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    BHFF | 2019    

Cineworld, Leicester Square | Saturday, November 9th


London's prestigious Empire Cinema in Leicester Square plays host to the British Horror Film Festival. The biggest premieres from all around the world takes place here, from Harry Potter to James Bond and now you have the chance to premiere here as well!

With regularly Sold Out Screenings, an always packed Award Ceremony and the sparkling After Party, the next festival is set to be even bigger, giving film makers more exposure, more reviews & horror fans a chance to see the 'next big scary thing' first!

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

Saturday, November 9th | 12:20pm



(Vidar T. Aune, 4m)


A girl wakes up at night when her bedroom door creaks open.


The Seance

(Anthony R. Smith, 14m)


When a grieving mother brings in the services of a medium to hold a seance in a last gasp effort to try and find her daughter, nothing prepares her for the terrifying truth that lies ahead.


The Chippie

(Louis Norton Selzer, 8m)


There have always been rumours about the rundown chippie at the edge of the estate and its shady proprietor with the unusual skin condition. When Deon Williams goes missing, one young boy dares to go inside and find out the truth.



(Louis Lagayette, 6m)


Jeremy moves into a new apartment. He hasn't met his roommate yet and soon understands they will struggle to connect...


Self Help

(Dan Storey, 14m)


A black comedy about a man who buys himself a self help CD when his girlfriend dumps him. It soon becomes clear that the CD has hypnotic and murderous intentions as it's machiavellian plot unfolds ...



(Brian Rosenthal, 8m)


A dark supernatural presence stalks a sick little girl and her skeptical mother.


Be Good

(James Lawes, 15m)


An eight-year-old girl finds herself in danger when her mother returns home late one night with an untrustworthy stranger that she calls “a friend”.



(Gary Sundt, 4m)


Have you ever had neighbors who were having sex just a little too loudly? Well, there's an app for that.


The Muffin Man

(Ethan Blum, 2m)


In this fake-trailer homage to 80s and 90s b-horror, an evil baker unleashes his army of satanic muffins on the local townspeople. Do you really know The Muffin Man?



(David Yorke, 9m)


After discovering a USB port in her wrist, Kate uncovers a world where she has the ability to change herself for the better. But she will slowly discover that greed will come at a cost.


Parcels - Withorwithout

(Benjamin Howdeshell, 7m)


The all-too-real fears of home invasion create an unexpected and genius backdrop for the track “Withorwithout,” as Howdeshell crafts a film fraught with palpable tension.



(Ethan Evans, 4m)


In a town acclaimed for honouring ancient folklore, a young girl finds herself vulnerable to a sinister mythological farmer after failing to contribute to the annual tradition.

Screening 2

Saturday, November 9th | 4:50pm



(Jan-David Bolt, 9m)


Humans spend five years of their lives thinking about food. This film may not change that.



(Christopher Reith, 19m)


A man’s dull and repetitive walk home down an ominous series of corridors transform into a terrifying labyrinth plagued by monsterous creatures and barbaric traps.



(Michael Dupret, 7m)


Anna, 18, is preparing to spend an evening like the others at home. Her parents are out. Taped on her smartphone, she navigates on social networks and exchanges with her friends. Between food pics and selfies, she tries new Instagram filters. Anna will discover that some of these filters have a real impact in real life and that she may not be so alone tonight.


Foxtails Brigade -

We Are Not Ourselves

(Dominic Mercurio, 4m)


In this sinister narrative music video for the Oakland-based band Foxtails Brigade, Laura appears to be not-quite herself. She manically wraps a large gift and heads to a dinner party with her sweet-as-pie friend Shannon. As the night progresses, Laura's disturbing plans slowly unfold.



(Mark Hammill, 11m)


Dillon and Clive, two complete strangers, are brought together over a dinner that will have lasting implications on both of their lives, and for very different reasons. After the oppressive upbringing Dillon suffered at the hands of his father, he is desperate to be his own man, and having had very limited interaction with people, tonight he is entertaining for the first time.



(Jack Brookman, 11m)


Set in the 1970s, Infracktion follows two drifters – Laura and her father, John. Trekking across the moorland late into the night, the two seek shelter in a seemingly abandoned farm house. In the gloom of the house, a twisted horror stirs.

ODDKO - Disobey

(Giovanni Bucci, 4m)


“Disobey” it’s a multidisciplinary art project that integrates dozens of detailed, disparate production elements into one cohesive vision, sound, and beat. The video explores themes of Man vs. Machine, of Nature vs. Technology, and paints the Goddess Hekate as a 21st Century nightmare, ensnaring victims and bending them to her will.


Little Monsters

(Simon Harris, 5m)


Katie is scared of monsters under the bed but that is just laughable when there is sooo much more to be truly frightened of. Ultimately we discover it’s not Katie who’s plagued by nightly nightmares but Daddy. And with good reason too.



(Ben Kent, 11m)


Jasmine, 18, is released from foster care, but haunted by her past, she wants answers. She visits her creepy old grandma, and unearths a very dark secret., with devastating consequences.



(Daniel Viqueira, 14m)


When Xose doesn´t manage to adapt to his new life, he get pulled into a self destructive spiral.

Screening 3

Saturday, November 9th | 7:05pm


Fire Lies

(Dominic Hassall, 4m)


Ben returns home one night to find his housemate Chris in a state

of shock, claiming to have escaped a deadly fire devouring their home. However, as only Chris can see the apparent blaze, Ben is caught between trusting his prank-loving friend and entering his potential doom.


The Jack in the Box


Director, Writer & Producer: Lawrence Fowler

Cast: Robert Narine, Ethan Taylor & Lucy-Jane Quinlan

When a vintage Jack-In-The-Box is un-earthed and donated to a museum in the heart of the woods, its not long before staff member Casey Reynolds has reason to believe the creepy clown doll inside has a life of its own. As Casey discovers his colleagues are dying one-by-one, will he find a way to end the nightmare, or will he too fall victim to the box's curse?


Screening 4

Saturday, November 9th | 7:00pm


UK Haunters


Director: Dan Brownlie

Producers: Dan Brownlie & Jessica Ann Brownlie

The first feature length documentary about the UK haunt scene. Follow director Dan Brownlie as he lifts the lid on a truly unique scene on his year long journey.


    The Awards    

Saturday, November 9th | 9:15pm

Best Feature Film

*The Jack in the Box*

UK Haunters

Best Short Film


*The Seance*

The Chippie


Self Help


Be Good


The Muffin Man


Parcels - Withorwithout





Foxtails Brigade - We Are Not Ourselves



ODDKO - Disobey

Little Monsters



Fire Lies

Best Student Film



Best Music Video

Parcels - Withorwithout

*Foxtails Brigade - We Are Not Ourselves*

ODDKO - Disobey

Best Director

Lawrence Fowler (The Jack in the Box)

Dan Storey (Self Help)

Christopher Reith (Chain)

*James Lawes (Be Good)*

Best Cinematography

The Chippie




Best Music

Self Help

*Fire Lies*



Best Actor

Ethan Taylor (The Jack in the Box)

Stephen Bird (The Seance)

*Patrick O'Halloran (Dillon)*

David Schaal (The Chippie)

Best Actress

Lucy-Jane Quinlan (The Jack in the Box)

Daisy Lewis (Be Good)

*Rebecca Turner (Child)*

Kitty Randle (The Seance)

Best Supporting Actor

*Frederick Roll (Self Help)*

Luca Matteo Zizzari (Be Good)

Jordan Nash (The Chippie)

Philip Ridout (The Jack in the Box)

Best Supporting Actress

*Ellie Dickens (Child)*

Kathleen Ray (The Jack in the Box)

Phillipa Howard (Wither)

Paula Morado (Limbo)

British Horror Award

(best achievement on a low budget)



The Jack in the Box

Self Help

Best Unproduced Screenplay



The Remote



M - Demon Killer
*Limpet (written by Mark Brown)*

The North Yorkshire fishing town of Whitby comes under threat when an unconscious drug dealer with a suspicious rash is discovered below the sea wall the night before the town's biggest event of the year.

*Winners are denoted by asterisks*

    The After-Party    

AMBA Hotel | Charing Cross Station, London

The After Parties for the Film Festival Guild events are legendary and this one will be no less! The evening will be hosted by AMBA Hotel over Charing Cross Station. Here the audience will be able to rub shoulders with the stars, have a drink on us, dance and party until the early hours of the morning!




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