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    BIFF | 2019    

Cineworld, Leicester Square | Saturday, May 11th


It's The British Independent Film Festival's tenth year and we have an amazing line up!

The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking. The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. 

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Lion Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Saturday, May 11th | 10.20am


Good Luck

(Franz Böhm, 11m)


Tom suddenly wins an exorbitant sum in the lottery. Tom reacts with joy, but also with worry: he is afraid to lose the money, as most winners do, to irresponsible spending. He does everything he can to secure his wealth and even multiply it. He takes extreme measures, and after many setbacks, he achieves lasting financial success. 



(Ash Morris, 17m)


Sayeed, fresh off the boat from Syria is thrown into the slow, quiet life of a British Seaside Town. Some locals welcome him with open arms, others - not so much. When ignorance and intolerance is encouraged rather than tackled, it can never end well.


Two People, One Ring

(Evan Richards, 8m)


A hotel room. Two engaged lovers live within their own rules of attraction.


What is Your Name

(Nathan Birdi, 11m)


When a man discovers his father's nightclub is a front for human trafficking, he must choose between family and his conscience.


Bottle Boy

(Tony Burke, 2m)


A lonely kid seeks friends by writing a message and putting it in a bottle, only to learn a valuable lesson in conservation from a council litter picker.


Little Hands

(Rémi Allier, 15m)


Leo, 2, is the son of the director of an industrial plant. When employees find out that management is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, abducts Leo to negotiate …


An Affable Devil

(Alexander Newman &

Richard Newman, 11m)


Inspired by The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter, An Affable Devil is a short film about a first meeting and the horror that hides behind the ordinary.



(Director, 11m)


A young boy has his carefree childhood routines warped with cynicism and fear when he inadvertently witnesses something on his 7th birthday.

Screening 2

Saturday, May 11th | 12.15pm



(James Mansell, 6m)


Truly immersive yourself like never before.


Pictures of Lily


Director & Writer: Mark Banks

Producer: Ele Berrie

Cast: Elena Saorin & Daniel Lane

A jaded businessman and a free-spirited woman forge an unexpected bond in a bohemian seaside town.


Screening 3

Saturday, May 11th | 2.30pm



(Stephan Pierre Mitchell, 20m)


A short documentary following the last 5 hours of a deprived 59-years-old man, Ahmed before becoming homeless due to the late payments and bureaucracy by the Department for Work and Pensions.



(Drew Pautz, 15m)


A conscientious English teacher receives a short story depicting her violent death.


Beyond These Shores

(Yury Sharov, 13m)


A young teen is haunted by a life changing incident. Burdened by his memories, he must face a choice that will define him forever. A coming of age story about fear, responsibility and growing up.


A Stitch in Time

(Graham Atkins-Huhghes, 13m)


Tony, arrives in A&E, cut and stressed out. His friend Jay stabbed, garbled text messages from his crew as company, Tony concludes that Jay’s aggressor has arrived in the cubical next-door. Confused and agitated Tony is trying to decide how, or even if, he should exact revenge.



(Ella Bishop, 12m)


Isabel returns home to celebrate her mother's birthday, but the family reunion is interrupted by an impromptu road-trip to Hastings.


Jawjaw - Survive This

(Ian Roderick Gray, 6m)


John, a man in his 50s, is ravaged by a gruesome mutation affecting much of his upper body. After waking to find it has grown drastically and painfully overnight, and believing it to be terminal, he decides to end his life and die on his own terms.


Dirty Little Rascals

(Ben Bovington-Key, 11m)


Dirty Little Rascals is a coming-of-age story that explores boyhood and a budding friendship between two outcast teenagers, set in suburban 1980s England.


Somebody's Daughter

(Shalini Adnani, 10m)


Issa, a recently arrived immigrant, follows her father to a job interview.

Screening 4

Saturday, May 11th | 4.45pm


Saltwater Sun - The Wire

(Laurie Barraclough, 4m)


A music video for Saltwater Sun's first single The Wire.




Director & Writer: Steve Johnson

Producers: Steve Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Jeremy Theobald & Barry Gunning

Cast: Jermey Theobald, Nicolette McKeown, Lee Fanning, Alfie Wellcoat, Anna Ryan Kennedy, Jemima Spence & Marcus Macleod

Successful writer, Martin, is struggling after the death of his wife and child in a car crash. But when he meets grieving mother, Lily at a bereavement group, his life changes and he starts to question the circumstances of the accident. Who is the mysterious character in the photographs and why can’t he shake the feeling that he’s being played?


Screening 5

Saturday, May 11th | 7.00pm

The Conqueror

(Timothy Blackwood, 12m)


Maintenance worker by day, pro-boxer by night, Jerome Conquest lives in the city of 'Rocky' and comes from one of Philadelphia's most dangerous neighborhoods, Strawberry Mansion. When Conquest loses his best friend, Calvin, to street violence, he turns to boxing as a way to improve his life, which begins a story of redemption, not only for him but for his struggling community.


Special Delivery

(Giulia Gandini, 9m)


Special Delivery is a character-driven drama about a broke university student who nonchalantly delivers cocaine for a London restaurant in disguise, until he meets an unexpected first time customer: a street smart 13-year-old kid. 


House Red


Director: Coz Greenop

Writers: Lee Apsey & Coz Greenop

Producers: Coz Greenop, Tamer Hassan, Camilla Storey & Javier Del Olmo

Cast: Tamer Hassan, Natasha Henstridge, Clara Paget, Jasmine Waltz, Nicola Posener & Sean Cronin

When a couple travel to a remote vineyard in the south of Italy to spend the summer grape picking they soon discover that there is more to the terroir than meets the eye.


    The Awards    

The Nominees

Best Feature Film

Pictures of Lily


House Red

Best Short Film

Good Luck


Two People, One Ring

What is Your Name

*Bottle Boy*

Little Hands

An Affable Devil





Beyond These Shores

A Stitch in Time


The Conqueror

Special Delivery

Dirty Little Rascals

Somebody's Daughter

Best Student Film

Dirty Little Rascals

*Somebody's Daughter*

Best Music Video

Saltwater Sun - The Wire

*Jawjaw - Survive This*

Best Cinematography

Steve Johnson - Convergence

*Friedemann Leis - Good Luck*

Adrian Wolfson - A Stitch in Time

Best Director

Mark Banks - Pictures of Lily

*Coz Greenop - House Red*

Nicole Pott - Kaliedoscope

Best Actor

Jeremy Theobald - Convergence

*Daniel Lane - Pictures of Lily*

Alex Macqueen - An Affable Devil

Best Actress

Clara Paget - House Red

Elena Saorin - Pictures of Lily

*Rosaline Craig - Miss*

Best Supporting Actor

Alfie Wellcoat - Convergence

*Paul Barber - A Stitch in Time*

Adam James - Miss

Best Supporting Actress

Nicolette McKeown - Convergence

Cordelia Levinson - An Affable Devil

*Sacha Parkinson - Farside*

British Lion Award

(best achievement on a low budget)

An Affable Devil

*Beyond These Shores*

Special Delivery

Best Unproduced Screenplay

*Skull Hunter (Written by Steven Murphy)*

A detective is close to solving the one case that has driven him throughout his life, that of the serial killer known as The Skull Hunter. His obsession drives his every thought and action, risking relationships with his family, friends and

all that he holds dear to himself, blurring the lines between obsession, his very existence and exposing repressed nightmares that force him to question his sanity as he spirals into a vortex of self destruction to achieve what he believes is

his goal.

*Winners are denoted by asterisks*

    The After-Party    

The Century Club

61-63 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London W1D 6LQ

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events are legendary and this one will be no less! Join us and rub shoulders with the stars, have a drink on us, dance and party until the early hours of the morning!




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