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    IFFW | 2020    

Online | November 27th - 30th


It's The International Film Festival of Wales's thirteenth year and we have an amazing line up!

The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking, providing opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. 

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious Welsh Dragon Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget and the new Best Phone Film Award which was introduced to encourage creativity in these crazy times.

These films screened online from the 27th through the 30th of November.

    The Official Selection    

The Daffodil List

The Film Festival Guild Daffodil List is for screenplays of outstanding quality.

These pieces are up for both the title of Best Screenplay as well as four

Runners-Up positions.

Winners will be announced the week of December 1st

Feature Films


Pink Opaque


Director & Writer: Derrick Perry

Producer: Dave Ragsdale

Cast: Elijah Boothe, Ruby Park, Chaim Dunbar, Daniel C, Jeremy Ford, Susan Elle, Aaron Dominguez, Chris Markle, Bill Miltenberger, Kris Kil, Milo Scott & Jenny Katrina

A story of love, family, hardships, and life in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles film student struggles to graduate while navigating a budding romance against his girlfriend's older brother's wishes and reconnecting with his estranged uncle leading to an unfamiliar look at his family history and renewed uncertainty of his future.




Director, Writer & Producer: Leonardo Antonio

Cast: Iolanda Laranjeiro, João Catarré & Maria João Abreu

Lucia is raped by her husband and presses charges against him. While fighting the portuguese legal system to get her husband in court, she finds out she is pregnant. The case takes place in closed session wherein Lucia represents the woman in a man's world - the subject is rape and prostitution in marriage.


Ups and Downs


Director & Writer: Eoin Cleland

Producer: Kevin Jackson

Cast: James Martin, Rosie Barry, Susan Lynch & Keith McErlean

A young man with Down's Syndrome tricks his sister into a road trip to go to a concert, while being pursued by their mum. With no phones, no money and no plan, can they make it?


Short Films


2 in a Million

(J. A. Moreno, 4m)


We follow two dancers in one long shot, as they relay the feeling of falling in love and being soulmates. Filmed in just thirty minutes at the end of the official shoot, Moreno’s cut focuses on the dancers, seen only as silhouettes in the official version, and highlights their outstanding technical skills and chemistry.


244 Years Later

(Greg Berman, 2m)


A reflective and allegorical look at American society, both past and present.


A Broken-Hearted Solstice

(Fanny Lefort, 12m)


A professional mascot named Fauve gets dumped on the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year. The icy storm she’s plunged into doesn’t quite fit with the current heatwave.


A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground

(Henna Taylor, 22m)


A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground is an exploration into grief and its expression through the stories of individuals who have experienced loss or trauma due to climbing or alpinism. Made in collaboration with the Climbing Grief Fund, this artful compilation of interviews highlights how there is no singular or correct way to grieve. Indeed this topic is complex, vulnerable, confusing, non-linear, and absolutely imperative to the health of all of our communities. The process of openly grieving, both alone as well as in community, is an art nearly lost in our culture.



(Rami Kodeih, 25m)


As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend's three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events. Starring Alia Shawkat (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SEARCH PARTY), Edin Gali (MAD MEN), Dorota Puzio, Rebeca Robles (BETTER THINGS), Erika Soto (VIDA), and Mark McCullough (LOGAN LUCKY).



(Dekel Berensonn, 15m)


Cannes Official Selection 19' - Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love. Nominated for a short Palme d'Or, BIFA award winner for Best British Short Film, was shortlisted for a BAFTA, more than 200 selections and dozens of awards. Thank you for considering our film!!


Audio of Apologies

(Yuri+Ana, 4m)


Music video of the song "Audio de desculpas/Audio of apologies" of the brazilian singer Manu Gavassi.



(Gagandeep Kalirai, 8m)


Bibi is plagued by memories of the past, and her granddaughter Simran is starting to notice. In resolving to teach Simran how to make Cha, they are pulled into the past, to Bibi's memories of one fateful day in Delhi, 1984.

Cwch Deilen

(Efa Blosse-mason, 7m)


Learning to love someone can be scary, but it can also lead to the most marvellous adventure. With a striking illustrative style, writer/director Efa Blosse-Mason tells the story of Heledd and Celyn who navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship. Facing vulnerability and a sea monster, the lover’s odyssey tests the strength of their Leaf Boat. Through the bewitching power of 2D animation this film explores the internal worlds of the characters emotions which are visualized through seasons and stormy seas.



「Past & Future」

(Ryosuke Sato, 9m)


Dance House Kogane 4422, a dance platform dedicated to contemporary dance in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, was established in June 2017. It was completed in a former sewing factory by the artists themselves, together with local volunteers, through self-renovation of the site. This is a record of the two years that world-renowned choreographer and dancer Nobuyoshi Asai struggled to create 'a place for artists for artists', one of the few dance houses in Japan, without the help of government or corporations.



(Joe Hurst & Joseff Morgan, 3m)


A young influencer live streams a taxi journey she'll never forget.



(Maurizio Ravallese, 15m)


An immigrant works in a laundry to buy a wedding suit. One day he is found stealing a suit from a sick groom who has just been left at the altar. To atone for his sins, he will have to avenge the robbed man.


Kung Fu Express

(Cheng Guo, 4m)


Two delivery men delivered their afternoon’s order to the customers. Both people believe the final winner will be themselves. Although, the daily deliveries statistic shows equal credits for each man but there will be only one winner who can stand at the last. Thus, new chaos fired by the last order that waiting to be delivered.


Lady Helen's garden

(Carina Lopez, 6m)


Fernando is a teenager on the eve of turning 18 years old. He maintains a dysfunctional relationship with his mother Helena, more so now that he has developed a platonic crush on his best friend David; but will that love be reciprocal?


Mars Colony

(Noel Fuzellier, 35m)


Logan, 16, is a troubled teenager. Only his sci-fi dreams of a better life on Mars can rescue him from his gloomy everyday life, filled with conflict both at home and at school, where he's labeled a bully. One strange night he receives a visit from a mysterious man who swears to come from the future and to be Logan's future-self, 40 years older. The man asks him to accomplish a shockingly important mission: to save humanity.


Me, my germs and James

(Anastasiia Vorotniuk, 16m)


A teenage romantic comedy about Lilly, who is a germophobe, because of the way she was raised by her mom. She dreams of her first kiss with the guy she loves, but because of the germs she imagines in his mouth, she is not able to. Yet, her first romantic feelings are bursting through her perfectly clean heart.


No Body

(Haemin Ko, 5m)


A traditional charcoal animation with an autobiographical experimental animated poem. Based on directors journals which is about her immigration experience in London, Nobody explores relationship between city and me through three emotional chapter. Excitement, frustration and hope.


Planet Earth calling Ana

(Fernando Bonelli, 20m)


One day, life detaches you from the world. Without a warning. Isolation. It's just like being alone in Space. This is what happened to Ana. No more albums, no more tours or stages. Music remained inside, and so did Juan, her love, her Earth. After 3 years, Ana begins to feel strong. But today hasn´t been a good day for her. Today her light shivers.



(Luke Bather, 2m)


Rat is a very short film about trying to find inner peace at a time of great upset by having a funeral for a dead rat you found on the side of the road.


Red Horizon

(T.C. Johnstone, 30m)


A group of young pilots attempt to carry on the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen while struggling to overcome racism and prejudice in today's world.



(Mateusz Znaniecki, 23m)


"Skin" it is a story about one day in the life of Mateusz, which begins with the loss of the report card. What happened in the forest, when came back with his friends? How will his father, Włodzimierz, react to this? Between him and his son, a spiral of frustration and aggression has been growing for years. A boy placed in the corner of his life will try to impress his peers and at the same time live up to his father’s expectations. It is a story about complexes rising in the family for three generations and about father's relations with his son.


The Haunted Swordsman

(Kevin McTurk, 16m)


In this handcrafted epic puppet film set in a world of demons and ghosts, a lone samurai and his odd companion, a cursed severed head, seek vengeance in a haunted world.


(Simon Ryninks, 10m)


After a night of passion Emily tells Jay that she’d like to use a strap-on. Scared of losing a girl he has a connection with, Jay reluctantly agrees.


The Priest

(Michael Vukadinovich, 17m)


In a lonely desert town a suicidal priest (Patton Oswalt) makes a decision that kicks into motion a series of strange events leading him to an unexpected discovery. Is it coincidence or miraculous?


Violet Soda - Tangerine

(Denis Carrion, 4m)


The music video for the song Tangerine by Violet Soda.


Work From Hole

(Matt Zeqiri, 1m)


Everyone has had to get a bit creative with their home workspaces recently. Here's my story.



(Suri Grennell, 9m)


At the precipice of womanhood and plagued with foreboding dreams, Maria must confront the mistrust of her family as a strange epidemic sweeps through Ireland.

    The Awards    


Best Feature Film

*Pink Opaque*

Ups and Downs

Best Short Film

2 in a Million

244 Years Later


Cwch Deilen

DANCE HOUSE KOGANE4422「Past & Future」



Kung Fu Express

Lady Helen's garden

*Mars Colony*

No body

Planet Earth Calling Ana




The Priest

Violet Soda - Tangerine

Work From Hole


Best Student Film


Kung Fu Express

Best Phone Film


Work From Hole


244 Years Later

Best Music Video

*Lady Helen's garden*

2 in a Million

Violet Soda - Tangerine

Best Animation

No body


Best Documentary

A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground

*DANCE HOUSE KOGANE4422「Past & Future」*

Best Director

Noel Fuzellier (Mars Colony)

Mateusz Znaniecki (SKIN)

*Simon Ryninks (THE PLUNGE)*

Best Cinematography




Mars Colony

Best Actor

*Elijah Boothe (Pink Opaque)*

Omar Khan (THE PLUNGE)

Patton Oswalt (The Priest)

Best Actress

*Laia Manzanares (Planet Earth Calling Ana)*

Lydia Wilson (THE PLUNGE)

Ruby Park (Pink Opaque)

Best Supporting Actor

*Philippe Rebbot (Mars Colony)*

Robert Talarczyk (SKIN)

Best Supporting Actress

Barbara Lubos (SKIN)

*Mary Faber (The Priest)*

Welsh Dragon Award

Pink Opaque



Best Screenplay

As the Moth Flies written by Peter Eliot

*Chancer written by Mark Cainen*

Faithful Shadow written by Kevin J. Howard

Just Jane written by Carl Huebner

Review written by Jonathan Zarantonello

The Lady Pirates written by Theresa Anne Carey



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