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    BIFF | 2010    

Pier Theatre, Bournemouth | Friday & Saturday, May 3rd & 4th

BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre
BIFF Venue | Pier Theatre

The British Independent Film Festival is here!

The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking.

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Lion Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

We hope you enjoy the festival, as much as we enjoy screening your movies! 

    The Official Selection    

Short Films
BIFF Short | Mr Bojagi
BIFF Short | Tenner

Mr. Bojagi

(Marco Van Belle, 10m)


We all know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gift for someone. But a mysterious man with a mind-reading machine might just have the solution.


(David O'Neill, 12m)


 A​ powerful coming-of-age drama unfolding through an act of revenge. Homer, a seemingly dysfunctional teenager who lives with his eccentric bong-smoking grandfather, Jolly, is holding a vendetta against local shop-owner.

BIFF Short | Brennan's Sacrament

Brennan's Sacrament

(Erik Kentta, 20m)

The near future. Ray Brennan is an imprisoned political activist who plunges himself into a desperate fight to overthrow a religiously perverted prison manager and to gain freedom.

BIFF Short | When The Rain Comes

When The Rain Comes

(Jade Bell, 14m)

Anna suspects her once-unfaithful husband is having an affair and takes their 11 year old daughter Sam out one night to discover the truth.

BIFF Short | Edward's Turmoil

Edward's Turmoil

(Kim Albright, 10m)


A reluctant grandfather had the chore of taking his grandson, Edward out to lunch. Grandpa is a foul-mouthed old curmudgeon and Edward is a bible loving neurotic mess. 

BIFF Short | Norville
BIFF Short | A Very British Cult

A Very British Cult

(Adam Oldroyd, 20m)


A Very British Cult tells the story of David, a cult leader with a problem. He knows Jesus is returning but he forgot to confirm the date. 


(Andy Marsh, 13m)


A mystical and creepy tale about loneliness and isolation.

BIFF Short | Spoiler


(Ed Whitmore, 14m)

Somethin is about to spoil...

BIFF Short | Wish 143

Wish 143

(Ian Barnes, 24m)

This short film tells the story of a young man desperate to come of age before time

runs out.

BIFF Short | Ketchup


(Wenchung Lu, 12m)


Making ketchup isn't as easy as it seems...

BIFF Short | Father's Day

Father's Day

(Brian Rolling, 21m)


Dee is forced to make a life altering decision in order to raise his son, and pursue his dream of becoming a professional chef.

BIFF Short | Would You Like Me to Remind You

Would You Like Me to Remind You

(Shannon Jennisson, 3m)

A music video.

Feature FIlms
BIFF Feature | Ambleton Delight

Ambleton Delight


Director: Daniel Parkes

Writers: Daniel Parkes, Itsu Yamasaki & Ben Rohde

Producers: Daniel Parkes & Sinead Ferguson

Cast: Brian Capron, Marcus Taylor & Jos Lawton

During the apple harvest season, a small Sussex village by the name of Ambleton is rocked by a government proposal for a nearby motorway, a concept rejected by the popular town mayor, but embraced by a talented restaurateur and chef John Miller, who is battling his own past as well as the historical village's concept of change.

BIFF Feature | Ambleton Delight
BIFF Feature | Ana Begins

Ana Begins


Director: Ben O'Connor

Writer: Ben O'Connor

Producers: Ben O'Connor & Edward Tull

Cast: Cosima Shaw, Steve Huison & Louise Hunt

Ana must forget her past and begin again after her husband's death. At first Frazer is there to help, but as time passes he begins to falls in love with her. Confusions of suppressed desire and restraint abound, Ana begins is a film about emotions not words. This is a love story, yet one that refuses to be defined as such.

BIFF Feature | Ana Begins
BIFF Feature | One Day in Cochin

One Day In Cochin


Director: Tom Peirce

Writers: Tom Peirce & Anna Matthews

Producer: Tom Peirce

Cast: Grahame Fox, Bill Fletcher & Abdul Azeez

Fort Cochin on the Malabar coast. Nine lives. It's just another day when their paths cross. Or is it?

BIFF Feature | One Day in Cochin
BIFF Feature | Remnants of War

Remnants of a War


Director: Jawad Metni

Writer: Jawad Metni

Producer: Jawad Metni

A powerful documentary dealing with war and conflict. 

BIFF Feature | Remnants of War

    The Awards    

Category Judging

Best Feature

Ambleton Delight (Dir. by Daniel Parkes)

Best Short

Wish 143 (Dir. by Ian Barnes)

Best Student Film

Brennan's Sacrament (Dir. by Erik Kentta)

Best Up & Coming Director

David O'Neill (Tenner)

Best Up & Coming Producer

Toby Richards (Father's Day)

Best Comedy

A Very British Cult (Dir. by Adam Oldroyd)

Best Animation

Ketchup (Dir. by Wenchung Lu)

Best Music Video

Would You Like Me to Remind You

(Dir. by Shannon Jennisson)

Best Sound Design

Spoiler (Dir. by Ed Whitmore)

Best Actor

Brian Blessed (Mr. Bojagi)

Best Actress

Cosima Shaw (Ana Begins)

Best Young Actor

Raphael Coleman (Edward's Turmoil)

Best Young Actress

 Holly Gibbs (When The Rain Comes)

Best Cinematography

One Day in Cochin (Dir. by Tom Pierce)

Best Documentary

Remnants of War (Dir. by Jawad Metni)

British Lion Award

(Best achievement on a low budget)

Mr. Bojagi (Dir. by Marco Van Belle)

Best New Unproduced Screenplay

Him Upstairs (Written by Sonya Quayle

& Neil Mooney​)

Special Recognition Award

Noirville (Dir. by Andy Marsh​)



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