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Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

An Inner Truth

(Temi Díaz)

A thought-provoking film about a curious boy named Andy who meets his future self to discover the true meaning of happiness and success. This heartfelt and visually stunning film will leave you inspired to preserve your own inner truth.


(Peter Michael Kershaw)

Watership Down meets Night at the Museum


An American Brown Bear robbed of her life and mounted for museum display takes Lady Time on a journey through the song of bears in the hopes of reconnecting humanity with the natural world.

Bonds, funds, and two smoking trowels

(Nassy (Athanasia) Batziou)

A globalised adventure comedy set in a dystopian future, where international financial villains are plotting to replace an important ancient landmark in Greece with a global sweatshop of cheap labour, and a group of quirky archaeologists from around the world try to stop them, led by a Chinese woman who, still suffering from a failed past romance with a Greek guy, is forced by her government, like all Chinese citizens, to come to Greece on compulsory holidays to support Chinese investments in the country. However, this holiday turns out to be not only adventurous but highly transformative as well -not just for her but for humanity as a whole!

Five Orcs

(Kevin Ryan)

As the final battle nears and desperately needing a way to pay for an escape from the obvious defeat by the smugly heroic Good Alliance, five odd orcs plan to heist a magical shield from their Queens enormous fortress. 


(Emerson Tenney)

It's been two-hundred years since humanity moved underground and 13-year-old Freesia Walls is fed up with living a half-life. Longing to prove to herself, her family, and the Mayor that the brighter future they’ve all hoped for can be reached right now Freesia journeys to the very core of their planet, but is she ready to face all that comes to light when she starts scratching below the surface?

In the Wings

(Marty Johnson)


Trapped inside Carnegie Hall, a badass city mouse and a snobby, sheltered pigeon must overcome their differences to survive -- and save the music.

Maddie and Frannie

(Virginia Austin)


When precocious 10-year-old Maddie Davis discovers she can turn her dog T-Rex into a stuffed animal, it gives her the idea to sneak off to Kenya and save the rare southern purple rhino.

Symester in Synthwave

(Ryan Gimeson)


A lonely student travels abroad to a futuristic dystopia, and is dragged into a war between robots and robot-human hybrids that will lead him to new friends, new enemies, and a passing grade (hopefully).

Tartarus, Texas: The Cowboy Who Fell Into Hell

(Stuart Long)

The vampire, Nosferatu's Rage, and his familiar, McClancy, are sent by the vampire Count Lior Bon Ami to the town of Tartarus, Texas. They are to capture the golden-eyed werewolves Rev. Verolac & his son Gabriel.

The Big Top Flea

(Christopher Sartorius)


After his family moves from the coast, Cody Jones is a bullied surfer dude without a wave to catch until a bio-augmented test subject, escaped from a top-secret government laboratory, enters his life and helps the boy become himself again with the help of the superpower of friendship. Cody's loyalty is tested when he is called upon to protect his new friend from capture by Lab Director Hatrack who wants to re-program and return the magnificent bio-experiment to captivity.

Zaheera and The Jinn

(Victoria Dook)


On the eastern side of the old country, a Jinn, wandering through the jungle, craves another soul to add to his collection. He comes across Zaheera, a young village woman, grieving the loss of her husband. Zaheera’s desire for love and the banality of her poverty pulls her toward the mysterious creature who seeks her ruin. With the help of a shy suitor and a magical dagger, will Zaheera escape the Jinn?

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