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We strive to support independent artists every day. Obviously our main efforts go towards filmmaking ventures, however we do like to reach out and help others too. This is a selection of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo projects we've enjoyed in the past.

The Fence

Motorbikes, cars, punch-ups and 80s music! This retro flick follows a council estate kid out to settle the score with local thieves.

The Fence is a feature length adaptation of a hugely popular, award-winning short film that we released in 2018 with over 4.3 million views online! It was also the British Lion Award winner of the 2018 BIFF Official Selection!

Thanks to the continued support from our audience and an incredible cast and crew, The Fence Feature Film was successfully shot this summer (2021) over a 5-week period. We’re asking for your help to complete post-production and get the film finished.

Blood Orange

It’s Christmas Eve in Swansea A&E and Amy has just vomited all over a hot doctor’s shoes. Amy is not a patient at the hospital. She’s a junior doctor. Hoping to secure a transfer to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, Amy can handle the long hours, the overtime, and even the shame of vomiting on her colleague, but when assigned to the case of a boy with cancer, Amy is confronted with childhood memories she thought she’d forgotten and the pressure begins to take its toll. When helping others is at the heart of your career, what happens when you are suddenly the one that needs help? 

The Promise

This is the story of Jim and Bee, a truck driver and supermarket cashier whose son is diagnosed with advanced cancer. In their greatest hour of need, they are left out in the cold by a  system that should be helping them, and they are suddenly forced to find the money for treatment on their own.  In emotional and financial crisis, Jim resorts to trafficking drugs across the US/Mexican border.  Jim must deal with the fear of losing his son, while desperately trying to save him. Everything he believes in is questioned, everything he normally wouldn’t do, he does.

Twilight Zone

A film about Surfing, Mental Health and the Environment. We want to tell the beautiful, inspiring  story of the small community of surfers in Thurso, on the North Coast of Scotland. Some of Europe's biggest swell arrives on these freezing shores in the middle of Winter, and we want to capture this stunning visual spectacle. At the same time, we want to find out what drives these men and women of the sea to keep going back in - people like Scottish surfing champion Mark Boyd.

Gods Among Us

The ancient gods have fallen to earth and after a long exile discover there may be a way home. Trapped in an expensive hotel the gods begin to murder one another in a bid to get home and air old grievances. GODS AMONG US is a modern and exciting take on ancient mythology set in the present day. Based on Elanor Miller's multi-award winning script we hope to bring new life to legendary characters.

Pizza Time

A pizza delivery driver goes to the right place at the wrong time when he stumbles into the scene of a hitman's contract killing.

Kickstarter | Koudelka Shooting Holy Land
Koudelka Shooting Holy Land

Josef Koudelka is arguably one of photography’s greatest living masters. Yet very little was known about Koudelka and his creative process. The legendary Magnum Photos member has for decades kept out of the public eye and has led a secluded lifestyle, dedicating himself to photography in the most absolute way possible.

Kickstarter | A Whale of A Tale
A Whale of A Tale: A Documentary Film

In 2010, Taiji, a sleepy fishing town in Japan, suddenly found itself in the worldwide media spotlight.

The Cove, a documentary denouncing the town's longstanding whale and dolphin hunting traditions,

won an Academy Award. Almost overnight, Taiji became the go-to destination and battleground for activists from around the world.

Kickstarter | The Bride in the Box
The Bride in the Box - It’s about a family, and the mystery of what the hell is in that box

The Bride in the Box is a feature-length horror script written by Doug Bost about a vacationing family whose daughter falls victim to a local ghost story.


The Maine coast makes a haunting backdrop, but the focus is on a couple struggling in their marriage and oblivious to what’s happening with their young daughter.

Kickstarter | Tasini
Tasini: The Key to Break the Plastic Bag Habit

“Nothing that we use for 5 minutes should pollute our oceans for 500 years”


We designed Tasini as marine animals to promote awareness of the ecosystems we want to protect. Attached to a keychain and with a foldable bag inside, it will be easy and fun to break the plastic bag habit.


With your funding we will launch a big environmental awareness campaign. You enable us to produce Tasini from recycled plastic waste and ensure a great impact by making Tasini affordable to as many as possible.

Kickstarter | Cyan Eyed
Cyan Eyed - An Animated Steampunk Adventure

After years of searching, Grunt the automaton has finally caught up with pirate captain, Corliss Vail’s skyship. His objective is over - from the bounty hunter’s imprisonment and return her to his creator Tane, Nessa’s father.

This beautiful concept comes from the creator of "The Rose of Turaida," a film which showed at the 2014 
British Animation Film Festival. We're thrilled to be able to support Ryan's Kickstarter project and we think you should too!

Kickstarter | Save Film Threat
Save Film Threat - Film Journalism

Help bring back an iconic web-presence supporting independent films all around the world!

"This is a new golden age of indie film with social media, crowd-funding and affordable lo-fi filmmaking on the rise. More than ever, indie films need a place where they can be thrust into the spotlight and find a fan base. My commitment to you is that Film Threat will provide a unique voice and once again support a new generation of up and coming filmmakers."


- Chris Gore

IndieGoGo | Social Security
Social Security - A Film Starring Danny Trejo

It’s Thanksgiving 2016 and Danny has promised Mario, his best friend and recent retirement home resident, that he’ll join him for an early holiday dinner before he heads to his family’s home.  His plans are immediately derailed when a group of deadly and dangerous thieves (led by brothers Alex and Nicholas) take the senior residence under siege in an attempt to steal a priceless jewelry collection.  Using everything he’s learned from his long list of action films, Danny is able to take on this motley crew of thieves and save the residents of this senior living facility.

Kickstarter | Orient City
Orient City: Ronin & The Princess 

Orient City: Ronin & The Princess is a samurai spaghetti western that features gorgeous hand-drawn animation mixed with white-knuckle action.


This film mixes the characteristics of the American Wild West with the architecture of Feudal Asia. Traditional western haunts such as bars, brothels and barbershops feature characteristics such as Chinese rooftops, dragon gargoyles, Chinese lampions and bamboo construction stands.


IndieGoGo | Moikit Seed
Moikit Seed

It may be easy to drink water, but according to the latest research, 95.3% of people do not have good water consumption habits—65.9% drink water only when thirsty, while only 4.7% regularly drink healthy amounts of water.


Although water deficiency causes poor health and various diseases, we still always forget to drink enough. Water is essential to leading a healthy life, so we invented Seed, a smart bottle that helps you subconsciously form healthier habits.


Kickstarter | When The Dust Settles
When The Dust Settles

Jacob and Max, British soldiers in Afghanistan, find themselves trapped together after a succession of roadside bomb explosions near a checkpoint. Forced together in their dying moments, they are compelled to confront their troubled past.


As Jacob slips in and out of consciousness, fragmented moments from their childhood friendship piece together, showing their brotherhood but also the disintegration of their relationship as they meet Isla, the woman who ultimately tears them apart.


Kickstarter | Shoddy the Zombie
Shoddy The Zombie

Andrew Shoddy (deceased) just wants to find his place in the world of the living. Watch him struggle to make friends, find love, and reconnect with his nearest and dearest - all of whom abandoned him when he returned from the dead as a hideous, decomposing monster.


The series is co-produced by multi award winning UK comedy act Casual Violence - who have starred on BBC Radio 4 and racked up a strong reputation on the live comedy scene, including sell-out, critically acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and beyond.


Kickstarter | Rooftop Films 2015 Summer Series
Rooftop Films: Time Machines, Tangerines & Electric Queens

Would you rather spend the summer cooped up indoors at some black box theater, or experience the latest indie films as the city unfurls beneath you? Stream low-res movies alone in your room, or watch film glowing on a giant screen with hundreds of new friends?


Well, Rooftop Films is offering you just that with its 19th annual Summer Series. We believe that your experience of a film should not be limited to merely watching a movie, so we curate unique events that combine great music, quality independent cinema, and some of the most beautiful locations that New York has to offer.


Kickstarter | Documentary 303
Documentary 303

The film tells the story of the most successful squadron of the Battle of Britain - the Polish 303 Kosciuszko Squadron - through the eyes of two veteran pilots of the Squadron: Franciszek Kornicki and Stanislaw Socha, as well as through the children of three spectacular aces of 303 Squadron: John Kent, the Canadian Flight commander, Witold Urbanowicz, the legendary Polish commander of 303, and Miroslaw Feric.


It is a story of personal courage against great odds when the fate of WW2 was at stake.It shows heroic men and their perseverance in living up to the Kosciuszko motto of fighting "for our freedom and yours". I believe that this story of men of the greatest generation conveys a universal message which viewers can identify with.


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