Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

A Package of Dreams

(Bradley M. Look)

A young man is pushed into working for a delivery service by his father and finds himself connecting with a hero from his youth in a supernatural way.

A Pirate and a Princess

(Mark Kelly)

While evading bloodthirsty rivals, an Irish pirate captain with a multinational pirate crew rescue a shipwrecked maiden, only to find she's Spanish royalty with deadly political enemies.


Caged Rats

(Colin MacGregor & 

Simon Forrester)


It's a rat's life for one abducted young man who finds himself in the sewer of Glasgow's underground fighting scene.

Finch And The Lost Oracle

(Christie Heaven)


A troublesome teen is sent on an impossible mission through space to find the Lost Oracle of Nicobar.


(Abe Frank)

A young beetle, taught all his life to look down or risk flipping fatally onto his back, sees the sky reflected in a puddle and makes it his life’s mission to see the heavens face to face.

Focus 26

(Rachel Johnson)


When a goat's homeland is threatened by war, she must make a dangerous pilgrimage to a far away shrine - all while managing an unwilling dragon companion.


(Michael Evans)


Spike, a young Hiccup, must restore his family name by triggering a human to hiccup with the power of dancing, only to find trouble from an unexpected enemy who has other ideas.  

It's a Wondoughful Life

(Jana Forkel)


In a pizzeria, a clump of pizza dough comes alive and, upon discovering its fate, tries to escape.

Lonely Planet

(Karl Mather & Jack Wareham)

In 2112, Earth is powered almost entirely by solar energy sourced from the moon. When his ex-wife decides to remarry, Soichi is forced to smuggle his 8 year old daughter aboard the space station he works on, unaware that a crash on the surface of the moon has set in motion a chain of events that will force him to confront what family truly means and how far he is prepared to go to save his.

My Pal Ross - "How I Met Ross"

(Caton Berry)


Jeffrey is a young boy on the autism spectrum who seeks comfort and understanding of the world through his new best friend, a terrier puppy named Ross.

Santa's Animal Elves

(Christopher Sartorius)


When children write to Santa Claus on behalf of their pets, Santa's Animal Elves make their gift wishes come true. Except (in this episode) the presents children request aren't exactly what their pet wants or needs.

Spirit Lake

(John Francis Kelly)

A boy is sent to stay with an elderly aunt in Spirit Lake. There he makes a friend, with whose older sister he falls in love. In his quest to show his love, he stumbles upon a mystery only he can solve. In doing so, he proves his love, only to relinquish it in the bargain.

The Christmas Cookie Crook

(Terry Ayrault)

A metaphor for the ongoing war on Christmas, this animated musical traces the journey of small town inventor, Thomas Buckleberry, whose dream to fly gets him involved with a cunning opportunist who uses Thomas to steal Christmas cookies--in an attempt to end the holiday forever.

The Flight of the Bat

(Célia Alturas)

A man, Mr Skyness, is in the intensive care in the hospital, infected by covid 19. Suddenly a vision of a big bat appears at the window. Confused whether it's an illusion or death itself coming to take him, he's drawn into a flight that changes his current circumstances.

The Golden Bokken

(Larry Thomas)



While trapped in a dark spiritual world, a grandfather and his twin teenage grandchildren are forced to battle with legendary Japanese creatures.

The Outcasts

(Alkyoni Valsari)

During the rats’ revolution against human persecution, two rats in a rocky marriage risk their lives to save their colony and their estranged daughter, who willingly lives as a pet in a human house.

Wild Heart

(Rachel Johnson)

A coyote wants to become a pet dog so she can live with her feline friend on a farm, but her wild nature gets in the way.


(Marzena Nehrebecka)

After the death of his creator the protagonist of an animated movie, Sir Albert, attempts to complete his quest. At the same time the creator’s daughter, little Zu, sets off on a journey to the film company with the task of seeing her father’s work finished. In their travels they both encounter a failed-artist turned-charlatan, who tries to thwart their plans.