Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement

A Japanese Legend

(Adriana Jungbluth)

Aileen is a 14 year-old English girl who was sent by her father to live in Japan with an old acquaintance of his, Father Yuri. The era is that of the decline of the samurai in the country. Aileen is very fond of Yuri and meets Ikawa, an apprentice monk, who becomes a close friend and is key to her adaptation to the country.

When she is already getting used to her new life, a mysterious disease strikes her village and causes several victims, like Yuri, to fall into a deep sleep. Ikawa and Aileen then set off in search of the cure for the disease which, according to the temple's head monk, is a Chosen One who can be found in Kyoto.

Adam and the Aliens

(Nathaniel Baker)



(Emma Clarke)


Following the escapades of a spirited 11 year old alien who wants to prove there’s life on planet earth while surviving her family’s misadventures.

Artifact Mac

(Jason Anthony Fisher)


A teenage archaeologist and his friends search for lost treasure in the Canadian wilderness.

Birthday Wish

(Deborah Williams)

+61 0421 836 852 

An elderly woman wants to treat herself on her birthday. She just needs to find the small change to help her do that.

Cats in the Hood

(Robert Drusetta)

+61 0407 131 037


Cats in the Hood is the story of a “go to” group of alley cats. When the local felines have a rat problem, or have lost their favourite toy; they call on the Alley Cat Patrol. No job too big or too small.

When a local Society Show Cat is catnapped, it’s only natural that the Alley Cat Patrol be hired to find her. With her owner being patron for the police and a reward on offer, it’s a race between the Alley Cat Patrol, the police, and any human desperate for the cash reward as to who will find her first.

A hilarious and adventurous set of incidents sees the catnapped Show Cat lead the Alley Cat Patrol all over the district, resulting in the Alley Cat Patrol leader, Foxy being caught by the villain.
The alley cats must work with a bumbling sergeant if they are to rescue their leader and the show cat from certain death.


(Matt Lewis)


A Pixar-like animation sci-fi adventure. Thousands of cranes reach high through Earth’s atmosphere, unloading Earth’s trash into space. It takes an alien (Bobble) and two crane drivers (Melissa and Calvin) to show Earth how much damage is being done to the rest of the galaxy. Along the way, they uncover a plan conjured up by the head of the Crane Unions to open a trash-highway, deliberately delivering rubbish to alien worlds in exchange for money and alien treasure. Our heroes race to shed light on the plan before the aliens of the universe take revenge on Earth.

Dog #9

(Lee Lawson)


Family Feature. A scent-blind search and rescue puppy learns that his disability doesn't define him when he uses his other skills to find survivors trapped under an avalanche.


(Kirby Wright)


A second-rate actor drives to a desert town to be an extra in a Zombie Western. He finds a secret passage into a nether world, where he meets the ghost girl of his dreams and the Badman who covets her.


(Nate Calloway &

Kelley Berberich)


An animated, coming of age, adventure story with adolescent hummingbirds.


(Roy Zafrani)


Lenny, the slowest yet most ambitious snail you’ve ever seen, must make it to the beach today. But getting there might be harder than he imagined.

Moustache, A Dog In Napoleon's Army

(Andrew R. Garrett)

When Napoleon's army marches through his small-town life, poodle Moustache joins up-- finding new friends, love, and all the danger he can wag a tail at.

Norah's Ark

(Thomas Pace)

+1 773 3688911

Shipwrecked after their rocket crashes, twelve year-old Norah and her family find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime in this extraordinary tale set a hundred years in the future.

One More Sleep

(Robert Drusetta)

+61 0407 131 037

The story is about an anti-social manager, Barry who gets an ultimatum from his boss – find three specific references before Christmas or lose his job.

Before Barry can act upon his ultimatum, he wakes up at the North Pole and told he must find his Christmas spirit in order to save his job, as the two are inextricably linked.

Barry’s attempts at Christmas activities – building a snowman, decorating a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, playing baseball with the Polar bears, and even playing chess with the Abominable Snowman, all fail dismally. Frustratingly for him, he repeatedly awakes at the North Pole, on December 24.


(Steven Butler)


The far future: Foul-mouthed, over-sexed, alien crook Wink must fight all her natural urges to survive and reclaim her body when a botched execution accidentally swaps her mind with that of the demure galactic Princess. Pygmalion in Space.

Re: Cycled

(Debra Lee Williams) +61 0421 836 852

Human lives are connected through the possession of a bicycle. A short animation script set in South East Asia, during a time of change.

Riff Raff

(Chris Desmond)

When one of their own gets adopted, residents at a pet store decide to bust out, cross-town and bring her back home.

Sky Squadron

(Robert Drusetta)

+61 0407 131 037

"Sky Squadron" is a charming and funny “Top Gun” meets "Police Academy" story in the bird world. It is about an optimistic emu called Errol, who enrols in the famous ‘Sky Squadron’ academy. In so doing he risks rejection by his emu community.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Errol is on the verge of passing but is expelled due to his inability to fly. When he witnesses bird hunters, who have entered their park illegally, capture the Sky Squadron’s elite flyers, he raises the alarm.


(Tayler Carter)

After years of wishing for something to save them from their mundane home planet- and their over protective parents- a set of twins get exactly what they wish for when a strange alien arrives.

The Crack in the Xiao Lu Wall

(Rosie Byrnes)

The Scroungers

(Montgomery Burt)

+1 604 875 0660


In the future, two young boys playing at a demolition site discover an artifact from the past, a book, and they have no idea what to do with it.

The Shakespeare Plays

(Martin Keady)


The first ever full biopic of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer ever and arguably the greatest human being ever.

The Stories from Keyhole. Mario and Yorshik

(Alexander Chernega)


One day, the author learns about the existence of an amazing world hidden in the keyhole of the door of his office. and miraculously finds himself in the city of Masters, whose inhabitants are in danger.

The Transmogrification of St Bunnycrisp

(Cate Wood Wood Hunter)

+27 84 900 7597

A timid 10 year old girl befriends the monster in her closet and in doing so finds the courage to stand up to her bully.

The Ugly Crow

(Genna Masia)

Our protagonist, Holly, a spunky preteen crow, is betrayed by her ugly duckling-turned-swan best friend at the Mating Season dance, so she journeys to the “City of Love” in search for a mate before the Royal Wedding. With Louis the caterpillar and Pete the pigeon by her side, and her protective parents in her corner, Holly goes on misguided adventures spurred by societal pressures in Royal Kew Gardens, London and beyond, in which she experiences the disappointment of falling short of what she superficially wanted. By the end, she learns valuable life lessons. 

The Underwater Story

(Alexander Chernega)

+38 050 570 3774


In the Underwater Kingdom lives an evil sorcerer cramp-fish Godefried, who wants to overthrow Neptune and take his place. One day, with the help of witchcraft, he manages to find out that the military frigate “Vega” is returning from the country of Lept with valuable cargo in the hold.
Godefried comes up with a cunning plan to seize Bereon, a wish-fulfilling stone. He kidnaps Neptune's pet, the sea bass, and convinces the king that fishermen had caught him. Neptune is enraged and turns his anger on sailing ships and boats. The military frigate “Vega” does not withstand the onslaught of the elements and goes to the bottom. Knowing that the stone will never serve the one who has evil intentions, Godefried prepares a metal frame on which he has cast a spell and, together with his entourage, approaches the ship. However, the revived warriors do not allow the sorcerer to take possession of Bereon.

Their Eyes

(Lee Lawson)


Short. After a boy escapes an angry Gorilla in a creepy castle, he soon discovers the outside world is just as scary but a lot more dangerous.

Tiger Tale

(Karl Mather)

Her friends are going to Hawaii, but twelve year old Emma’s stupid parents have booked a holiday to Tasmania. And things are about to get even worse when she ends up all alone in a remote forest, pursued by an evil talking snake, hunted by a whole army of Devils and her only hope is a wisecracking Tasmanian Tiger.


(Robert Drusetta)

+61 0407 131 037

As seen through the eyes of his son, "Webbed" is the story about a wimpy Golden Orb spider called Aran, who throws caution aside and sets out to rescue one of his own after she is captured by a ruthless arachnologist and his sidekick chameleon.

Along their journey, Aran and his best friend, Kip join an elite band of spiders also sent out to rescue the Golden Orb only because she has a solution to their overcrowding problem. When they become separated, Aran and Kip are left to rely on their own wits to battle predators, the elements and their own self-doubts.

When all of the elite spiders are captured by the arachnologist, it is up to Aran to devise a rescue plan to save them. Aran must overcome his fears and or his colony will self-destruct through over population.

This is Aran’s journey from being bullied to unlikely leader and hero. This is a charming tale that will appeal to a wide audience.


(Jacklyn Saferstein-Hansen)



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