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British Independent Film Festival Logo

    BIFF | 2015    

Empire Cinema, Leicester Square | Friday & Saturday, April 24th & 25th

BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BIFF Venue | Empire Cinema

The British Independent Film Festival is in its sixth year and what an incredible line up it has! Organised by the Film Festival Guild it therefore has links to festivals around the world and is fast becoming the number one UK festival on the indie scene!

The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking.

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Lion Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

Every year the festival screens simultaneously at a variety of venues across the UK, increasing exposure for your film and giving new audiences the chance to enjoy your movie on the big screen.

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Friday, April 24th | 8:00pm

BIFF Feature | Solitary



Director: Sasha Krane

Writer: Katharine Lee McEwan

Producer: Katharine Lee McEwan

Cast: Susan Ateh, Miranda Bell & Maya Bewick

A troubled woman struggles to confront her past and reconnect with her estranged family.

BIFF Feature | Solitary
BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue

Join us at Ruby Blue, a classy venue just next to The Empire Cinema. A VIP After Party Ticket gives you access to the Ruby Blue Nightclub (open until 3am), the exclusive VIP area inside, and a chance to mingle with the stars, film-makers and award winners.

    The After-Party    

Ruby Blue | Leicester Square, London

BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue

Screening 2

Saturday, April 25th | 2:00pm



(Zak Razvi, 5m)


Jordanne is a short portrait film about a 22 year old British female disabled tennis player who was born with brittle bone disease. 



(Jonathan Flint, 5m)


An elaborate plot to break up with his girlfriend has dire consequences for Mark.

BIFF Short | A Plea For Grimsby

A Plea For Grimsby

(Preston Thompson, 16m)

This is a story about Sam, a young boy who has never seen his favourite football club, Grimsby Town, play live. He puts out a YouTube video, a plea for someone to take him to a game, which is answered by a young man called Jone.

BIFF Short | Claire


(Jessica Benzing &

Maximilian Geriach, 3m)


The music video for Claire's The Next Ones To Come explores the self-drawn borderline between brutality and absurdity. 
Rather a mirror to reflect our own traditions than a verdict over traditions that seem outlandish to us.

BIFF Short | Things I Have Learned About Sex and Dogs

Things I Have Learned About Sex and Dogs

(Janet Duncan, 7m)


A young woman dispenses relationship advice that she's learned from her past boyfriends and her loyal dog.

BIFF Short | Two Missing

Two Missing

(Claire Fowler, 16m)


When their car breaks down in isolated woodland close to the scene of a recent murder, two teenage girls are forced to accept the help of stranger.



(Mariana Conde, 3m)


A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

BIFF Short | Violet


(Tom Long, 11m)

When Violet is taken, the Knight sets out on a perilous journey to track down a legendary crystal with extraordinary powers...



(Bensalem Mitchell, 5m)


A thriller with a sci-fi edge. What if you seemingly had the ability to take back what you've done? Could everything be repaired, or are you digging your own grave?

BIFF Short | Me & You

Me & You

(Jack Tew, 7m)


A short love story.
"Life is musical thing and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played."

Screening 3

Saturday, April 25th | 4:00pm

BIFF Feature | Unhallowed Ground

Unhallowed Ground


Director: Russell England

Writer: Paul Raschid

Producer: Neville Raschid

Cast: Ameet Chana, Poppy Drayton & Marcus Griffiths

A group of students from single-sex private schools, spend a night patrolling the eerie grounds of the historic Dhoultham School as part of an initiative with the British Army to provide rich kids with basic military training.

BIFF Feature | Unhallowed Ground

Screening 4

Saturday, April 25th | 6:00pm

BIFF Feature | Night Bus

Night Bus


Director: Simon Baker

Writer: Simon Baker

Producers: Simon Baker & Tamsin Herbert

Cast: Waleed Akhtar, Sophie Anderson & Debra Baker

The passengers on the Night Bus have many different stories -- some are lovers, some have dark secrets, some are looking for a fight, others are just trying to get through the night.

BIFF Feature | Night Bus

Screening 5

Saturday, April 25th | 8:00pm

BIFF Feature | Run Away With Me

Run Away With Me


Director: Eren Özkural

Writer: Eren Özkural

Producers: Mark Evans & Ozan Özkural

Cast: Kye Loren, Rosie MacPherson & Bill Hutchens

A former soldier is released from prison on the eve of the world's destruction. Tasked with a mission that would seemingly save mankind, his traumatic past comes back to haunt him as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

BIFF Feature | Run Away With Me

    The Awards    

Category Judging

Best Feature

Night Bus (Dir. by Simon Baker)

Best Short

Me & You (Dir. by Jack Tew)

Best Cinematography

A Plea For Grimsby (Dir. by Preston Thompson)

Best Music

Me & You (Dir. by Jack Tew)

Best Actor


Best Actress

Rosie MacPherson (Run Away With Me)

Best Supporting Actor

Marcus Griffiths (Unhallowed Ground)

Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Petladwala (Unhallowed Ground)

Best Director

Simon Baker (Night Bus)

British Lion Award

(Best achievement on a low budget)

Run Away With Me (Dir. by Eren Özkural)

Best New Screenplay

Dance of the Blessed Spirits

(Written by Matt Pacini)

Best New Screenplay (Honerable Mention)

The Devil and Maddision Rose

(Written by Geof Ryan)

BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events have always been amazing and this one is sure to be just as great! Join us at the Ruby Blue just next door to the Empire for an evening of delicious drinks and classy company.

    The After-Party    

Ruby Blue | Leicester Square, London

BIFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue



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