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    THE GOLD LIST | BIFF 2022    
Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement


(Brian Whiteman)


A young woman steals cash from a mobster to escape his brutality. Several years later, now a reclusive bar owner, she must face the sins of her past in order to save her daughter.


(Brenden Hubbard &

 Damon Russell)


Struggling recent college graduate, Selena agrees to become a surrogate for a mysterious wealthy couple, but when a freak accident takes their lives, she is sent on a terrifying investigation into who the child growing inside of her might actually be.


(Marco Ruggio)


A brilliant quantum physicist terrified of morality discovers he will need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the soul of the Earth and humanity.


(Brad Brookes)

At the end of the world, a devoted couple live in an imaginary bubble inside their camper van, but only one of them knows it. With her entering the early onset of dementia, he struggles to keep them alive without revealing the horrific reality outside.

Her Majesty

(Keith Saltojanes)


When the biggest crime family in London goes too far, Queen Elizabeth herself takes matters into her own hands


(Kyle Gray)


Jimmy McGovern's Cracker meets This is England. When a struggling alcoholic is fired from his job and finds his wife in bed with another man, he is forced to move on to the next chapter in his life. But in order to move forward, he must go back and confront his past.

Mind the Gap

(Mara Avoth)

Giuliana and Bastian - a new couple - drive away from a friend’s party. While they are trapped together in the car, Bastian starts an argument.

Open Road

(Rocco Cataldo & Amy Guth)


The story of a woman in a dull marriage in search of freedom and adventure who goes on the lam... after she accidentally kills her husband.

Paige Darcy and the Case of the Stoned Cat

(Alice Moran)


7-year-old Paige Darcy is the quintessential girl detective. As a precocious child, she and her two best friends Beth and Charles more or less have the market cornered on solving small-town mysteries. Their nearest rivals — the Hannigan-Daly Brothers, Miles and Jack — don’t even come close to Paige’s success in busting up mysteries. Everything about Paige’s life is together, until her best friend Beth dies tragically.

We cut to ten years later. Our put-together wunderkind detective has grown up into a tired, sloppy, underachieving mess who drinks excessively to help numb her senses and the guilt of the death of Beth. Paige has wildly failed to meet her potential, and instead spends her days working at coffee shop, owned by her friend Riley. Charles, on the other hand, has grown up more ambitious, and still has the urge to get back to solving mysteries with Paige. One morning while trying to jolt Paige back into the detective world, Paige stumbles across dead cat that has died under strange circumstances. Upon further investigation, Paige and Charles realize their dead cat may be tied to a bigger mystery involving a murder and a drug ring.

Pushing Daisy

(Paul Quinn)


Get ready for the octogenarian, Irish Thelma and Louise as Nóinín and Bobby, two residents of Nightingale Park Nursing Home, go on the run during a global pandemic in a bid to attend the funeral of Nóinín's daughter, Joan.

Safe Home

(Michele M Jelley)


A volatile young woman, raised by radical right-wing parents, has just served time in prison for a hate crime she swears she did not commit and is determined to prove her innocence, with the help of an eccentric older couple.

The Mariner

(Erin Underwood)


Adapted from the poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Mariner is an epic horror story about a 16th century sailor who introduces his nephew to life at sea and the horrific events that befall The Geraldine and her crew. After setting sail on what was to be a simple spice trading expedition, the crew soon learns that The Geraldine has been given a letter of marque to hunt down Spanish galleons laden with gold from the New World. When a storm sends the ship off course, The Geraldine is stranded it in a frozen hellscape where the appearance of a mysterious bird inspires a wave of superstitious handwringing among the crew until the Mariner kills the bird to prove that polar demons don’t exist. While the bird’s death seems to be a blessing at first, the Mariner’s act triggers a series of catastrophes that bring him face-to-face with the very spirits he denied, and they all may pay a deadly price for his killing the bird. Struggling against the repercussions of his actions, the Mariner searches for a way to fulfill his promise to return his nephew home even as he realizes the full horror of his penance – and that it has only just begun.


(Joe Graham)


A risky childhood game, involving four boys, has tragic consequences for one of the boys, but reverberations for the next twenty years, for them and all of those connected, never let anyone off the hook. In the end The Swing claimed everyone.