battling against misogyny and trying to breathe life into the desolate town, could be key to placating the spirit. Unfortunately, there is an unpunished murderer hiding in plain sight who does not want light shone onto the past.

Ms Broome's Secret

(Ima von Wenden)


A schoolboy becomes convinced that his ex-teacher is a witch and tries to prove it to his sister through a series of experiments, but the teacher's positive mindset makes her benefit from all of the boy's efforts.

One Of Us

(Alan David Pritchard)

4 Boys break into a school storeroom to steal exam papers. One of them, locks the other three in, and leaves them alone to deal with the prospect of being caught red-handed,

Paradise By Way of Jordyn

(Amadeus Redha) 

A young, Black man is forced to confront his traditional upbringing when he falls in love with a trans woman on his council estate.

Roll Play

(Jessica Mackie Hunter)

Somewhere between the confines of a psychiatric hospital and a fantasy realm, a group of troubled youngsters must find catharsis through Dungeons & Dragons therapy.

Side Step

(Phil Hamer)


Aled Hughes lives with his Mum in a South Wales town forgotten by government. Together with Tosker, his best mate, they focus energies on skipping school, smoking joints, outrunning the Police and watching as much NFL as possible.

As Perry, the malignant local county lines thug, enters their sphere, it seems Aled is doomed to the same oblivion suffered by his father. But then Aled discovers rugby. Or rather, rugby discovers Aled.

As the warm, happy rugby community tries to welcome Aled in, the cold, fierce drug community sinks it's claws in deeper.

Solitary Refinement

(Jaclyn Whitt)


Inspired by true events: A chronically unemployed single mom with no employment credentials must navigate her new job teaching life skills to hardened criminals at a maximum security prison or risk losing custody of her kids.

The Familiar Ferry

(William Scott Williams)


A struggling actor on the run from her cheating husband learns to parent her precocious teenage daughter with the help of her dying mother and her famously narcissistic grandmother.

The Great Perhaps

(Christine Vartoughian) 

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Jonathan, a paleontologist, is searching in vain for a prehistoric giant squid; his wife, Madelyn, an animal behaviorist, cannot explain her failing experiment; their daughter Amelia is a disappointed teenage revolutionary; her younger sister, Thisbe, is on a frustrated search for God; and their grandfather, Henry, wants to disappear. When Jonathan and Madelyn suddenly decide to separate, this nuclear family is split and forced to confront its own cowardice, finally coming to appreciate the cloudiness of this modern age.

The Last Siren

(Peter Rex Feuchtwanger)


After a young widowed fisherman discovers a spirited siren wounded and wrapped in his trawling net, he’s soon enmeshed in helping her against predatory men intent on profiting from the ancient knowledge she holds.

The Welsh Outpost

(Elias Lederer)


A fake adaptation of a story by the non-existent, Welsh espionage writer, Everett Mills:

The year is 1946. An ageing marksman is stationed in the Welsh countryside with his wife and decrepit father. An upcoming mission in London will finally challenge the tension between his work and family.


(Yuval Caspi)


Due to a romantic turmoil, a young and idealist lawyer is forced to move in with her estranged father, a cunning local solicitor who tries to convince the residents of a small English town to support his new crusade.

Werewolf Prison Break

(James Uren)