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    BAFF | 2013    

Rich Mix Cinema | Sunday, June 23rd

BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema

The British Animation Film Festival had its first event in 2012, and after sold out screenings we are back! On Sunday 23rd June, BAFF will be returning to the Rich Mix cinema in

East London.


The festival aims to highlight the best in British and International animated entertainment. The British Animation Film Festival will be an incredible opportunity to see some of the brightest up and coming animation companies in the world and the work they
are producing.


The festival will be screening a diverse selection of films throughout the day, from short films, to music videos to new TV pilots!


For the film and TV industry this event will offer an excellent opportunity to see audiences react to new productions.


The Official Selection is split in to four screenings, shown one after the other throughout the day & then wraps up with a chilled out drink in the pub!

    The Official Selection    

BIRD FOOD (5 mins, Dir. by Richard Keane)

A man plans to eat his lunch in the park but the local pigeons have other ideas! to live up to his family's expectations when the burden of his heritage is suddenly thrust upon him. The film centers around a boy named Theo, who is burdened with a family aviation heirloom that he fears he can never live up to. In an attempt to overcome his struggle, he climbs to the top of the aviation mountain, dressed in the family flight suit, with the hat of his great-grandfather in his hand. In his failure to muster up the courage to take his first leap, he is plagued with an even more difficult task, when a fan boy of his follows him up the cliff and is suddenly blown off the edge.


LEGACY (5mins, Dir. by Adam Floeck)

Legacy is the story of one boy's difficulties


HEAD OVER HEELS (10mins, Dir. by Tim Reckart)​

After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, their equilibrium comes crashing down, and the couple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way put their marriage back together.


MANNIQUEEN (3mins, Dir. by Yiju Chiang)​

Yiju Chiang's ManniQueen is an animation short containing fashion and comedy, both whimsical and ridiculous. The themes are self-determination and self-realization, as people should able to express themselves and strive for their own vision and the personal freedom. In the animation, a manikin comes to life to make herself become a successful designer who wins a partnership with a fashion celebrity icon over her previous owner. The style of design and animation in ManniQueen is jolie laid, a French term indicating an unconventional inner beauty and vivacity.


THE TORTOISE (10mins, Dir. by Pedro Lino & Luis Almeida)

​There was once a man quite sure of himself. Once a day he would have a stroll near his town. On one such occasion, he spotted something he had never seen before: a tortoise. He examined it thoroughly, noticing it's every detail; soon he ran home to tell the family. But would they believe him?...


THINGS YOU'D BETTER NOT MIX UP (2mins, Dir. by Joost Lieuwma)​

A series of things you'd better not mix up...


WHAT A DEBACLE, FREDDY FARKLE (12mins, Jesse Emmerson)​

A fun, retro, animated short film in the rhyming style of Dr Seuss, narrated by the wonderful & iconic Barry Humphries.


HARK THE ANGEL SINGS (7mins, Dir. by Chao-Tung Huang)​

Coming-of-Age story of a boy losing his innocence and something he holds dear for the first time. The film serves as an attempt to depict the eerie moment of growing up, the psychological state of the child, and the price payed for such moment.


NIGHT ISLAND (7mins, Dir. by Salvador Maldonado)​

A merchant ship navigates through a terrible storm. On board a young girl tries to save her cat from being washed overboard. But a wave takes them both and they are swept into the sea. Waking up on a desolate beach, the girl encounters strange creatures that tempt her to stay on the mysterious island. In order to find her way back to her father's ship she must liberate the music trapped in the undertow of the Night Island.


URSUS (11mins, Dir. by Reinis Petersons)​

A story about a bear who works as an acrobat-motorcyclist in a traveling circus during the day but yearns for wildlife and forest where his true happiness seems to dwell at night. One day, the bear decides to leave everything and takes off to the forest.


COLOSSE - A WOOD TALE (3mins, Dir. by Yves Geleyn)

Meet Colosse, Yves Geleyn's 30-foot child. Now, Colosse isn't your ordinary child; he just so happens to be a very tall, wood robot puppet who doesn’t know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to.​


JUNK (7mins, Dir. by Kirk Hendry)

A young storyteller challenges an old master in a pub on the Irish west coast, when things take an unexpected turn. Brought to life by veteran Irish comedian Jon Kenny, with original music by traditional Irish band 'Rattle the boards'. 'Escape of the Gingerbread Man' is a mad romp through the Irish countryside, and a subtle commentary on the changes in traditions and culture that is happening throughout the emerald Isle.


I AM TOM MOODY (7mins, Dir. by Ainslie Henderson)​

I Am Tom Moody is a film about the creative struggle, it is about self-doubt, the source of these doubts and overcoming our past. We meet tom Moody in his first moment on stage, struggling to open his mouth and sing. Plunged into his subconscious mind we discover two voices, battling to narrate the viewer through the film. Tom is caught in the crossfire, pulled and pushed, tormented by his own duplicity. Ultimately we join Tom in his seeking to discover their source, and unify the two.


HIGH ABOVE THE SKY (3mins, Dir. by Kim Noce & Shaun Clark)

This story is about a boy's adventure in an old and shabby temple, which is one day burned to the ground. After the event, the boy's world descends into fantasy, meeting the spirit dolls and other fantastical friends. When he returns to the temple it is returned to its former glory, just as gorgeous and bustling as before.


THE LOST TOWN OF SWITEZ (20mins, Dir. by Kamil Polak)

A story of a mysterious lake, at the bottom of which rests an enchanted medieval town. ‘Świteź’ is an apocalyptic story of destruction, miracles, eternal fight of good and evil as well as faith and hope. All characters and elements appearing in the film are brought to life by a special technique, which enriched the animation with a lively painting.​


DOUBLE TROUBLE (2mins, Dir. by Simon Tofield)

A new arrival causes chaos... Transported to the pixie kingdom, a young boy implores the pixies to send him home, but when he returns to his world he discovers that everything has changed.


DEAD ALL ALONG (2mins, Dir. by Giles Timms)​

The story picks up after an unexplained disagreement between two brothers, Goat and Aaron. To work out their differences, they take a hike together. The beauty of nature brings them back together, but the violence in Goat's heart can't be controlled and it pulls him under.


GOAT AND AARON (6mins, Dir. by Gabe Askew)


OVER YOU (4mins, Dir. by Volker Schlecht & Alexandra Kardinar)​

The Berlin based musician Michal Krajczok wrote and produced his song Over You especially for this video, featuring the voice of Larissa Blau.


SLEIGHT OF HAND (10mins, Michael Cusack)​

Sleight of Hand. A set of techniques used by someone to manipulate objects secretly to deceive. This is a stop-motion film about illusions. A Man yearns to know his place in the world and how he fits in, when sometimes it's better not to know.


REFLEXION (4mins, Dir. by Yoshimichi Tamura)​

Reflexion is a description of female concerns about their appearance.


BROKEN WING (7mins, Dir. by Amos Sussigan)​

Keller and Hawking are best friends with extremely different personalities. One is energetic and confident, and the other is clumsy and unhappy. However, time passes and a life-changing experience switches their roles. In a journey through childhood memories, Keller uses a Rubik’s cube to motivate his best friend to see the brighter side of life.


TRANSMISSION (5mins, Dir. by Jared Weiss)

​In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a creature and his dog find a radio with a signal that may lead them to the first sign of other life they've encountered in ages. But is the chance to find new life worth leaving the only home they have?


MACROPOLIS (7mins, Dir. by Joel Simon)​

Two disabled squeaky toys escape from the factory and find themselves lost and alone in an urban world full of over-sized humans. It’s new, strange and a little daunting. But they explore, play and re-interpret everyday objects through their unique perspective.


THE LAST BELLE (20mins, Dir. by Neil Boyle)

​The Last Belle is an animated short featuring two characters journeying towards a blind date: WALLY, who suffers a nightmarish drunken trip through London as he races against the clock to the rendezvous; and ROSIE, who waits in a bar dreaming of how wonderful her date is going to be....if he ever shows up.


THE SINISTER CELLAR (3mins, Dir. by Philip Vallentin)​

Follow our wee little friend Jake The Bird on his perilous domestic errand. Does his mother know what adversity Jake will face? Didn't all children experience some dread near dinner time?


HU'S GAME (7mins, Dir. by Shaun Kim)

​The game to make friends, and the game to beloved by artists!


FUGA (15mins, Dir. by Juan Antonio Espigares)​

Sara, who has just arrived at St Cecilia's Conservatory, will discover there are different ways to interpret each side of the prism from which she perceives her reality and talent.


FATAL VITTLES (4mins, Dir. by Devin Bell)​

A dark and whimsical alphabet piece about 26 things to never ever eat.


THE COLLECTOR'S GIFT (9mins, Ryan Kravetz)​

Our young hero, Pimm, discovers an old house that stands out from the lifeless world she knows. Her curiosity pulls her in to explore the mysterious place. Inside she discovers all the treasures left behind by the man who once lived there. She pieces together the journey that the man took gathering all of the elements of the periodic table. When Pimm finds and completes the table, the house begins to fall apart around her. As she tries to protect the trunk that contains the elements it slips from her hands and all the contents mix together. Pimm recovers the trunk from the wreckage to discover all the elements have combined to form a new world and life begins to grow again all around her.


ATTACK OF THE 50FT HERO (3mins, Dir. by Sierra Lewis & Trent Correy)​

A young monster is inspired by 50s TV superhero 'Atomic Adam' to try his hand at being a superhero in the local 'human' mountain community of Glacier City. There, due to monstrous size and limited abilities to help, the huge 'Hero' causes more harm than heroism. That is until, purely by the monster's ineptitude, a huge disaster threatens Glacier City, but the monster is uniquely qualified to handle what he has wrought and saves the day in a twisted kind of way.


SOMETHING LEFT, SOMETHING TAKEN (10mins, Dir. by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata)

10 minute animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple's encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer. ​


JAMON (8mins, Dir. by Iria Lopez)​

José is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town; he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and José starts to come to terms with who he really is.


YOGHURT PANTS (1min, Dir. by Sheldon Lieberman)

I like your yoghurt pants!


SNAP (7mins, Dir. by Tom Murphy)

A young underwater critter meets a cool frog & unlikely new friend. He then turns their whole world upside down & shows that sometimes you to have to think differently to solve a problem & to beat the bullies ... smarts are always gonna be better than brawn.


HUMBOLDT (12mins, Dir. by Nicolas Cortes)

Trapped on an island in Northern Chile a penguin decides to return to the Antarctic. Despite the Humboldt Current, he decides to make a last effort to return, even though his decision will change his life forever.


THE LITTLE BIRD AND THE LEAF (4mins, Dir. by Lena Von Doehren)

The little bird and the leaf live together in the big forest. One day, in early winter, it is time for the leaf to fly away. The bird follows his friend until they have to part. Left alone, the little bird has to face the dangers of the forest all by himself.


MAU WAU (9mins, Dir. by Michael Zamjatnins)

Jealousy between the cat, Mau, and the dog, Wau. Dog and cat are making everyday life difficult, but in adversity they are still there for each other.


ALL THAT GLISTERS (8mins, Dir. by Claire Lamond)

'All That Glisters' is a stop-motion adaptation of a short story by Scottish author Anne Donovan. As Clare moves from childhood, she strives to create a personal way of dealing with her Dad's illness from asbestosis.


RANSOM (2mins, Dir. by Dustin Rees)

Even bandits have demands that need to be met.


BENDITO MACHINE IV (10mins, Dir. by Jossie Malis)

Bendito Machine is an animation show which reflects on the innocence of a small, naive and clumsy species that cannot live without their machines, and which is guided by small, enlightened greedy bastards, who believe they have the answers to everything.


DISCOVERY (3mins, Dir. by Julie Dunn)

An Artist's latest project, a figurine made of wire, begins a voyage of discovery as he is left alone in the studio. He has a moment of realization where he knows his place in the world. This leads him to explore the Artist's workspace which is filled with a number of new fascinating objects. His curious nature leads to a messy room and the danger of being caught.


FERAL (13mins, Dir. by Daniel Sousa)

A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.


IT IS WHAT IT IS (7mins, Dir. by Pepijn Schroeijers)

The eyes make up 20 percent of our perception. The rest is made up by subjective interpretations of the brain. How do we adapt to different views?


BERTIE CRISP (9mins, Dir. by Francesca Adams)

A half bear, half panda living in the permanent resident’s section of a holiday caravan park with his sociopathic rabbit wife, Grace. Grace is determined to have a baby, thinking it will make her life better. The only problem is she wants one immediately.!

    The Award Winners    

Audience Awards - As voted for by you!

Best Graphics

Legacy (Dir. by Adam Floeck)


Best Animation

Double Trouble (Dir. by Simon Tofield)


Best Music

The Lost Town of Switez (Dir. by Kamil Polak)


Best Concept

Head Over Heels (Dir. by Tim Reckart)


The Film Festival Guild are pleased to announce this year's Animated Un-Produced Script winner:

Chris Kyle with The Ganders


"The Ganders is a comedy about an eccentric family of Canadian geese who fly south for winter... imagine the Griswolds 3,500 feet in the air."

    The After-Party    

Mason & Taylor | Shoreditch, London

The Film Festival Guild loves having a good time, so feel free to join us for a pint down at Mason & Taylor after the show!


BAFF Afterparty | Mason & Taylor
BAFF Afterparty | Mason & Taylor



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