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    IFFW | 2022    
Market Hall Cinema, Brynmawr, Wales | Saturday, November 26th


It's The International Film Festival of Wales's sixteenth year and we have an amazing

line up!

The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking, providing opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. 

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious Welsh Dragon Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

    The Official Selection    

The Dragon List

The International Film Festival of Wales Dragon List is for

screenplays of outstanding quality.

The Best Screenplay winner and Special Commendations

will be announced at the event.

Short Film Screening
Saturday, November 26th | 7:00pm



(James Wei, 4m)


An award-winning sushi chef is out of desperation to serve the crude puffer fish. Puffer fish do not know how to appreciate food and art at all, they only know how to gobble it up. One day, his knife broke down, he bought a magical high-tech knife. The robot will fly out of the knife to help him handle the ingredients, the robot quickly finished cutting the ingredients, but the blade turned to the puffer fish...


Bright World - 

So It Goes

(Alexander Vlahos, 5m)


A song about forgiveness. A video about confronting and healing.

Confession Day

(Ben Hooton, 19m)


In the valley of the Black Mountains, Aled must bury his father, and help his mother find peace. An outsider in a tight mining community, Bethan reveals what really happened the night Llewelyn died. The will of a father, broken by the courage of

a son.



(Jon Olav Stokke, 7m)


On July 21st 1792, Mary and Emma settled their differences the only way they knew how: a duel to the death!



(Jesse Briton & 

Buddug Jones, 12m)


Contained within the sterile environment of a snake anti-venom factory in West Wales, Frank is struggling to make peace with the recent death of his father. Unsatisfied with his job, he revisits memories in a hope of changing his future and putting to rest a complex father-son relationship.



(Tal Uliel, 3m)


During my design studies I was asked to create an ‘explainer’ video on any topic I choose that is related to the city of Jerusalem. When I thought of a project that can live outside school in the real world, I immediately came up with ‘HaMiffal’ which is a cultural center in the heart of my hometown Jerusalem. HaMiffal is a home to dozens of artists and a place where anyone is invited to come and create within.


Kids Games

(Bernabé Rico, 10m)


Leo is just another child at school, but he can’t help that his physical appearance makes him the center of attention.



(Anthony Hett, 8m)


How do you respectfully dispose of your dead pet tortoise when you have no way of burying them?



(Marco De Rosso, 18m)


Going separate ways after a rough break-up, two young hitchhikers each talk to the strangers they meet on the road and reflect on whether to get back together or not.


The blood of my neighbor

(Ilan Zerrouki, 4m)


Music Video


The Foul

(James Button, 4m)


Someone has to do something about all that dog sh*t. A corporate public information film about the importance of cleaning up after your dog.

    The Winners    

Best Short Film
*Confession Day*

Best Director
*Ben Hooton*

Best Actor
*Frank Thomas*

Best Actress
*Nathalie Codsi*

Best Music Video

*Bright World - So It Goes*

Rising Star Award
*Huw Huckstep*

Best Music

Welsh Dragon Award
(best achievement on a low budget)

Best Unproduced Screenplay
Bite Back (written by Perry Wyatt)
Ithir (written by Benjamin Keir)
Limbo (written by Phil Hamer)

*Side Step (written by Phil Hamer)*
Werewolf Prison Break (written by Clementine Webb & James Uren)

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