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    BAFF | 2014    

Empire Cinema, Leicester Square | Sunday, June 8th

BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema
BAFF Venue | Empire Cinema

This is the third year for the British Animation Film Festival and we're continuing the tradition of getting bigger and better! This year not only do we have more films screening than ever before, but we've also moved to a bigger and more exciting venue!


The British Animation Film Festival is proud to be one of a select few film festivals showcased at the heart of the UK's cinema industry; Leicester Square! Come along for a relaxed and fun day of animated films from around the world, as we showcase some of the best animated movies on the festival circuit! 

    The Official Selection    

Screening 1

BAFF Short | Milkyboy


(Arnold Arre, 20m)


What happens to TV child stars when they grow up? This is the story of Rey who played a superhero character called 'Milkyboy' in a milk commercial as a

child in the 1980s.​

BAFF Short | Night of the Loving Dead

Night of The Loving Dead

(Anna Humphries, 9m)


A zombie movie with more heart than brains...

BAFF Short | Driven


(Michael Zachary Huber, 4m)


On a dry lake bed in the early morning hours, Jack unloads a machine, part motorcycle and part jet and suits up. As his speed builds he thinks back to the events that brought

him here.

BAFF Short | The Rose of Turaida

The Rose of Turaida

(Ryan Grobins, 4m)


Based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia, The Rose of Turaida tells of the tragedy of a beautiful young woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honour.

BAFF Short | The Umbrella Factory

The Umbrella Factory

(Lexie Findarle Trivundza & Nick Trivundza, 4m)


One evening, a traveller knocked upon the door of three brothers. Asking for a place to stay, as he has nowhere else to go, he offers them his magic talisman for payment in exchange for room and board.

BAFF Short | Monkey Rag

Monkey Rag

(Joanna Davidovich, 4m)


'Monkey Rag'- a bouncy, animated romp set to the rollicking Asylum Street Spankers tune.

BAFF Short | Amulet


(Tavvon Reynolds, 3m)


A boy finds an amulet that awakens an ancient beast.

BAFF Short | Puggums


(Shane Simpson & Montaque Ruffin, 3m)


Down on his luck, Puggums searches for somewhere safe and warm.

BAFF Short | Food For Thought

Food For Thought

(Morr Meroz, 3m)


Life in a fish tank can be confusing.

BAFF Short | Jack the Ripper

An Evening With Jack The Ripper

(Lexie Findarle Trivundza & Nick Trivundza, 2m)


As we follow the infamous killer on one of his evenings, we enter a world somewhere between Sin City and the opening titles of Mad Men.

BAFF Short | Bless You

Bless You

(Philip Watts, 2m)


An architect in the skies grows bored of his creation and decides to spice things up in this film that combines 2D animation, tilt shift photography and gratuitous explosions.

BAFF Short | Slzzpwalker


(Eunju Hyun, 2m)


A young man sleepwalks out of town and finds himself in a strange world.

BAFF Short | Guns of Icarus: Prologue

Guns of Icarus: Prologue

(Director, 7m)


Catastrophic wars have led to the collapse of modern industrial society. From the twilight of extinction humanity rises to regain its former glory.

Screening 2

BAFF Short | L'Art Des Thanatier

L'Art Des Thanatier

(David Le Bozek, 14m)


A medieval torturer discusses his craft, his passion, and faces the end of it all with the invention of the Guillotine.

BAFF Short | Angels & Ghosts

Angels & Ghosts

(Sara Kenney, 10m)


Based on a true story, Angels and Ghosts tells the emotive journey of Amber, a young girl who is on a quest to find her brothers who have disappeared.

BAFF Short | Sausage


(Robert Grieves, 7m)


The idyllic market square of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a slick fast-food vendor. What methods must these traditional providers invent to battle for their livelihoods?

BAFF Short | Macrostructure


(Eric Schockmel, 6m)


We are taken on a 3D animated journey through a world inhabited by synthetic life forms and the self-aware machines who manufacture, control, and recycle them.

BAFF Short | The Girl Who Loved Fairy-Tales

The Girl Who Loved Fairy-Tales

(Cejen Cernic, 4m)


A true story about the girl who loved fairy tales.

BAFF Short | Leviathan Ages

Leviathan Ages

(Jon Yeo, 4m)


Bound in ancient celestial ballet, nine dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor.

BAFF Short | Spacebound


(Ellen Su & Kyle Moy, 3m)


A boy and his dog fly through space on an adventure of massive proportions.

BAFF Short | Still I Breathe

Still I Breathe

(Zach Lydon & Sang Lee, 3m)


Faced with an inevitable end, an inventor calculates exactly when the end will come.

BAFF Short | Marcel


(Eric Cunha & Seung Sung, 3m)


A thief works his way through a museum only to find there is one particular prize someone else has their eye on.

BAFF Short | The Wild Wild Test

The Wild Wild Test

(Jeff Bryson, 3m)


An old man faces the DMV in the ultimate Wild West showdown.

BAFF Short | Illusion


(Vanessa Lee & Yoon Sun Bae, 2m)


An imagining of a child's creativity that's run wild.

BAFF Short | Eternity


(Byunghoon Han, 2m)


Geometric creations form deadly creatures.

BAFF Short | Ramus


(Chris Devito & Danica Parry, 2m)


A young branch, separated from its tree has to find its way home.

Screening 3

BAFF Short | The Gold Sparrow

The Gold Sparrow

 (Daniel Stessen, 13m)


In a black and white world artists must defend their colour from the Gold Sparrow in this animated short film.

BAFF Short | Rail


(Jack Tilley, 11m)


This film is about 'Holding onto your dreams' - finding the thing in life that gives you joy. The difficulty is when you have to choose between your family and your dreams.

BAFF Short | The Missing Scarf

The Missing Scarf

(Eoin Duffy, 7m)


A black comedy exploring some of life's common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei.

BAFF Short | For The Remainder

For The Remainder

(Omer Ben David, 6m)


An atmospheric and vague, painterly animated short that envisions a view upon an old house cat who bids farewell to his home in his final moments.

BAFF Short | Mister Super Juice

Mister Super Juice

(Mike Wellins, 4m)


A man talks about juicing and its health benefits in a quirky and intense manner in order to sell his juicing machine.

BAFF Short | Stardust


(Mischa Rozema, 4m)


Mischa Rozema's new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1. The probe is the furthest man-made object from the sun and witnesses unimaginable beauty and destruction..

BAFF Short | Baxter


(Ty Coyle, 3m)


Baxter the raccoon makes his way into Granny's Sweet Shop, but upon entering he gets so obsessed with the candy that he creates his own downfall.

BAFF Short | The Neighbours

The Neighbours

(John Peavoy, 3m)


The Neighbours tells the story of an elderly frog trying to find out who Scott Carrier is and why this Tom Cat is sitting oh so very high up in his tree. And how in the Lord's name will he get him down.

BAFF Short | The Box XXX

The Box - XXX

(Dadomani Studio, 3m)


The Box and Dox spend their entire lives sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Both are afflicted with a very powerful addiction to television.

BAFF Short | Stranded


(Vicky Penzes & Donia Liecht, 2m)


Survival all alone on an island may not be as easy as it might seem when there's a seagull that has it out for you.

BAFF Short | Charlie & Yip

Charlie & Yip

(Alex Williams, 2m)


Its show and tell day at school so Charlie decides to take his beloved pet Yip to present to the class.

BAFF Short | Rain Maker

Rain Maker

(Martinez Adalynn, 2m)


The Rain Maker and his rabbit friend try to convince the spirits to bring rain to the arid desert, one way or another...

BAFF Short | 1893


(Ryan Chong, 2m)


August 1893. We explore a train station where a woman awaits departure.

BAFF Short | Nine


(Chawalit Kaewmanee & Wanichaya Phraejunya, 8m)


Nine is a haunting tale of innocence lost as the Grey Cat, afraid of losing his final life makes a deal with the devil and gets much more than he bargained for, and loses even more along

the way.

    The Awards    

Judge's Awards

Best Animation

Charlie & Yip (Directed by Alex Williams)

Best New Screenplay

The Last Iceburg (Written by Anne Ousby)



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