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    BHFF | 2012    

Empire Cinema, Leicester Square | Friday & Saturday, October 12th & 13th

BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BHFF Venue | Empire Cinema

The British Horror Film Festival is in its third year and what an incredible line up it has! This year as well, we are lucky enough to fall on National Zombie Day - perfect or what?!

The Festival provides opportunities for independent filmmakers to have their films screened at great red carpet-style venues to a passionate audience of film professionals, film students, journalists and the general public. The Festival aims to promote and support independent filmmaking.

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Horror Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget.

There will, of coure, be a top quality after-party. We like to go out with a bang after all. This year's after-party will be held at The Soho Sanctum Hotel, so come along for some creepy cocktails and dastardly dance moves...

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

BHFF Feature | Demon



Director: Mark Duffield

Writer: Mark Duffield

Producers: Mark Duffield

Cast: Clare Langford, Andrew Mullan & Gabrielle Curtis

With luggage and chinese take-out in hand, Tim drives his family into the woods to check out his inheritance: an abandoned home on three hundred acres of remote land. Tim looks forward to spending time with his family, but things take a turn for the worse when they crack open fortune cookies that fortell their death.

BHFF Feature | Demon

Screening 2

BHFF Feature | Three's A Shroud

Three's A Shroud


Directors: Dan Brownlie, David V.G. Davies & Andy Edwards

Writers: Dan Brownlie, David V.G. Davies, Andy Edwards & Suzi Lorraine

Producers: Dan Brownlie, David V.G. Davies & Andy Edwards

Cast: Suzi Lorraine, Dani Thompson & Louie Russo Brownlie

A modern British horror anthology that takes a fresh new look on such classic themes as ghost stories, creature features and slashers. Each story has been tackled by a different director to keep the themes and direction unique. Three's A Shroud is a melting pot of talent and ideas that delivers scares, gore and creatures, making it a must see for modern horror fans. 

BHFF Feature | Three's A Shroud

Screening 3

BHFF Feature | Art of Darkness

Art Of Darkness


Director: Steve Laurence

Writers: Ben Cannell, Martin Laurence, Steve Laurence & Ben Loyd-Holmes

Producers: Ben Cannell, Martin Laurence, Steve Laurence & Ben Loyd-Holmes

Cast: Emily Baxter, Martin Laurence & Ryan Elliott

Ben and Liz are a married couple still coming to terms with Liz's recent miscarriage. Too disraught, she has quit her nursing job, and Ben is struggling to hold on to his acocuntancy job. Things are not that great between them right now.

BHFF Feature | Art of Darkness

Screening 4

BHFF Feature | Darkwood Manor

Darkwood Manor


Director: Liam Hooper

Writers: Megan Batchelor & Liam Hooper

Cast: Lucia Coppola, Elliot Bell & Max Morgan

When Dorothy Stringer High School announces its impending closure, the teachers and students have no hope. That is until one student finds a leaflet offering a reward to anyone who can stay for two nights in the supposedly haunted Darkwood Manor. Willing to do anything to save their school, the class immediately take the challenge. 

BHFF Feature | Darkwood Manor

Screening 5

BHFF Short | Love Bug

Love Bug

(Benjamin Kent, 13m)


Frank's blind date is way out of his league. But a mysterious virus is sweeping through London and soon his night starts to look up...

BHFF Short | One Night in Sutherland Hill

One Night in Sutherland Hill

(Michael Callaghan, 7m)


When two teenagers are pursued by a local gang they soon realise that something more deadly lurks in the shadows of Sutherland Hill.

BHFF Short | Shoreditch Slayer

Shoreditch Slayer

(Simon Levene, 2m)

This comedy/horror fake-documentary follows five vampires as they attempt, at all costs, to look for new sources of income. However, getting paid or not, the killing never stops. 

BHFF Short | The Deadfall

The Deadfall

(Nic Alderton, 25m)


Tumbling down into a hidden recess of his isolated home, it isn't long before he realises there is something down there with him...

BHFF Short | The Tunnel

The Tunnel

(Ivan Radovic, 5m)


Engulfed by dark thoughts, a lone woman is forced into a tunnel to confront the creature who is waiting for her in the dark.

BHFF Short | Between Friends
BHFF Short | Mother Died

Mother Died

(Neill Gorton, 7m)


Mother Died is a suspenseful story of fear, family and survival, which leads to a gripping and surprising climax.

Between Friends

(Gerhardt Slawitschka, 11m)


Jordan and Angela are the closest of friends. But when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they learn the treacherous cost of trust.

BHFF Short | Beneath
BHFF Short | Just the 2 of Us

Just The 2 of Us

(Mat Brooks, 13m)


A dark comedy about two jealous flatmates. Al is bringing home a friend from work, so Michael feels he must do the same. The evening can only end in tears. 


(Al White, 13m)


The world of man has ended. Nature has reclaimed back the Earth and witnessed humanities demise. Mankind is survived by a thinning few - caught in a desperate battle of survival, fueled by their fear of each other and this new era.

BHFF Short | The Other Side
BHFF Short | Trid An Stoirm

Trid An Stoirm

(Fred Burdy, 8m)


Mist. Rain. Storm. On a pier, looking at the crashing waves, a young woman - Alice - is waiting for her husband to come back from the sea. Appearing on the pier, a Banshee comes to her and announces the death of her husband. Alice must now journey to the Otherworld to bring him back.

The Other Side

(The Santoro Brothers, 20m)


When a fresh faced nanny arrives at her new job, she is instantly caught up in the turbulent relationship of her employers. When night falls, a sinister intruder invades the property, unraveling a night of gruesome blood-shed and unprecendented terror. But who is behind it? What can they want? Can anybody escape alive? 

    The Awards    

Category Judging

Best Feature

Art of Darkness (Dir. by Steve Laurence)

Best Short

Love Bug (Dir. by Benjamin Kent)

Best Cinematography

Demon (Dir. by Mark Duffield)

Best Music

Art of Darkness (Dir. by Steve Laurence)

Best Actor

Thomas Coombes (Love Bug)

Best Actress

Clare Langford (Demon)

Best Student Film

Darkwood Manor (Dir. by Liam Hooper)

Best Director

The Santoro Brothers (The Other Side)

Audence Award

The Other Side (Dir. by The Santoro Brothers)

British Horror Award

(Best achievement on a low budget)

Three's A Shroud (Dir. by Dan Brownlie,

David V.G. Davies & Andy Edwards)

Best New Screenplay

Blood and Fangs: The Bloodening (Written by Dave McLeod)

BHFF Venue | Cafe De Paris

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events are legendary and this one will be no less! The evening will be hosted by Cafe De Paris, just off Leicester Square, where the audience will be able to rub shoulders with the stars in an exclusive VIP section of the night club and dance and party until the early hours of the morning!

    The After-Party    

Cafe De Paris | Coventry, London

BHFF Venue | Cafe De Paris



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