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    BIFF | 2016    

Empire Cinema, Leicester Square | Friday & Saturday, May 6th & 7th

BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema

The British Independent Film Festival is in its seventh year and what an incredible line up it has! Organised by the Film Festival Guild it therefore has links to festivals around the world and is fast becoming the number one UK festival on the indie scene!

The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking.The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. 

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Lion Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

Every year the festival screens simultaneously at a variety of venues across the UK, increasing exposure for your film and giving new audiences the chance to enjoy your movie on the big screen.

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Friday, May 6th | 7:00pm

BIFF Feature | The Chameleon

The Chameleon


Director: Jim Greayer

Writer: Matthew Thomas

Producer: Steve Murphy

Cast: Joseph Millson, Sarah-Jane Potts, Amy Manson, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Richard Brake & Duncan Pow

November 1981. A 21 year old single mum is kidnapped from the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas. As her ordeal unfolds, Pamela slowly learns that the man is wanted across America for a series of brutal murders. Pamela is dragged into an ever-increasing cycle of violence, and with the police finally closing in on their prey, the serial killer desperately looks for a way out so he can continue his murderous spree. Based on a true story.

BIFF Feature | The Chameleon

Screening 2

Friday, May 6th | 9:00pm

BIFF Feature | Angel of Decay

Angel of Decay


Director: Jamie Crawford

Writer: Jamie Crawford

Producer: Steve Murphy

Cast: Ryan Gage, Elliot Cowan, Demetri Goritsas & Abigail Hardingham

When two young students disappear, rookie detectives Bob and Roger are tasked with the investigation. But what starts as a missing persons case fast becomes a hunt for one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Initially unaware of the scale of crimes they are looking into, the young detectives at the center of the case are thrown into the spotlight, willing to try anything to catch the killer before he strikes again. Based on a true story.

BIFF Feature | Angel of Decay

Screening 3

Saturday, May 7th | 12:00pm

BIFF Feature | Twenty Twenty-Four

Twenty Twenty-Four


Director: Richard Mundy

Writer: Richard Mundy

Producer: Richard Mundy

Cast: Andrew Kinsler, Hannah Dean & Peter McCrohon

A lone scientist named Roy maintains Plethura, an underground bunker for the coming global nuclear disaster. Although conflicted with the fate of humanity, Roy keeps the bunker ever-prepared for those who will eventually come to populate it. But things take a dramatic turn when Roy becomes prematurely isolated. 

BIFF Feature | Twenty Twenty-Four

Screening 4

Saturday, May 7th | 2:00pm

BIFF Short | Is It Dead Yet

Is It Dead Yet

(Kelly Wenham & Matt Bailey, 7m)


Meet Pat and Norm. It's a love hate relationship. He loves her... she hates him.

BIFF Short | Last Base

Last Base

(Aslak Danbolt, 15m)


Joachim is retiring from

base-jumping to become a father for the first time, but first he goes on one last adventure with his

best-friend Oyvind.

BIFF Short | People of Nowhere

People of Nowhere

(Lior Sperandeo, 2m)


My hope is that this video will shake some of the bad ideas we sometimes feed

ourselves with.

BIFF Short | David Mills

David Mills

(Jeric Pimentel, 3m)


David Mills is a story about a man that must face his fear or continue to run from it.

BIFF Short | Hole


(Mike Callaghan, 19m)

When a retired police detective learns that the man who killed his wife is to be released from prison, he hatches a plan to try and find her missing body and take vengance on her killer.

BIFF Short | One of These Days

One of These Days

(Franklyn Banks, 5m)


A boy arrives in a town alone and travels through empty countryside to a house

in the woods.

BIFF Short | The Big, The Bad and The Bunny

The Big, The Bad and The Bunny

(Minji Sohn, 3m)


The dispute between Gangster Rhino and Penguin Squad comes to a climax when Rhino kills

The Penguin Boss.

BIFF Short | Twine


(Richard Heap, 20m)

A hostile, serrated blade of a movie that follows the unravelling of a dark and twisted father/son relationship.

BIFF Short | What Do You Desire
BIFF Short | Silver Girl
BIFF Short | Not Sophie's Choice

Silver Girl

(Min Reid, 6m)


Silver Girl is a beautiful music video shot in the stunning Highlands of Scotland taking the audience on a journey of finding the silver linings in life when they have been touched by cancer.

What Do You Desire

(Bruno Downey, 4m)


What Do You Desire is a short film inspired by Alan Watts' famous speech If Money Were No Object.

Not Sophie's Choice

(Matt Holt, 7m)

When a husband and wife attempt to break some sad and life-changing news to their ten year old daughter Sophie, their disclosures are far from what anyone could expect.

Screening 5

Saturday, May 7th | 5:00pm

BIFF Feature | The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter


Director: Tom Keeling

Writers: Lindsay Shapero & Olivier Nillson-Julien

Producer: Steve Murphy

Cast: Tom Durant-Pritchard, Debora Weston, Freddie Thorp, Jack Hawkins, Alexander Vlahos, Jessica Henwick, Eva Magyar &

Rory Keenan

When hitchhiking girls start to go missing in Santa Cruz, 1972, the city fears for the worst. Another predator is roaming the streets. Soon this peaceful city’s heart will be ripped out as the corpses start to stack up in one of the most gruesome murder sprees in recorded American history. Based on a true story.

BIFF Feature | The Head Hunter

Screening 6

Saturday, May 7th | 7:30pm

BIFF Feature | Miss in Her Teens

Miss In Her Teens


Director: Matthew Butler

Writers: Matthew Butler, Tori Hart & David Garrick

Producer: Tori Hart

Cast: Ian McKellen, Simon Callow, Tori Hart & Graham Butler

Based on David Garrick's play written in 1747, Miss in Her Teens farcically follows Biddy Bellair and her suitors as she waits for her true love to return home from the wars in France. To entertain herself in his absence, she allows outrageous fop Fribble and blustering faker Flash to pay her court.

BIFF Feature | Miss in Her Teens

    The Awards    

Audience Awards - As voted for by you!

Best Feature Film

The Chameleon (Dir. by Jim Greayer)

Best Short Film

Twine (Dir. by Richard Heap)

Best Cinematography

The Chameleon (Dir. by Jim Greayer)

Best Music

Miss In Her Teens (Dir. by Matthew Butler)

Best Actor

Ryan Gage (Angel of Decay)

Best Actress

Sarah-Jane Potts (The Chameleon)

Best Supporting Actor

Dylan Smith (Twine)

Best Supporting Actress

Katie O'Brien (Is It Dead Yet)

Best Director

Richard Heap (Twine)

Best Student Film

Last Base (Dir. by Aslak Danbolt)

Best Music Video

People of Nowhere (Dir. by Lior Sperandeo)

British Lion Award

(best achievement on a low budget)

Hole (Dir. by Mike Callaghan)

Best Unproduced Screenplay

Queensgate (Written by Nevada McPherson)

Clayton, a young man living in London, falls for an American girl, with a mysterious past and a clingy cousin who distrusts Clayton completely.

    The After-Party    

Ruby Blue | Leicester Square, London

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events have always been amazing and this one is sure to be just as great! Join us at the Ruby Blue just next door to the Empire for an evening of delicious drinks and classy company.

BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue
BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue



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