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    BAFF | 2012    

Rich Mix Cinema | Sunday, July 29th

BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema
BAFF Venue | Richmix Cinema

The British Animation Film Festival will be holding it's inaugural debut on Sunday 29th July at the Rich Mix cinema in East London.


The festival aims to highlight the best in British and International animated entertainment. The British Animation Film Festival will be an incredible opportunity to see some of the brightest up and coming animation companies in the world and the work they are producing. The festival will be screening a diverse selection of films throughout the day, from short films, to music videos to new TV pilots!


For the film and TV industry this event will offer an excellent opportunity to see audiences react to new productions and pick up awards!


The Official Selection is split in to four screenings, shown one after the other throughout the day & then wraps up with a very hip after-party!

    The Official Selection    

999.999.999 (10mins, Germany)

Adrien works in a flower shop. It is special, because in the future there no trees and flowers anymore outside private rooms. The world has become a cold and desolate place. He hates his boss and is bored with his daily routine. Adrien has been alone for a long time; lonely and bored with life. But then, an unbelievable girl enters the shop and Adrien decides it is time for his life to change.



A dark and humorous tale of a Mother and daughter relationship, shadowed by alcohol, loneliness and a dislike of boys.



The Jockstrap Raiders takes place during World War I in Leeds, England. A group of underdog misfits are excluded from the war due to various abnormalities. Threatened by the invading German Kaiser and his army, they must learn to become a team and overcome their deficiencies in order to save Britain and the world.


THE WANNA-BE ODDIE (3mins, Taiwan)

Oddie is picked on by the bully, Pitt. Oddie later figures out a way to get his own back.


ABIOGENESIS (4mins, New Zealand)

In this breathtaking science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy.


MUCH BETTER NOW (6mins, Austria)

The main character is a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room. One day wind knocks over the book and blows the bookmark onto the table, separating them. Unfolding hands and feet, the bookmark is swept back into the pages that turn into ocean waves and the two are united for a journey. With a surfboard it experiences its environment in a new way - wipe-outs, washouts and nosedives connect the hero to the ocean. The bookmark enjoys the ride of its life. As the book cover closes, the protagonist tries to get back into the book but fails. Light reveals other parts of the room packed with bookshelves and it faces new challenges.


MISCAST (7mins, Australia)

When a video game character decides he wants to get out of games and into real TV & film, he encounters more difficulties than he bargained for.



The Reality Clock is an experimental animated portrait of an elderly watchmaker's struggle to accept the influence of early stage Dementia on his identity and sense of time. Through contemplating who the raw essence of a person is when stripped bare of new memories and rational clarity, The Reality Clock searches for a sense of beauty and peace amidst the confusion.


GUS (8mins, Australia)

A 'cave' boy with disruptive flatulence and his father live a cold life in the Alps, until the boy is sent outside and changes life forever.


CUMULUS (9mins, Mexico)

A prisoner submerges in his imagination to try to escape from a toy factory located in the sky.



Part science fiction, part thriller and part cautionary fairytale, Worlds Apart encompasses the universal themes of innocence, friendship and the possible fate of humanity. Set in the not so distant future, Earth is visited by extra terrestrials on a peaceful mission to find sentient life. Landing near a central California farm home, they discover a desolate, polluted world where little life remains. As they search the abandoned farm home, they find a lone teddy bear that emits signs of life. With the aid of their futuristic technology, they extract the memories of the teddy bear and thus unravel the mystery of humanity's demise. Worlds Apart asks the questions, Is there hope for what remains of humanity?


ESCAPE OF THE GINGERBREAD MAN! (12mins, Denmark, Thailand, USA)

A young storyteller challenges an old master in a pub on the Irish west coast, when things take an unexpected turn. Brought to life by veteran Irish comedian Jon Kenny, with original music by traditional Irish band 'Rattle the boards'. 'Escape of the Gingerbread Man' is a mad romp through the Irish countryside, and a subtle commentary on the changes in traditions and culture that is happening throughout the emerald Isle.


ANIMALARIO (17mins, Columbia)

Dr. Ego's hideous genetic experiments have disturbed the peace of Animalario, a city at the edge of chaos. Gatto, a skilled detective hasn't ceased in his quest to stop Dr. Ego and restore order, but this time a lethal hyena will do her utmost to stand in his way. Rooted in various features of dark novel, Animalario presents animals as the characters of a world where ethics, justice and evil set the stage in a fight for social order.



This story is about a boy's adventure in an old and shabby temple, which is one day burned to the ground. After the event, the boy's world descends into fantasy, meeting the spirit dolls and other fantastical friends. When he returns to the temple it is returned to its former glory, just as gorgeous and bustling as before.


MISS REMARKABLE AND HER CAREER (30mins, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden)

Miss Remarkable and Her Career is a short film based on the very successful graphic novel of the same name. This darkly comedic animated story depicts Miss Remarkable as she struggles with her own demons, crushing parental expectations and rising above a career meltdown. She fails to become 'strong, the best and happy' but finally realises what she really wants for herself - she wants life!



Meet Bart Tyler, a cocky up-and-comer in the dangerous sport of professional bull riding. Live the passion and drama, as a documentary film crew records Bart's struggle to escape his father's looming shadow, the infamous Bill 'The Buzzerbeater' Tyler, and become the champion he was meant to be.



Gillygirl is a kindhearted and very naive girl. One day she comes across a little fishy that seems to have accidentally jumped out of the water...



'Outhouse' is the story of a cynical, used up, toilet paper roll and a far less worldly new kid on the block. It is a modern day parable, a dark comedy, and a humorous exploration of social politics.


THE BOX (3mins, Italy)

When his master falls asleep, the dog jumps on the sofa to watch TV, but it has to deal with its master's dreams....​​​



A man tries to understand the futility of creating human connections when they have been impeded by the microcosmic void between material particles.



Formby Patterson-Wright had one of the most recognisable faces in the country. His career spanned over four decades and his work can still be seen on road signs, construction sites and public buildings today. This film offers a brief insight into the life and work of one of the safest men who ever lived.



The story is told in two parts, the first consists of digitally-generated 3D images and the second is formed by a mixture of live action and computer animation. The hero is a misanthropic old man who tries to escape the world. However, even his wish to die can not be fulfilled. By an accident (or perhaps it is fate) he is freed from his dreary existence and ends up in the outside world, where he slowly develops an interest in the environment. This story is intended as a metaphor for the 'new' social development due to new technologies. By example of a fictional character 'Outside In' wants to show that the world has to offer many enriching things beyond our virtual sanctuary and provoke thoughts.



Seven crying boys, Thomas the Tank Engine, a toadstool forest and Darth Vader, the evil queen. Enter Snow White's final dream on the way to the emergency room.



During the 50s the Space Race started. The USSR, USA, France and China, sent animals to outer space to experiment with them before sending human beings. Many of those animals never came back, and their countries considered them missing in action. This is what the world was told, but sometimes history is not what we have been led to believe...


THE LIGHTHOUSE (8mins, Taiwan, USA)

This film is a story about parents unwavering support for their children, wanting to make their dreams come true. No matter what happens, parents will be always be there for their children - just like the lighthouse always shining for the boats.


EID (8mins, Palestinian Territories, Israel)

Eid is a Palestinian Bedouin living under Israeli occupation. Ever since he can remember, Eid has picked up scrap materials and turned them into art. By following Eid's creative process, this film celebrates the optimism and integrity which enables him to transform the machinery of occupation into an artistic expression of individuality and hope.



An animated comedy about a tiny man who lives inside a cat and the mess he finds himself in when he falls in love with the cat's new owner. But are they alone in this twisted love triangle?



A hilarious animated comedy which follows girl group, The LadyBugs, on their journey toward their goal of super stardom performing educational children's music about grown up topics. In this film, The LadyBugs attempt to teach kids to stand up to bullies, not to trust strangers and to avoid paedophiles at all costs!


KISS (3mins, Norway)

As Paul Auster once said 'The sun is the past, earth is the present and the moon is the future.' In our first independent short film we explore the consequence of something as innocent as a kiss. 'Kiss' is a love story between the Earth and the moon, told as solar eclipse. We believe that every solar eclipse is the moons attempt to reach the sun...


​FLORETTE (4mins, UK)

Originally created as a 30 second show reel experiment, Florette grew into a 4 minute film, the shooting of which became, as a friend put it, 'more of a life-style choice than a film'. Florette has its genesis in that magical childhood world where the inanimate becomes animate; where the ordinary things that surround us can come to life.


BRAD & GARY (4mins, France, USA)

This short film created by director Pyer Coffin is the story of Brad and Gary, two creatures living in an unknown world. The plot revolves around the big idea that joining forces to overcome one's shortcomings really is the only way out. Or in. Or maybe out again? It's also a tale about friendship, its ups and downs, ins and outs... This fresh look on solidarity was brought to life by the Illumination Mac Guff Studio, the team behind the success of Despicable Me.


LOVE NEST (4mins, UK)

Married life is a strain for this pair of robins. Especially when reliving past glories gets in the way of good parenting.


BLIND LUCK (2mins, Canada)

A feel good film about a guide dog, his faithful owner and the distractive qualities of a bouncy red ball...​


POLO'S ROBOT (9mins, UK)

In a strange land, Polo, an inventor, creates a robot that will bring his nightmares to life.

    The Award Winners    

Audience Awards - As voted for by you!

Best Film

The Jockstrap Raiders (Dir. by Mark Nelson)


Best Animation

The Jockstrap Raiders (Dir. by Mark Nelson)


Best Music

Florette Dir. by Gus Filgate & Paul Miller


Best Sound Effects

The Jockstrap Raiders (Dir. by Mark Nelson)

Category Judging

Best TV Episode

Laika, Space Adventures (Prod. by Diana Rodriguez)


Best Music Video

Abstraxion: Vampyros Lesbos (Dir. by Choom Lam)



Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the day, and thank you to all of the filmmakers

for their incredible films. See you at BAFF 2013!




    The After-Party    

Mason & Taylor | Shoreditch, London

We do enjoy a good after party here at the Film Festival Guild, and this will be a superb one! With a wide variety of unique beers from all over the world, who wouldn't want to end the festival here? Join us from 7pm onwards.


BAFF Afterparty | Mason & Taylor
BAFF Afterparty | Mason & Taylor



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