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Screenplays of Outstanding Achievement


(Gang Chen)


A winter day in early 1990s, newly married Ruiming and his British wife Sophia plan to see the real Mongolians. They notice local language, religion, culture even traditional outfits are being replaced. Their promise of 'not chang to please the other' also falls apart. Sophia’s desire for power is entrusted by a government job vacancy. Her oath of 'not work for government lifetime' is smashed. She is being changed. Her university professor warned her, be ready to tackle the changes to
the world by the awakening lion.

Face Painters

(Giovanni Sanseviero)

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Brooklyn, 1963. Luca Gravetti (80), a guilt-ridden funeral director, is losing his battle with dementia, and Buono (41), a masterful casket maker and full-blown illiterate, must juggle both the family’s ailing funeral home and his dear father. When the IRS comes knocking and the bank repossesses their hearse, Buono succumbs and reluctantly looks up his estranged brother, Michael, a Wall Street whiz kid plagued by booze and racist dogma. The two immediately clash over how best to run the business—by Buono’s traditional ways, or with Michael’s modern-day vanity of profits above all. Meanwhile, an infamous event triggers one last memory in Luca, setting him off on a journey of love and redemption.

Fairy Dress

(Neha Shrivastava)

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Mampi, a 13 year old desperately wants a Fairy Dress. She struggles to earn 1000 rupees

Gullun Drift

(Richard Clarke)

Gaelic otherworld drifts into 1980s Australia.

Grieving his lost daughter, police officer Jack Henderson hunts down Ryan Walker the headstrong son of murder suspect Cainan Walker. His relentless pursuit uncovers a savage war between a Gaelic clan and a preternatural soul eater. A soul eater intent on Jack’s daughter. And only Ryan can save her.

Hanging Gardens of the Sea and Sky

(Zoë Greenbaum)

A London therapist and his cosmetics executive wife, bound by their shared musical dreams, face their marriage’s greatest challenge: lies invading their private world.


(Danny Alex)


In Scandinavia, before the birth of the Christ God, the last of Odin's human bloodline must fight to save his people from those that seek to extinguish his lineage.

One White Crow

(Dale Griffiths Stamos)


Journalist Tess O’Neill is hired to profile popular television medium Judith Knight. When they meet, Judith claims that it is not she who chose Tess, but Tess's recently deceased science-writer father. Tess, certain that Judith is a fraud, consults skeptic Alex Rimbaud, a protégé of her father’s, who is now Judith’s most ardent critic. To complicate matters, when Tess was still a college girl, a furtive attraction had developed between them that had culminated in a stolen kiss. Now, Alex is happy to help Tess, both because of lingering feelings, and his need to discredit Judith. But Tess becomes more and more drawn into Judith's "visitations" and must ultimately deal with both her grief and a shifting certainty of where belief ends and truth begins.


(Joshua Allen)


A meeting of two strangers, each discovering that they have something they can learn from the other. As their respective pasts keep drawing them back into old habits; they work together to forge a new future.

Sight Specific

(Peter Hardy)


A woman attending a theatre performance that takes place in an old house begins to realize that she is seeing people on stage that no one else see -- a young maid being terrorized by a cruel master, ghosts from the house's past.

The Faerie Rings

(Zina Brown)


A desperate young artist must free his bleak world from the grip of powerful tyrants by finding the forbidden realm of Faeries. A story about the promise of visionary plant medicines to heal those in need, and the cruelty of those who would outlaw them.

The Forward Place

(Der Vordere Platz)

(Henry P. Gravelle)


The remaining crew of a stricken German WW2 submarine confronts the future of their spirits.

The Greek Passage

(Lorenzo Guarnieri)

2019. The photograph of a Kurdish girl killed in Syria obsesses Joe Fares, a photojournalist suffering from PTSD. Intent on finding the culprit, Joe tracks down Thierry, a trafficker, on a Greek island, but a shipwreck, the re-emergence of past memories and the encounter with Clara and Captain Nikolas blow him off course forever.

The Imbalance

(Naomi Lisner)


Sally and Celeste are two best friends in their 50's. After a life of raising a family, and a series of terrible dates they both return to acting and are both met with a string of rejections. A hilarious look at the film & TV industry.

The Split

(Nicola Green)


Based on true events, this is the story of three lives intertwined; a 1960's London sporting hero turned gold thief, a sick child and a grieving daughter, determined to uncover her family's secrets, finding far more than she ever could have bargained for.

Where the Leopards Dream

(Fernando Paez)


An American professor and his daughter must fight for their lives against threats both human and animal when they run afoul of an African warlord and an unusually predatory group of leopards.


(Alexandru Ranta Gheorghe)


Winter 2047. Dave climbs the mountains to hunt in a restricted area. Following a wolf in the depths of forest he discovers an ancient ruin, a few menhirs which form a gate. Fascinated, Dave walks throught the gate and enters a mysterious land. Here he will face his alter-ego: an old man named Zeda, a hunter from an ancient time. From hunter Dave becomes hunted ...and he will receive a new identity. Dave starts a new life in the wilderness of mountains.