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    THE BLOOD LIST | BHFF 2020    

Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

Blood Corn

(Mark Giacomin)


When the Malstrom family buy barren farmland on the outskirts of a small town called Gatley, they are keen to become part of the community. They are friendly, shop in the town stores, and attend church.

After some locals go missing, a miraculous corn crop sprouts up overnight. Sheriff Halker gets suspicious. Are the Malstroms as clean-cut as they seem, or are they hiding a bloody secret?

Faithful Shadow

(Kevin J. Howard)


When an unknown creature takes up residence in the Old Faithful Inn during Yellowstone Park's largest forest fire, a group of rangers and firemen fake an evacuation to close the Inn and hunt the creature.


(Josh Carley)


A small gathering turns violent when one friend accuses another of something horrific.

Just Crawl

(Matt Mitchell)

Lost and alone, two mortally wounded women must crawl to the top of a hill to survive. One of them killed all her friends to get there, the other believes the only way to survive is by working together. Both of them are wrong, but at least these dead girls crawling have got each other.


(Simon Wakelin)

+1 213 864 9439


Dark Comedy. A liquored-up Hollywood director must shed his vices in time to stop a vigilante's murderous war on corporate America. 

MANIFESTO is a clever, dark comedy that pokes fun at our capitalist society. It serves to criticize the extent to which advertising messages from powerful companies impose culture and point-of-view on the masses, and does so through humor in the form of exaggerated personalities and circumstances.

Mincemeat Manor

(Shira Zimbeck)


Hiram Sedgwick has just hit the pinnacle of his career with the invention of his ecologically sound Livestock Pulverizer. Basking in his glory with his ravishing wife, he watches all walks of high society waltzing through his manor and in his glee, accidentally waltzes his wife into his invention, chopping her into little bits. Two years later, Hiram is a shell of a man with a new gold-digging wife, two devious men running his company, and an adoring secretary. Of course, the treacherous wife and new company heads have a plot to seize the rest of his fortune. They bring in a couple of carneys to perform a séance to “resurrect the wife,” and drive Hiram mad. Inconceivably, the fraud séance is a success, and Hiram’s manor comes to life. The pets start talking, the appliances start attacking , the blackboards write their own scripts, and the zombies are singing and dancing.


(Jed Woods)


It’s 1988 and as a small town is struck by a series of bizarre murders, a video store owner comes to the shocking realisation that his tapes are responsible. The characters of Film and TV are alive, they’ve learned of our existence and now they want to make us pay.


(Ronald Ecker)


An Amazon jungle explorer helps lead Operation Newfangled, a post-World War II mission to find and destroy Nazi vampires led by Hitler himself, and to rescue the woman he loves (she’s a vampire now, but there’s a cure in the works).

Red Mist

(Paul Harker)


A frustrated writer and his wife host a charismatic lodger who
inspires the writer to renewed success before a betrayal unveils the lodger's terrifying toxicity.

Study in Blue

(Patrick Clement)


Trapped for the Winter with the body of his dead wife, a man discovers a family secret, explores a mysterious mountain top and tries to live with the guilt of an infidelity.


(Gio Forlenza)


When a slovenly teenage boy doesn’t listen to his mother’s sensible advice, he turns into a giant cockroach in this dark comedy homage to Franz Kafka’s novel, The Metamorphosis.

The Fallout

(Dominic Flanagan)

*Winner of this year's award for Best Screenplay*


Five friends in their late twenties reunite for a dinner party after not seeing each other for the best part of a decade. Some of them have grown up and embraced adulthood, while others desperately cling onto their youth. As the group realize they are not the people they once were, they must put their differences aside and work together to survive the minor inconvenience of a zombie apocalypse.

The Far Corner

(Dawn Greenfield Ireland)

+1 713-256-5412


When a driven businesswoman collapses into psychosis ranting about creatures, she’s sent to a mental hospital where a psychiatrist and two investigators of paranormal phenomena discover she might not be crazy after all—she might have the ability to see into another dimension.

The Harvest

(Steven Wishnoff)


Two years after cancer took the life of her husband, Marisol Calderón and her 10 year-old twins leave a polluted, toxic Los Angeles in search of a new life on idyllic Vashon Island, Washington. Their wish is for a fresh start with organics and home-grown foods in a healthy sustainable environment. Careful what you wish for.

The Man in the Hat

(Phyllis Allison)


It’s the first day in a new town. The movers set a box of books into Alicia's room. This box had not come with them. An old poem written on parchment paper, called The Man in the Hat, drops out of one of the books. Unknowingly, Alicia opens a door inviting him back into our realm when she reads it. Her older sister, Beth, doesn’t believe any of Alicia’s stories of the nightly visitor who performs magic. Even when the broken ballerina is mended and the teddy bear regains its normal size, she can only guess Alicia is playing tricks on HER. But when Alicia disappears on the fourth night, Beth knows the Man in the Hat is real.

The Match

(Shayne Davis)


Jayden gets his shot at hanging out with the most beautiful girls in town. Only one problem... He fears they may be literal monsters.


(Julia Campanelli)


A 17th century midwife with an illicit past is accused of witchcraft when a child she delivered becomes demonically possessed in the true, untold story of the last witch hunt in Scotland.

The Platform

(Joe Morgan)

A driver on the London Underground is haunted by disturbing visions whilst driving through an abandoned station.

The Psycho Path

(Jo Dinkin & Catherine Brinkworth)


‘The Psycho Path’ is a hot new reality TV competition that goes disastrously wrong, forcing the contestants to find out how far they'll push themselves for a shot at stardom.

The Toy Rabbit

(Russell David Whaley)


A four year old boy with mysterious powers uses them against his strict father in order to protect his toy rabbit.

The Unseen: Rise of the Highwayman

(John R. Miles Jr)


Scotland. 1603. When his wife is accused of witchcraft, a troubled young soldier is forced to flee to an isolated village surrounded by an allegedly haunted forest where he discovers a devious plot that leads to James I, the newly crowned King of England and Scotland.


(Thomas L. Ferguson)


A woman living in denial of her deep connection to the spirit world
is forced to embrace her power and confront her fears to save her dying father.

Video Nasties

(Jake Yuzna)

Loosing faith in the prospects that community college has to offer, recent high school graduate Bronte discovers there are things more terrifying than dick picks when she turns to a new career – the world of pornography. Moving into a “nasty house,” where young men and women live and have their sex lives taped, Bronte is unwittingly drawn into a hidden underground of occult fetish videos where her sexual partners are more than she bargained for and may be beyond human.

Wicked Season

(Amy Acosta & Ed Spila)

It's been ten years to the day since that Halloween night. The string of five crucifixion murders committed by Alton Crow was brought to an end. History is repeating itself, but the problem is Crow died in custody weeks after capture. Is it possible for good to defeat evil on this the most wicked night of the season?