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    BHFF | 2022    
The British Museum, London | Saturday, October 15th

Director, Luigi Sibona
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Award Winner Ann Samuel
Screening Room
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BHFF 2022 Awards
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It's The British Horror Film Festival's thirteenth year and we have an amazing and horrific line up!

There are a number of awards up for grabs at the Festival, including the prestigious British Horror Award for Achievement in Film on a Low Budget and the

Rising Star Award for upcoming talent in the industry.

    The Official Selection    

The Blood List

The Film Festival Guild Blood List is for screenplays of outstanding quality.

The Best Screenplay winner and Special Commendations

will be announced at the event.

Short Film Screening
Saturday, October 15th | 7:00pm


The Evil is Inside

(Martin Sharpe, 12m)


A recently divorced father confides to a friend that he's been seeing demons in the family home.


The Microscope

(Elliot Vick & Reuben Vick, 10m)


An eccentric microscopist finally gets his hands on some rare samples, but he could never have imagined what he’ll see through the lens...


Last Orders

(Jon James Smith, 21m)


A pub landlord with a dark past gets an unsettling visit one evening.



(Luigi Sibona, 8m)


Late at night in a dusty South London laundrette, Jas is doing her laundry. She's in a world of her own when Chris, with brash confidence and self-importance, decides to strike up a conversation.


I. The Void

(Alexandros Papathanasopoulos, 6m)


An acid trip takes an eerie turn during a heavy metal apartment gig.


The Wilds

(Greig Johnson, 15m)


Anna receives an urgent phone call from her desperate-sounding and somewhat estranged mother, Helen. Anna's troubled brother has returned to the family home.



(Alix Austin, 8m)


In a twisted story of co-dependence, two sisters are pitted against each other by a giant, abhorrent leech creature that uses its mind- controlling influence to puppeteer them from the inside out.

Feature Film Screening
Saturday, October 15th | 9:00pm


Feed Me


Directors: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes

Writer: Adam Leader

Producers: Ed Polgardy, Adam Leader, Neal Ward & Richard Oakes

Cast: Christopher Mulvin, Neal Ward, Samantha Loxley & Hannah Al Rashid

Following the death of his wife, a broken man spirals into an abyss of night tremors and depression and finds himself in the home of a deranged cannibal who convinces him to take his own life in the most horrific way imaginable.


    The Awards    

Best Feature Film

*Feed Me*

Best Short Film

I. The Void

Last Orders



The Evil is Inside

*The Microscope*

The Wilds

Best Director

Jon James Smith (Last Orders)

Alix Austin (Sucker)

*Adam Leader & Richard Oakes (Feed Me)*

Best Cinematography

*Jon James Smith (Last Orders)*

Mike Staniforth (The Wilds)

Richard Oakes (Feed Me)

Best Music

Stewart Dugdale (Last Orders)

*Benjamin Symons (Feed Me)*

Bats Yeller (Mantis)

Best Sound Design

Feed Me

The Evil is Inside


Best Actor

Lee Jones (The Evil is Inside)

Alastair Parker (Last Orders)

*Christopher Mulvin (Feed Me)*

Best Actress

Freya Parker (The Wilds)

*Ann Samuel (Mantis)*

Sophia Capasso (Sucker)

Best Supporting Actor

Tom Bell (The Wilds)

*Neal Ward (Feed Me)*

Steven Elder (Last Orders)

Best Supporting Actress

*Nicola Bryant (The Wilds)*

Annie Knox (Sucker)

Hannah Al Rashid (Feed Me)

British Horror Award

(best achievement on a low budget)

Last Orders

The Microscope


Rising Star Award

*Tom Bell (The Wilds)*

Best of London Award - Sponsored by Werewolf Beer

*Alix Austin (Sucker)*

Fan Favourite Short Film - Audience Voted


Best Scare Award - Audience Voted

*The Microscope*

Best Screenplay

*OREAD (written by Lee Copeland)*

Screenplay Special Commendations

Clown Hallow (written by Mark Giacomin)

Daisy Daisy (written by Paul Harker)

Mr. Bear Hugz (written by Armand Arekian)

The Glamorgan Strangler: A Love Story (written by Lewis Carter)

The Queens Gold (written by Kristen Humphrey-Taylor & John Vaughan)

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