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    THE GOLD LIST | BIFF 2021    
Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

A Lasting First Impression

(Kayla Romanowski)


A fresh widow seeking closure tracks down her husband's mistress in the most peculiar way.

Allured II

(C.J. Stussi & Armand Kachigian)


Hermes informs Zeus about the escape of Aphrodite and Scientio from Hades. For defying Zeus’s rules Zeus forces them to reactivate the wager about which is the more powerful: science or love.

In the meantime, Philip and Lou work successfully their truck bakery across the country with the help of Zinya who continues to live in the metadata and accompanied by the real eagle Siro. When the gods intermingle with the mortal’s lives to win the bet, Zeus falls in love with Louise and Zinya which spurns Hera’s jealousy.

Brook Farm

(Alexander Wake)


On the cusp of American Civil War, a group of Boston intellects cast out to the countryside to establish a progressive society, but their ill-prepared nature sends them into historic disarray.


(Paolo Taddei)

Giovanni is an ex jockey who earns his living with a dirty illegal job. He kills horses to get their passports. One day among some of the condemned animals he finds his beloved Cheremere, the horse that was his champion.


(Kamila Stopyra)


Fiction and reality blur when a demanding role forces a child actress to revisit her past.

Face Painters

(Giovanni Sanseviero)


The present is 1963 Brooklyn. Luca is losing his battle with dementia, and Buono, a masterful casket maker and full-blown illiterate, must juggle both the family’s ailing funeral home and his dear father. When bills start piling up and the hearse is repossessed, Buono succumbs and reluctantly brings in his estranged brother, Michael—with all the smarts of a Wall Street whiz kid, but plagued by booze and racist dogma. The two immediately clash over how best to run the business—by Buono’s traditional ways, or with Michael’s modern-day vanity of profits above all. Meanwhile, an infamous event triggers one last memory in Luca, setting him off on a journey of love and redemption.

The past is 1928 Tuscany. Buono reminisces about his childhood and his family’s last days before immigrating to America. Luca finds a chance to finally gain his father’s respect by rebuilding a chapel for the impoverished peasants, but when a scheming bishop demands even more, a local strong-arm is rebuffed. Luca disregards his family’s dire warnings, seduced by the praise of the villagers and ignoring the ominous powers heading their way. This culminates in one of the most traumatic experiences Buono can remember as a child, a life-changing event that makes him and his family an even greater target for revenge and catapults him to manhood well beyond his grasp.


(Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett)


After being sexually assaulted, Imogen has to recreate a
night that she has no recollection of proving to herself that what happened was real.

Along the way, Imogen has to fight against people who doubt the evidence and tries to convince her that the assault never happened, making her question over and over her integrity and jeopardizing her chances of seeking justice. Imogen hits a wall when she realizes how corrupt the justice system can be, and how power, money and greed prevent her to get the justice she truly deserves.

Hell Followed With Him

(Dallas Gibson)


JT Sanger is a humble man from Oklahoma that wants nothing more than to do some good in this world. While working one day, he witnesses a horrific accident and subsequently rescues a family of four from the car before it bursts into flames and explodes. He wasn’t prepared for the notoriety that followed, so he decided to leave town. He knew the military would offer him the opportunity to go where he thought could continue to help people without making the local papers. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him and it was while he was stationed in Italy that tragedy struck again.

A member of his unit, John “Wolf” Farley, was involved with some dangerous people and it cost him his life. The incident at Ramon’s Little Italy Bistro would trigger a series of events over the next year that leads JT out of the military and on the trail of the men responsible for the death of Wolf, The Bianci Crime Family. These men have a stranglehold on New York City with the drugs and guns they are trafficking in through the harbor. They enlist the help of a local gang to help with distribution and JT sees his opening to end this once and for all. They don’t know it yet but he’s coming for vengeance and Hell is following with him.

Her Seventh Death

(Virginia Austin)


From the award-winning screenplay in North America, Europe, and India comes the story of three college friends navigating love and cultural clashes until one day a hate crime changes all of their lives.

I Don't Know

(Arthur Tiersky)


An initially conventional romantic comedy is disrupted by the presence of the screenwriter himself, who seems to be a better match than his leading man for his leading lady.

Losing Innocence

(Matthew R. Ford)


A young girl finally finds the courage to escape her life of abuse and soon finds herself travelling down a dark and dangerous yellow brick road, accompanied by an estranged father battling his own demons, and pursued by a tormented recovering addict, hell bent on redemption.
Nobody is innocent. Everybody is lost.


(Frank J. Avella)


In Russia, vigilante groups lure gay men via the Internet and Phone Apps and abduct them in order to "out" them, humiliate them, often torture them. And these gangs capture the encounters on video to post on social media. In LURED, one group decides to turn the tables.

Mildly Different

(Anna Czarska)


A young woman on the autism spectrum struggles with the world around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.

Modern Art

(Laurence Fuller)


MODERN ART chronicles a life- long rivalry between two mavericks of the London art world instigated by the rebellious art critic Peter Fuller, as he cuts his path from the swinging sixties through the collapse of modern art in Thatcher-era Britain, escalating to a crescendo that reveals the purpose of beauty and the preciousness of life. This award winning screenplay was adapted from Peter’s writings by his son.

Six Weeks of Summer

(Serena Gardner)


Summer, 2019, London, England.

After the sudden death of her brother, 17-year-old punk rocker Summer’s whole world turns upside down when she finds out she needs to raise a large sum of money to get his ashes back. Giving up her golden ticket to university, and escape from the rough council estate she grew up on, Summer conforms to get a job in a local office.

Set against a backdrop of political unrest, Climate Change, Brexit, Housing Crisis, Depression, Poverty, Food Banks, and Universal Credit. Our story is set in a non-linear timeline, switching between the past and present as Summer examines her pain of losing a loved one. With the support of her friends, she tries to overcome her grief and understand her place in the world.

An alternative coming-of-age tale for the modern world with sprinkles of love, laughter and everything in-between. They don’t got much but they got each other.

The Crystal Wall

(Fernanda Alvarez)


Nicolai Irving, a young, talented but penniless chemist lives happily in London with his beloved fiancée, albeit struggling to make ends meet. When his fiancée falls ill and needs expensive medical care, he makes a difficult decision to accept a well-paid temporary position in his hometown, at the prestigious forensic pathology consultancy of the renowned scientist, Dr Ernest Goldenthal.

Ernest is completely devoted to his work and science, and as an atheist, has ultimate trust in the scientific method, which complicates the relationship between him and his new assistant, as Nicolai considers himself a deeply religious, God-fearing man.

Nicolai soon discovers that Ernest’s private life is far from perfect – his work obsession soured his marriage; his beautiful wife, Danielle spends most of her time in solitude, gazing out the fascinating Crystal Wall, the giant floor-to-ceiling window of the Goldenthal residence, contemplating her loneliness.

The sudden and tragic death of Danielle sets the two men on a intertwined personal journey that challenges everything they believe in. While Nicolai tries to persuade Ernest to accept God’s will, the grieving doctor becomes determined to change fate and the irreversibility of death, even if that requires striking a deal with dark forces.

This turn of events will force Nicolai to choose between the godly life or returning to the mysterious roots of his family, who once were known as “the false gods of Doyle Street”...

The Love Meeting

(Pascal Adam)


The boss of a restaurant suggests to one of her waiters that he should meet her daughter. But this waiter tries to declare his love to one of his customers.

The Mortality Game

(Ed Vela)


Three unlikely friends, all terminal patients at the same mid-west hospital, decide to embark on one final "last hurrah" road trip across the country, all the while playing a dangerous game of death cheating one-upmanship.

The Toy Rabbit

(Russell David Whaley)


A four year old boy with mysterious powers uses them against his strict father in order to protect his toy rabbit.

Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan

(Francesco Capussela)


In the year 3197, a solar-powered humanoid on an interplanetary mission tries to prevent 2051 Earth from an interstellar radio dialogue after his friend's mysterious murder.

Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood

(Frank Hays)


After being exploited by his narcissistic lover, a mentally unstable painter experiences fits of madness before entering an asylum for treatment.


(Alexandru Ranta Gheorghe)


Winter 2047. Dave climbs the mountains to hunt in a restricted area. Following a wolf in the depths of forest he discovers an ancient ruin, a few menhirs which form a gate. Fascinated, Dave walks throught the gate and enters a mysterious land. Here he will face his alter-ego: an old man named Zeda, a hunter from an ancient time. From hunter Dave becomes hunted ...and he will receive a new identity. Dave starts a new life in the wilderness of mountains.