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    BHFF | 2014    

Empire Cinema, Leicester Square | Saturday, October 18th

BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema

The British Horror Film Festival is in its fifth year and what a terrifyingly good line up it has! We have films from all over the world, and obviously some amazing home-grown talent from right here in the UK. For the second year running, we are working with Haunted: After Dark as our Official Sponsor, which is wonderful news! 


The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking.

There are a nine awards up for grabs at this years festival so make sure you get a ticket to our fabulous awards ceremony and be the first to know who is the new creme de la creme of independent horror film.


There will, of coure, be a top quality after-party. We like to go out with a bang after all. This year's after-party will be held at The Ruby Blues, so come along for some creepy cocktails and demonic dance moves...

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Saturday, October 18th | 12:00pm

BHFF Feature | Apocalyptic



Director: Glen Trigs

Writer: Glen Trigs

Producers: Glen Trigs & Chris Gibson

Cast: Jane Elizabeth Barry, David Macrae & Geoff Pinfield

Journalist Jodie Black and her cameraman Kevin Horner head deep into unclaimed forest land in a bid to uncover the truth surrounding a bizarre doomsday cult, the 'Bytherainians'. What they discover is shocking beyond their wildest imaginings. Part BLAIR WITCH part WICKER MAN, APOCALYPTIC is one of the creepiest and unforgettable horror experiences in years.

BHFF Feature | Apocalyptic

Screening 2

Saturday, October 18th | 2:00pm

BHFF Feature | The Scopia Effect

The Scopia Effect


Director: Christopher Butler 

Writer: Christopher Butler

Producer: Steven Flynn

Cast: Joanna Ignaczewska, Louis Labovitch & Akira Koieyama 

Set in London, Scopia follows ordinary white-collar office worker, Basia (played by Polish actress, Joanna Ignaczewska), who after suffering mild depression undergoes hypnotic regression with her therapist Dr Edward Stanton. No sooner do these treatments start (somewhat unorthodox in nature) that Basia’s flashbacks caused during regression appear to be not only of a troubled childhood but also of troubled past lives.

BHFF Feature | The Scopia Effect

Screening 3

Saturday, October 18th | 5:00pm

BHFF Short | Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir

(Kate Tuck, 12m)


 Drama set in London during the early days of a Zombie outbreak.

BHFF Short | The Brain Hack

The Brain Hack

(Joseph White, 18m)


Two film students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, but soon find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect.

BHFF Short | The End

The End

(Raj Pathak, 8m)

A mother and daughter take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse, hiding from the zombies chasing them. Once the daughter drifts off to sleep, we discover the mother has been bitten and the other zombies are closing in. An internal battles ensues within the mother fight the urges of wanting to eat her daughter.

BHFF Short | The Jigsaw

The Jigsaw

(Sibling Films, 8m)


The purchase of a mystery Jigsaw Puzzle from a strange and unsettling vendor leads a man to an evening of frightening consequences.

BHFF Short | The Stomach

The Stomach

(Ben Steiner, 15m)


Frank's had enough. A spirit medium whose unique and grotesque method of channeling the dead is putting his own life at risk, he wants out. But others, living and dead, have plans of their own. Part body-horror, part ghost-story, The Stomach is a unique tale of Supernatural Noir.

BHFF Short | Tin and Tina

Tin and Tina

(Rubin Stein, 12m)


Tin and Tina are not eating the puree tonight.

Screening 4

Saturday, October 18th | 7:00pm

BHFF Feature | Judas Ghost

Judas Ghost


Director: Simon Pearce

Writer: Simon R. Green

Producer: Wolfram Parge

Cast: Martin Delaney, Lucy Cudden & Simon Merrells

A team of professional ghost finders are trapped in an old village hall. The haunting they set out to investigate turns out to be far worse than they anticipated. Who will survive and what will be left of their souls?

BHFF Feature | Judas Ghost

    The Awards    

Category Judging

Best Feature

Apocalyptic (Dir. by Glen Triggs)

Best Short

The Brain Hack (Dir. by Joe White)

Best Cinematography

Scopia (Dir. by Christopher Butler)

Best Music

The Brain Hack (Dir. by Joe White)

Best Actor

Edward Franklin (The Brain Hack)

Best Actress

Shelley Draper (The End)

Best Director

Simon Pearce (Judas Ghost)

British Horror Award

(Best achievement on a low budget)

Dans Le Noir (Dir. by Kate Tuck)

Best New Screenplay

Regression (Written by Shannon Hile &

Richard Eden)

BHFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events are legendary and this one will be no less! The evening will be hosted by Ruby Blues, in the heart of Leicester Square. Here the audience will be able to rub shoulders with the stars, have a drink on us, dance and party until the early hours of the morning!

    The After-Party    

Ruby Blue | Leicester Square, London

BHFF Afterparty | Ruby Blue



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