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    BAFF | 2020    

Online | July 13th - 19th


The ninth annual British Animation Film Festival was held online!


The festival aims to highlight the best in British and International animated entertainment. This will be an incredible opportunity to see some of the brightest up and coming animators in the world and the work they are producing. This year's festival was a diverse selection of animation from around the world!

    The Official Selection    

The Lotte Reiniger List

The Film Festival Guild Lotte Reiniger List is for screenplays of outstanding quality.

This list is named in honour of Lottie Reiniger, the first person to create an animated feature film.

These pieces are up for both the title of "ScriptUp Select" as well as four Runners-Up positions which will receive a full review and breakdown of their work.

Feature Films


StarDog and TurboCat


Director & Writer: Ben Smith

Producers: Jan Rogowski & Ben Smith

Cast: Luke Evans, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton & Bill Nighy

An animated adventure comedy about the Greatest Superheroes ever Unleashed.


To Your Last Death


Director: Jason Axinn

Writers: Tanya Klein & Jim Cirile

Producers: Cindi Rice, Paige Barnett & Jason Axinn

Cast: Morena Baccarin, Ray Wise, Dani Lennon, Bill Moseley & William Shatner

After emerging as the sole survivor in a deadly revenge game set up by her father to punish his children, Miriam receives an offer from a supernatural entity to go back in time and try again. Now, Miriam must survive both her father’s bloodlust and the Gamemaster’s ever-changing rules to save her siblings as she relives the worst night of her life.


Short Films



(Christoph Sarow, 10m)


Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky. This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfather’s farm. He feels overwhelmed by the exuberance of nature and finds himself in a constant competition with his cousin, who is seemingly better at everything. Envy starts to grow in little Tom. Doing everything to be recognized and loved Tom soon reaches his limits.



(Alexander Gilfillan, 2m)


Bluebeard is a 3D animated short film. The animation takes place within a story book and adopts a paper aesthetic. The story is an adaptation of the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. The film was completed as part of an honours in digital art at the University of the Witwatersrand.



(Noel Clarke, 10m)


When stolen from his home as a caterpillar and kept on a jar, a little hero faces the most incredible obstacles to get back home...


(Xinyue Song, 4m)


Technology makes life easier, but not everyone can adapt to it.


Cows Come Home

(Joe Sutherland, 1m)


The bond between a farmer and his cow is unlike any other and it would take some out of this world forces to separate them.


Creepy Pasta Salad

(Lauren Orme, 11m)


Elin works in a call centre and is anxious about her health. Trefor is dead and worried about the gas bill. Cari is a lonely wiccan, preparing for the apocalypse. It’s Halloween, and as their lives traverse, things start to get better. Elin grows into her beard, Cari finally meets someone and Trefor stops worrying about the gas bill.



(Taylor Marvin, 3m)


A young basketball enthusiast finds a retro basketball that takes him a golden age of basketball.


Eva Kor - The Healing Power of Forgiveness

(Anna Humphries, 8m)


An incredible true story of survival and forgiveness. Eva Kor and her twin sister Miriam were captured by Nazis and experimented on in Auschwitz as children. Despite struggling with her traumatic past, Eva decides to forgive her tormentors.


(Emma Brennan & Sandra Ye, 2m)


Edgar is a lonely crow who just wants to make a friend. Unfortunately for his target, Elena, he goes about it in the worst way possible.


Furnace of the Birds

(Arsen Arzumanyan, 3m)


An Avian creation myth stepped in mysticism. If birds had a religion, perhaps this would be there origin myth.


He can’t live without cosmos

(Konstantin Bronzit, 16m)


This story is about mother and son. It is also about love and destiny.


Her Boat

(Yingzhong Hu, 9m)


The fishing girl on her way of recovering her lost beloved fishing boat.


HERE WE ARE: Notes For Living on Planet Earth

(Philip Hunt, 36m)


Based on Oliver Jeffers best-selling picture book, and featuring the voices of Meryl Streep, Chris O'Dowd, Ruth Negga and Jacob Tremblay, "HERE WE ARE" weaves a beautiful tale of life and discovery. Set over one Earth Day, the story spans the globe from the perspective of the smallest insect to the overview effect of our place in the universe, as a young child has an unexpectedly magical encounter with planet Earth and gains a new perspective of our home. A lullaby to the planet, this is a witty and thought-provoking young person's introduction to the Earth, one that has something to tell us all.


How to make sushi

(Jonathan Lindgren, 2m)


Story of a man mastering his craft, only to realize what he had to sacrifice in the process of it.


In Passing

(Esther Cheung, 4m)


A portrait of seventies Hong Kong as my parents remember it.


Johnny And The Devil

(Matty Jorissen, 5m)


Ready to hit the road and become a free soul again, Johnny has a tempting encounter with the Devil.


Kerbal Space Program 2

(Richard Enriquez, 3m)


This CG Cinematic is for Kerbal Space Program 2, the sequel to the acclaimed space flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program from Star Theory and Private Division.


Master Moley By Royal Invitation

(Leon Joosen, 30m)


The story of a young Mole and his adventure to pick a rose from the Queen's Garden, not knowing that this simple act will change, not only his life, but the life of all Moles.



(Sanghyun Kim, 2m)


Tom, a clumsy guide retriever, take his eye off his blind master, Albert, because of a tennis ball for a while, and lost him. And Tom chases him to resolve the situation after witnessing he tumbled through the dangerous construction site.


Missing Cat

(Simon Tofield, 12m)


Simon's Cat goes missing after an unpleasant bath time experience. Will he find his way back home?!


Nowt Queer As Folk

(Claudia Melton., 3m)


Animated Graduate Film on a northern family's Christmas, and a cameraman struggling to break through


Nox Insomnia

(Guy Charnaux, 8m)


A three-act epic about a seven-year old boy who can't sleep, thinking about his issues. He hears something coming from his parents' room, some loud and disturbing noises. What could that be? A story about childhood, sex and insomnia.


Osirika - Black Champagne

(Jeremiah Williams, 5m)


Priestess Queen Suraya and Priest King Jamari are the leaders of the magical Nemanyo civilization and derive their powers from an ancient lotus flower that was brought to earth from their ancestors thousands of years ago. Envious of their sacred power and magic, the Nemanyo fall under siege by the Czar of Chezidak and his horde of militants. Left for dead, Suraya and Jamari rise from their war-torn sunken city to reclaim their power and set their beloved people free.



(David James Holloway & Samuel Lawrence, 5m)


A boy reminisces about his first love.


Prickly Jam

(James Cunningham, 6m)


An end of days comedy animation about an amorous cricket and a starving hedgehog who wants to eat the last cricket left in the world.



(Piotr Milczarek., 5m)


‘Rain’ is a simple animated film on collective consciousness. It talks about how no accountability for our actions pushes us to thoughtlessly follow the crowd, which may lead to a tragedy. The film also depicts a struggle of an individual with collective hypnosis and its consequences for both the individual and the crowd.


Streets of Fury

(Aidan McAteer, 5m)


Max Punchface is only interested in two things - punching and kicking. His life takes a strange twist when he opens a portal to the peaceful world of Sheepland...


Tacit Blue

(Wenkai Duan, 9m)


Carl goes to a deserted site to rescue his daughter Alice who was kidnapped. Waiting for Carl in the site is Moye, Carl’s biggest rival who works for an organized criminal party. Moye modified Alice and turned her into a killing machine. Carl saw the daughter being transformed and he lost his calm, Until almost killed by his daughter. Carl does not hesitate to use his blood and life to awaken his daughter’s memory.


The Dogs I've Met Throughout My Life

(Inez Skilling, 2m)


A tribute to the dogs that impact our life.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

(Robin Shaw, 24m)


A mysterious tiger turns up unannounced and invites himself in for afternoon tea. Young Sophie and her mummy watch in fascination as the tiger proceeds to eat not only their tea, but the entire contents of the fridge and everything else in the house!


The White Moon

(Cloud Yang., 9m)


The story takes place in a small town in China around 1930. In that turbulent age, Moon moon did not believe that his mother had left his reality. He remembered that his mother promised to come back for him, so he go on the way to find her.


The Witch & the Baby

(Evgenia Golubeva, 5m)


An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.


Top 3

(Sofie Edvardsson, 45m)


In this funny, bittersweet romantic comedy from Sweden, perpetual list-maker Anton falls in love with David, but things start to go awry when Anton realizes that his dreams in life might be in direct opposition to David’s.



(Helena Hilario & Mario Pece, 8m)


While visiting a home for children, a little girl meets Joseph, a boy whose only dream is to have a yellow umbrella. This unexpected encounter awakens his memories of the past.

Inspired by true events,Umbrella is a homage to empathy, hope and love.


What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Job Like This

(Sarah Wishart, 2m)


Our latest animation was made in collaboration with the animator Tom Senior and is an old fashioned animation created with over 7000 hand drawn and painted individual drawings. We created this animation to support a campaign by the English Collective of Prostitutes and their research.

    The Awards    


Best Animated Short



Cows Come Home

Eva Kor - The Healing Power of Forgiveness

How to make sushi

Missing Cat

*Nox Insomnia*


Prickly Jam


Streets of Fury

The Witch & the Baby





Her Boat


Nowt Queer As Folk

The Dogs I've Met Throughout My Life

Johnny and the Devil

Osirika - Black Champagne

Kerbal Space Program 2

Best Music Video

Johnny and the Devil

*Osirika - Black Champagne*

Best Student Animation





*Her Boat*


Nowt Queer As Folk

The Dogs I've Met Throughout My Life

Best Animation

How to make sushi

Nox Insomnia




Her Boat

Osirika - Black Champagne

Kerbal Space Program 2

Best Sound Design


*How to make Sushi*

Simon's Cat


Best Music



Her Boat

Osirika - Black Champagne

The Lotte Reiniger Award


*Eva Kor - The Healing Power of Forgiveness*


Osirika - Black Champagne

The Rising Star Award

Christoph Sarow (Director - Bileschow)

Xinyue Song (Director - Code)

Guy Charnaux (Director - Vox Insomnia)

*Evgenia Golubeva (Director - The Witch & the Baby)*

ScriptUp Select

(best unproduced screenplay)

*A Japanese Legend (written by Adriana Jungbluth)*

Best Screenplay Runners-Up


*Winners are denoted by asterisks*



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